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John Simkin

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Jackson Browne

Lives in the Balance

The Pretender

Before the Deluge


Fountain of Sorrow



Running on Empty


For a Dancer

Barricades of Heaven


These Days

Late for the Sky


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That young man is quite incredible.

Not many things have brought tears to my eyes but that performance certainly did. Amazing.


It had the same impact on me. I have always found certain people's voices emotional. Martin Luther King always had the same effect. I have been told that Adolf Hitler had that impact with German people in the 1930s. That is why radio was so important to Hitler. It has been said that because of the way he looked, he would never have got into power if Germany had television in the 1930s.

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Guest Gary Loughran

John, I'd have thought you'd have liked a bit of Billy Bragg.

FWIW, there's a plugin available for Firefox that allows you to download video from web pages...for the most part it's excellent yet small tool. If the page is from youtube/google video etc. you may need a convertor, free ones are available.

I tend to get a lot of stuff for my iPod like this - Hendrix, Smiths, Morrissey, Manic Street Preachers, Beatles, Inspiral Carpets etc.

Also bit torrent is a superb tool, for example the whole series of the me who killed Kennedy can be downloaded. I recently got the 6 parter by mistake but the 9 parts are available (or the extra 3 on their own).

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John, I'd have thought you'd have liked a bit of Billy Bragg.

I like his political views but not keen on his singing. We speak with the same accent. He went to the same school as my brother. (I failed my 11+ and went to the local secondary school).

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On the JFK forum of late there has been much talk of Camarillo, California.

For those of us devoted to the music and legacy of Charlie Parker, the State Hospital in that town holds a special significance.

Upon his release from a prolonged "time-out" there, Bird wrote "Relaxin' at Camarillo," one his most often played compositions.

Two youtube versions thereof:



The second, by the late, magnificent pianist Tommy Flanagan, is rather interesting.


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