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60 years ago Sat 16 - Mrs Paine - a birthday party & what was in the garage

Bill Fite

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"November 15-17, 1963—Dallas/Irving, Texas. Because of a birthday party at the Paines’ home, Lee Oswald did not visit Marina that weekend. (Testimony of Marina Oswald 1H 54) Note: Although Oswald ‘sightings’ abound during this weekend, particularly at the Sports Drome Rifle Range in Grand Prairie, Texas, it must be recalled that the President would be in Florida that Monday and there were serious concerns voiced by the Secret Service regarding presidential safety—which included the cancellation of a motorcade. Was Lee Oswald conveniently absent from the Paine residence that weekend in order to fulfill his destiny as a ‘patsy’ in a different venue? And had he been denied visitation privileges by Ruth and Michael Paine in order to establish that status in Florida, with or without the rifle in the blanket?

November 16, 1963—specifics as to times unstated, CST—Irving, Texas. On the Saturday before the assassination of President Kennedy; Ruth Paine held a birthday party for her little girl, which meant, as noted above, that Lee Oswald did not visit that weekend. Of equal or greater significance, Mrs. Paine secreted gifts in a storage area in the garage, and was able to testify without hesitation that neither a blanket, possibly containing a rifle, or a rifle, was in that storage area at that time. (Deposition of Ruth Paine, 9H 404)"


Brown Ph.D, Walt. Master Chronology of JFK Assassination Book I: Dynasty (pp. 3469-3470). Vigliano Books. Kindle Edition. 


I don't remember reading this the first time through the book or having ever heard about it.  Is this common knowledge?

So, how does LHO get the rifle from the shooting range on Sat (where he is seen according to the WC)  to the Paines before the morning of the 22nd?

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IMO she did not state the "wrapped blanket package" was not in the garage at that time (11/16/63). 

She stated it was not in that small storage room (located in the N/W corner of the garage), that became a topic in the 3/23/64 hearing in Irving.

Jenner asked if the "wrapped blanket package" could have been stored in that room.  She said yes it could have (it was big enough), but she had never noticed it in there. 

She normally would not use that room, but she recalled storing gifts in there for the 11/16 birthday party, if the package was in there that day she would have noticed.  The hearing cont'd and she points out the 2 places in the garage were she had noticed that  "wrapped blanket package". 

Now, they were also looking for a "paper bag" or "paper wrapped package" containing curtain rods (the wrapping of that was missing, she had assumed in the previous hearing they would be wrapped, but they were not (or no longer... that's the question).   


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14 hours ago, Bill Fite said:

So, how does LHO get the rifle from the shooting range on Sat (where he is seen according to the WC)  to the Paines before the morning of the 22nd?

That's a good question.  Along the l line of how did he take it to shoot at Walker?  On a bus?  Nobody noticed?  The driver?  In that case he reportedly buried it?  Did he bring a shovel along on the bus?

I don't remember reading about the storage area in the garage for gifts before either.  The blanket story is bs imo.

The birthday party as a reason for him not to coming is intriguing.   Other stories of him playing with kids outside there and in Oak Cliff?  (True?).  Both his toddler and infant daughter along with his wife would have been there.  Odd.

One more time for any who have missed it.


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When Jenner was walking through the house (measuring just about everything) they noticed this storage room just before entering the garage


Reminder, they were there to check essentially 2 things :

- where was the wrapped blanket package located on different days (the blanket that allegedly contained the rifle)

- curtain rods (wrapped, their "bag" could have been used etc..................


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