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Mark Groubert on Landis: Who is Robenalt?

Benjamin Cole

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Groubert is smart, witty, and knowledgeable about the JFKA...perhaps a little glib, and cocky. 

Groubert said that Landis' handler, and essentially co-author, on the Landis book is a fellow named James Robenalt, a Daily Beast sometime columnist and Deep State apparatchik, and corporate lawyer. 

Groubert does raise an interesting question: Who really wrote Landis' book? Landis is 88 years old, had a varied life, and never wrote anything longer than a memo in his life. 

Robenalt wrote the story on Landis for Vanity Fair and has written four books. There is an Amazon blurb crediting Robenalt for helping Landis write the book. 

So...seems like Deep State apparatchik Robenalt wrote the Landis book. 

What does this mean? I don't know. 60th anniversary coming up. 



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  • Benjamin Cole changed the title to Mark Groubert on Landis: Who is Robenalt?
3 hours ago, Lawrence Schnapf said:

i will be speaking with Jim to resolve many of the questions.

Jim Robenalt? I thought Mark Groubert was a little glib in his treatment of Robenalt. I hope I have not been. 

Ask Robenalt if Landis describes the bullet from the back seat of the limo as a pointy-head slug or not. 

I assume Robenalt finds Landis credible, but ask anyway. 

Sometimes a lawyer will take on a client for the valid reason that "they deserve solid representation," but that is different from "I believe him." 

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1 hour ago, Paul Bacon said:

I saw Landis on Jake Tapper (CNN) on Tuesday afternoon.  He said the bullet looked just like this:  and they showed a picture of CE-399.  Complete with striations...

Thanks PB. 

OK, I guess the pointy-headed bullet given by OP Wright to the Secret Service was....another bullet?

The nurse saw a pointy-head bullet on a gurney? 


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