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Interesting doc by Sforza aka Henry Sloman. Sforza was head of the AMOT program with Joaquin Sanjenis his number 2 (AMOT-2). This doc is referenced in Bill Simpich's State Secret Chapter 3. It is a report from AMOT-106 who visited the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City in August 1963. AMOT-106 was trying to get back into Cuba.  Was this a dry run for sending LHO or an impostor to the Consulate?




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This is an important addition to our understanding of AMOT activity in Mexico City.  We have known there was a compartmentalized station there, overseen by JMWAVE and with AMOT support...working very independently of the regular CIA station in the embassy.  We also know personnel from Miami were sent down for independent CI operations against the Cuban embassy.  My suspicion is that this visit - which appears to have involved a real focus on the admin personnel and on Azcue - was part of Phillip's effort to either suborn Azcue or to gain leverage over him.  Phillips was in the midst of an serious ongoing CI effort against the Cuban embassy that summer and I'm guessing he needed assets totally unknown in Mexico to scout out the embassy and in particular begin character assessments, especially of Azcue.

I'm not sure it was a prototype run for Oswald specifically but Oswald would certainly have been a great follow on to collect similar information...and further test Duran as well as Azcue.

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