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  1. 42 Missing frames-- I was not aware of that quantification- that is significant, in my opinion.
  2. Paul, you are correct, LHO was not part of the hit team(s), in my opinion. He was just the patsy/ fall guy.
  3. I believe LHO was just listening to and obeying his handler when his handler told him to go to the Texas Theatre and he (LHO) went there as instructed. I believe LHO had a handler before he " defected" to the USSR. So, for many years , LHO was used to taking such guidance from a handler.
  4. Benjamin, interesting post. Jefferson Morley is a JFKA researcher who has done a lot of work on the connection between Miami , New Orleans and CIA HQ. This is from his web site "JFK Facts".. In a court motion filed last week, the CIA acknowledged for the first time that deceased CIA officer George Joannides lived in New Orleans while handling contacts with an anti-Castro student organization whose members had a series of encounters with accused presidential assassin Lee Oswald in August 1963. The unexpected admission came in arguments before a federal court judge about whether the CIA is obliged to pay $295,000 in legal fees incurred during my Freedom of Information Act lawsuit concerning certain 50-year-old JFK assassination records. In a previous court filing, my attorney Jim Lesar argued that two documents released over CIA objections in 2008 were significant because they showed that Joannides’s espionage assignment took him to New Orleans where Oswald lived. In a 38-page response U.S. Attorney Ron Machen disputed the claim that Joannides had traveled to New Orleans in the spring of 1964 at the time Warren Commission was investigating Oswald’s contacts with anti-Castro Cubans. Machen said the documents showed only that Joannides had maintained a residence in New Orleans. U.S Attorney Ron Machen. “New Orleans is clearly listed as Joannides’ place of residence when on home leave, and the form does not put him in New Orleans on the dates cited by Plaintiff,” Machen stated. Joannides and his family lived in Miami from 1962-64, according to CIA records and interviews with former colleagues. Joannides’s residence on 65th Avenue in Southwest Miami was listed in the 1963 Miami phone book. Machen’s filing did not disclose why Joannides maintained a second residence in New Orleans. Whatever the date of Joannides’s travel to New Orleans, Machen’s motion confirms that Joannides lived in the Crescent City at same time, or shortly after, the anti-Castro student group under his control had contact with Kennedy’s accused killer. The admission is significant because Joannides’s financial support for Oswald’s antagonists among the anti-Castro exiles was not disclosed to the Warren Commission. Former commission staffer Burt Griffin, now a judge in Ohio, recently told AP reporter David Porter that the CIA’s failure to disclose Joannides’s actions in 1963 was an act of “bad faith.” Joannides, who died in 1990, was never questioned by JFK investigators about contacts between the anti-Castro students he supported and Kennedy’s accused killer. The CIA in New Orleans Joannides is one of the most significant new characters to emerge in the always controversial story of JFK’s assassination. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Associated Press have all reported in recent years on the unusual secrecy around his role in the events of 1963. As an undercover CIA officer living in New Orleans, Joannides was well positioned to report on Oswald’s actions in late 1963. Using the alias “Howard,” Joannides served as case officer for the Cuban Student Directorate (DRE), the anti-Castro organizations funded by the agency that publicized Oswald’s pro-Castro ways both before and after JFK was killed. He also served as chief of the psychological warfare operations branch of the CIA’s Miami station, according to declassified CIA records. The CIA had an office in New Orleans where Oswald, an itinerant ex-Marine married to a Russian woman, lived from April to September 1963. Lee Oswald came to the attention of CIA-funded anti-Castro exiles in New Orleans in the summer of 1963. In August 1963, Oswald had a series of encounters with members of the New Orleans chapter of the Cuban Student Directorate who challenged his public support of Cuban president Fidel Castro. The Cuban students publicized and denounced Oswald’s pro-Castro activities on a local radio program. They sent one member, described as an “intelligence officer,” to visit Oswald’s house posing as a Castro supporter, to learn more about him. The group issued a press release on August 21, 1963, calling