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Did Herminio Diaz Garcia really die in 1966?

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1 hour ago, David Boylan said:

Just trying to keeep this in one place. Diaz with his attempt to go to Cuba again.


Thanks David. Appreciate the effort for sure and while I'm at it, what an amazing show you did as a guest on Doug Campbell's show. Are you from the Northeastern U.S? You certainly sound like it lol. Excellent show and hope you do even more audios should time allow.

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CIA running traces on Evelio Duque and Herminio Diaz Garcia in 1973. Reports that Diaz was smuggling narcotics between Mexico and US. Frequently traveled between NY and Miami and always had lots of cash on him. Duque had POA from the CIA at one point.


Informant states on 6/19/63 that a representative of Duque met with a representative of Santos Trafficante saying Duque wished to purchase rockets, explosives and detonators. Duque allegedly has received $25,000 from Carlos Prio Socarras for this purpose. Trafficante representative said he could get equipment but had to check on authenticity of Duque's plans and allegations that Prio had given the money. If items check out to Trafficante's satisfaction, material will be obtained and furnished to Duque. 



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David- I think so... there's some intriguing stuff there; the birth date is within a year of what Diaz-Garcia's supposedly was. The civilian education level of only 3 was interesting. And obviously the idea that he was alive in 1968. I was unaware until last night that Diaz-Garcia was the killer of a politician at the Cuban consulate in Mexico City in 1948. That led to other things I never knew, such as how incredibly violent Cuban politics were before Fidel Castro was even a gleam in anyone's eyes.

Edit: His designation, CH, is for chaplain... so I don't know where this goes lol.

Edit 2:  upon further research, I don't think it's our guy. This fellow was likely a chaplain at Fort Bliss, Texas.



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