for a congressional investigation of Oswald, who had not shot anyone at that point. At the time, the CIA, via Joannides, supplied the Cuban students in Miami with $51,000 a month, according to CIA memo found in the JFK Library in Boston. The group’s activities involved “propaganda, political action and intelligence collection,” according to Joannides’s fitness evaluation from the summer of 1963. When it came to Oswald, the DRE delivered what the CIA paid for. The first JFK conspiracy theory, published with CIA support, on Nov. 23, 1963. Within an hour of Oswald’s arrest for killing JFK on November 22, 1963, DRE leaders in Miami called reporters to say the president had been killed by a communist. The group’s information about Oswald helped generate headlines nationwide about “the pro-Castro gunman.” The day after the assassination, the DRE published a broadsheet featuring the photos of Oswald and Castro under the headline “The Presumed Assassins.” It was one of the first JFK conspiracy scenarios to reach public print. According to former members of the DRE, the group was wholly dependent on CIA funds provided by Joannides at the time. ‘Attenuated connection’ My Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, filed in 2003, sought records that would show what Joannides knew about the contacts between the DRE and Oswald, as well as what he reported to his superiors. In ten years of litigation, CIA officials have stated repeatedly said they will “neither confirm nor deny” the existence of records related to Joannides’s participation in any specific covert project, operation or assignment in the summer of 1963. The phrase, “neither confirm nor deny,” is a standard CIA response to inquiries about covert operations. In the Nov. 7 court filing, Machen stated: “While it is true that Joannides was a CIA officer and liaison to DRE, an anti-Castro group that had a couple (sic) of encounters with Oswald, this doesn’t implicate either Joannides or DRE in the assassination. Even then, the records cited for support by Plaintiff do not pertain to this attenuated connection, and those that do have already been publicly released in the JFK Act collection.” Machen’s sworn statement erred in saying members of the group had “a couple of encounters” with Oswald. In fact, the Warren Commission report found that DRE members came in personal contact with Oswald on five different occasions in August 1963. Retired CIA officer George Joannides (left) received the Career Intelligence Medal from deputy CIA director Bobby Ray Inman on July 15, 1981. (Photo credit: CIA) A medal for his service In the Nov. 7 filing, Machen also disputed the significance of CIA records, released under appellate court order in 2008, that revealed Joannides had received a CIA medal. In a previous filing, I argued that the previously unknown honor reflected official approval of Joannides’s actions in 1963 and in 1978, when he served as the CIA’s liaison to congressional investigators looking into Kennedy’s murder. The CIA rejected that claim, saying that the declassified citation of the medal “does not address any specific assignment, rather it speaks in terms of 28 years of [Joannides’s] cumulative service ‘in diverse assignments of increasing responsibility at Headquarters, the domestic field and overseas.” The specific reasons why Joannides was honored remain secret, even 50 years after the fact. The CIA has asserted in previous federal court filings that a five-page 1981 memo to Joannides’s superiors about the medal cannot be made public — for reasons of “national security.”
  5. This is from a Dick Russell review of the aforemention book. The review is dtd. 8/1/96.."Noting the possibility of a CIA “renegade faction” manipulating Oswald, Newman concludes: “We can finally say with some authority that the CIA was spinning a web of deception about Oswald weeks before the President’s murder,” based upon an exhaustive survey of now-visible files that were denied to previous official investigations."
  6. I think LHO's handler (DAP(?)) told him (LHO) to go to the Texas Theatre and right after that, DAP let Earle Cabell (now we know he worked with the CIA ) know he could have the Dallas police pick up the assassin (LHO) in the Texas Theatre. Earle then told this to the Dallas Police chief who had his police pick up the assassin (LHO) at the Texas Theatre. No proof - just what I think happened. Alot of these communications would have happened by phone. Nothing written. DAP made it happen, in my opinion. And, yes, I believe LHO was handled by the CIA at this time (see John Newman' s book "Oswald and the CIA" for backround on this subject).
  7. Larry, I agree with you on Prouty and Horne, who also did a good job on tracking the Zapruder film(s) once they left Dallas. I also found "Tipping Point" very informative- enjoyed the read.
  8. Denny, there is detail available on the Dr. Mantik we site, such as"We know that something struck JFK in the throat while he was on Elm St. This conclusion derives from (an oft-overlooked part of) the autopsy report. At the autopsy, bruises (bruise: injury in which small blood vessels are broken but the overlying skin remains intact) were seen in the strap muscles of the anterior neck (and in the fascia around the trachea)—and a contusion was seen at the right lung apex. (Lung contusion: bruise of the lung as a result of vascular injury.) Such bruising can only occur while the victim is alive. After death, the heart stops pumping, and the circulatory system is under no pressure—so no bruising can then occur. Therefore, both the strap muscles and the lung contusion prove that JFK’s heart was still beating when these injuries occurred—so these wounds must have occurred on Elm St. As further confirmation notice that the incisions for the chest tubes (on the anterior chest) were specifically described (in the autopsy report) as showing no bruising. So, we have a built-in control—right on JFK’s own body—for this deduction. 2. We can therefore also reach one more conclusion—one of momentous import: Humes and Boswell understood, while at the autopsy, that something had struck JFK in the throat, while he was on Elm Street. Surely, they recognized that bruising of the lung apex and the neck muscles could only have occurred while JFK was still alive. (At the very least, they recognized that the tracheotomy could not have caused a contusion of the lung apex.) They merely disguised their knowledge (of these pre-mortem wounds) with their bland comments about bruising—and no one was ever shrewd enough to ask them about this. Of course, they also blamed the tracheotomy incision (for obscuring the throat entry wound), but they knew better. In other words, as I have always insisted, the pathologists disclosed as much truth as their predicament could bear. But they did not want history to regard them as buffoons (which they were not), so they left these clues for us. Because they were under strict military orders, with their pensions and promotions at stake, they had to be cagey. So, their detailed descriptions of bruising (versus no bruising) were their secret cryptograms to posterity that they were not fools. 3. The glass shard probably caused the contusion at the right lung apex, but due to its small size, its..." And this contains a presentation that Dr. Mantik made earlier this year..https://www.fff.org/freedom-in-motion/video/jfks-head-wounds/
  9. This thread is discussing headshot theories- I added the 3 headshots theory as depicted by Dr. Mantik and agreed to by Doug Horne. In regards to other shots hitting other parts of JFK's body, you could be correct Denny.
  10. Denny, since Dr. Mantik had access to actual autopsy material and the backround (MD/PhD) to interpret such material , I have gone with his conclusions. Perhaps , though, there is a possibilty that he got it wrong and you are correct.
  11. Chris Barnard, I have not cross referenced diaries and alibi’s with the dates of the Chicago & Miami alleged plots, to see if there is an incriminating pattern. Basically, I have been reading books on the JFKA since the mid- 1970's and try to keep up . I think the researchers like Larry Hancock, David Boylan, Doug Horne, John Newman , Anthony Summers, Jim DiEugenio, Bill Kelly, Hank Albarelli , etc, have been doing a very good job of getting to the bottom of the JFKA. And, I think we all owe something to the originals ( Mark Lane, Jim Marrs, Sylvia Meagher, Jim Garrison, Anthony Davis, Peter Dale Scott, Mae Brussell,etc.) And, I think a lot of the contributers to this website are doing their part in seeking truth on this subject (JFKA).
  12. Here is a paper written by Dr. Mantik..https://assassinationresearch.com/v2n2/pittsburgh.pdf
  13. Doug Horne agreed with Dr. Mantik... 5.0 out of 5 stars Mantik's Book is the Final Word on JFK's Head Wounds: 2 Shots from the Right-Front, One from the Rear Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2015 Verified Purchase by Douglas P. Horne, author of "Inside the Assassination Records Review Board" I am delighted to see this crucial and definitive study published. Once and for all, this monograph proves definitively that the Harper Fragment (found in Dealey Plaza on November 23, 1963) was occipital bone, further corroboration for the observations of the Dallas doctors on 11/22/63 that JFK had an exit wound in the back of his head, and therefore had been shot from the front. Mantik exhaustively reviews the HSCA's incorrect conclusion that the Harper Fragment was not from the occipital region of the skull, and demolishes both of the HSCA's conflicting arguments (argued within the HSCA's Forensic Pathology Panel) that the Harper fragment was either from the top of the skull, or the right-front of the skull, of the deceased President. He also reviews in depth---and dispenses with---other, incorrect arguments about the Harper Fragment made by various JFK researchers over the years. Mantik has conclusively proven that the Harper Fragment is from the mid-occipital region, squarely in the center of the back of President Kennedy's skull. The implications are off-scale, since this contradicts the autopsy photos which unaccountably depict the back of JFK's skull to be intact. The HSCA's Forensic Pathology Panel believed the autopsy photos (showing the rear of JFK's head to be intact, contrary to all key eyewitnesses at Parkland Hospital and most Bethesda autopsy witnesses) were proof that the Harper fragment could not be occipital; but in reality, understanding that the Harper Fragment can ONLY BE OCCIPITAL in origin, is proof that there is a major problem with the autopsy photos of the back of JFK's head. Mantik also points out that the extreme right edge of the Harper Fragment contains evidence of entry---of a shot low in the right rear of the skull, fired from behind (probably the DAL-TEX building, not the Texas School Book Depository). But the Harper Fragment was not blasted out of JFK's skull by that bullet from behind---it was explosively ejected by one of two shots from the right front, and the resulting overpressure inside the cranium that created the large, ragged, baseball-sized exit wound in the right rear of JFK's skull seen at Parkland Hospital. This large head wound in the right-rear of JFK's head seen at Parkland Hospital is further proof, in addition to the Harper Fragment, that JFK was struck by shots from the front. This, of course, eliminates any possibility that Lee Harvey Oswald (or anyone else) could have been a lone assassin firing from behind. In the interests of transparency, I freely acknowledge that Dr. Mantik has agreed with my published position that there were three JFK head shots---two from the right front, and one from the rear---and for this I am extraordinarily grateful. He has provided better proof than I did in Chapter 13 of "Inside the ARRB," but it is most gratifying to know that I got the essentials correct. Backstopped by extraordinary detail and footnoting, and by brilliant clarifying illustrations, the reader will quickly reach the conclusion that this work is the "final word on the JFK head shots"---as much as any "final word" can be determined today, that is---in view of the completely discredited JFK autopsy report, and incomplete and suspect collection of JFK autopsy photographs and skull x-rays. Dr. Mantik brings his expertise as an M.D.---a radiation oncologist quite familiar with and qualified to read skull x-rays---and as a physicist, to this extensive, illustrated monograph. Dr. Mantik's application of the science and techniques of optical densitometry (used regularly in his own work as a radiation oncologist) to the three extant JFK skull x-rays [at least two, and possibly three of the skull x-rays taken at JFK's autopsy are missing] has proven that all three of the existing x-rays are copy films---not originals---and that all 3 extant x-rays are altered, composite images that do not accurately reflect what was shown in the 5 or 6 skull x-rays originally exposed at JFK's autopsy. So I disagree with another reviewer's comment that we can "never know" what truly happened to President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza because of the tainted and discredited autopsy report. (My conclusion is that the principal problem with the autopsy was not incompetence, but cover-up: reporting only shots from behind, and intentionally suppressing all evidence of shots from the front. Dr. Mantik agrees with me on that score.) Because of the work of countless other researchers, and particularly Dr. Mantik in this book, we now know this: JFK was struck by three shots to the head during his assassination: two from the right front and one from behind. Dr. Mantik has provided medical evidence of a crossfire, and therefore of a conspiracy. So all the old arguments of the Warren Commission supporters that "there were no shots from the front, because no frontal shots were mentioned in the autopsy report," can now be thrown into the dustbin of history. Equally as important, Dr. Mantik's conclusions about 3 head shots, and about the alteration of the extant skull x-rays, prove there was a massive U.S. government cover-up regarding how JFK was killed. It requires patience to read and digest a monograph of this nature that is written in the style of a scientific paper, but it is well worth the time and intellectual rigor required, and the reader will be amply rewarded. All previous published attempts to discuss JFK's head wounds pale in comparison with this magnificent effort. Well done!
  14. Per Dr. Mantik (who had access to autopsy material and is a MD with a PHD, there were three headshots): (see #3 below) Dr. Mantik – Yes, indeed. For further details, see my closing comments on my website in the CONCLUSIONS section of my JFK ASSASSINATION SURVEY. Based on the observation of bruising at the actual wound sites (versus no bruising at the chest tube sites)—as clearly cited in the autopsy report itself—we know that the pathologists knew that JFK had been struck in the throat by a frontal projectile (although they did not know what it was). Likewise, they understood that a projectile had entered his right forehead (at the hairline). Although the autopsy photograph does not show this entry wound, it does show an incision (which obscures the actual wound), and we know (with certainty—based on eyewitnesses) that this incision did not exist in Dallas. So, somewhere after Parkland, this incision was deliberately created. Only one possible reason exists for this: It was intended to obscure the entry wound at this site. Even Boswell admitted that the forehead contained an “incised wound.” It does not get much clearer than that. Most likely they recognized a frontal entry wound just above and anterior to the right ear—associated with a large occipital exit hole. See my e-book for many witnesses to this temporal entry wound; also see the comments of James Jenkins, who saw this entry wound while at the autopsy. JFK was struck by three headshots—including two from the front (one at the frontal hairline and one near the right ear), and one shot from the posterior, entering near the external occipital protuberance, just as reported by the pathologists. No bullet struck JFK in the back—or in the throat. The Single Bullet Theory is nonsense. The (superficial) back wound was likely caused by metallic shrapnel. The purported brain photographs of JFK are not of his brain. The X-rays and photographs have been altered at critical sites—in order to disguise evidence of frontal shots. Failure to hide these shots would have required a conclusion of conspiracy, which was not politically acceptable in 1963. The Zapruder film has been critically altered—for the same reason. The acoustic evidence (from the Police Dictabelt) is bogus. See my 100+ page review at my website starting on page 42 for 37 specific reasons to doubt that this noise includes authentic gunshots. To view Dr. Mantik’s library of works on the JFK assassination, click on this link: http://themantikview.com/
  15. And, perhaps, William Harvey as the detail planner for the Dealey plaza operation.
  16. Jim H., Clay Shaw, Guy Bannister, Ferrie and probably some anti Castro Cubans were all in New Orleans the same time LHO was there and they probably had something to do with setting up LHO as the patsy for the killing of JFK.
  17. Dulles, the architect. Angleton, LeMay major players. DAP, David Morales and E. Howard Hunt and Sturgis major implementers. Helms long term cover up enforcement. Roselli, trafficante minor enforcers.
  18. Pat, I, too, am a member of the club that nobody wants to join - the cancer club. I was diagnosed in 2017 with Stage 4 bladder cancer . I underwent 6 cycles of chemo ( cisplatin/ gemz.) and then had major surgery. Today, I have no cancer. But, I have to be checked annually to see if the cancer reoccurs.
  19. I recently heard Lisa P. on coast to coast radio . She was very good.
  20. Here is Dylan singing "Only a Pawn in Their Game" at the 1963 March on Washington...
  21. This could be a hopeful sign that Biden may release previously unreleased documents...https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/09/us/politics/sept-11-saudi-arabia-biden.html
  22. Joe, fatboy gets away with it because the majority of republicans support this fascist .
  23. Jim did a good job. It was a good 2 hrs. Lisa Pease is on tonite. (1AM eastern time - on "coast to coast")
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