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Aren't we all very hip.

Here is a great version of 'classical gas' by Tommy Emmanuel, an amazing guitarist,


Here is the Ukelele orchestra of Great Britain performing Kate Bush's 'Wuthering heights',


If you are interested in guitar players take a look at some John McLaughlin videos:

Paco De Lucia and John Mclaughlin

Al DiMeola and John Mclaughlin


With Miles Davies


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Guest Gary Loughran

One of the very few popular UK bands of the last 15 years to try and articulate the feeling of the 'masses against the classes' - Manic Street Preachers.

Check out in particular 'If you tolerate this then your children will be next' - About the Spanish Civil war (actually from a poster). They're Welsh and I believe the song is from a Welsh farmer contemplating joing the war juxtaposed with the bands own feelings. "If I can shoot rabbits then I can shoot facisits" - "I've walked la Ramblas but not with real intent".

The above song is also one I find quite apt for the intentions of this forum and is one I feel is it's signature tune - though most might believe 'Symapthy for the devil' is a better signature.

They also quote Camus at rhe "The Masses against the Classes" (replete with Cuban falg on Single cover) -- "The slave begins by demanding justice and ends wanting to wear a crown". and Madison/Chomsky (on the US constitution) at the start "THE COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON THE PRINCIPLE THAT THE PRIMARY ROLE OF GOVERNMENT IS TO PROTECT PROPERTY FROM THE MAJORITY - AND SO IT REMAINS" - I think that's Chomsky but Madison seems more appropriate and I'm not quoting here 'The primary role of government is to protect the minority opulent land/property owning class from the majority'

On 'Motorcyle emptiness' they use Che's diaries as a reference.

All in all one of my favourite bands if only becasue they have strong messages not watered down for the CD buying masses. How good would Born in the USA have been had Springsteen contemporaneously told everyone what it was about; instead of in later years refusing to play it (only acoustically perhaps) because of how misunderstood it was. It's somewhat easier, when richer and more famous, to make that kind of stand I would think.

Sorry I've no youtube links for the Manics (work doesn't allow streaming media sites) although they should be easy enough to get there.

As for guitat solos, I still love Hendrix version of All along the watchtower, for me the best cover I've heard. When the wah wah solo breaks before the final guitar sequence...pure magic.

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I was reading recently about the great footballer Vivian Woodward who played in the period before the First World War. He of course joined the army in 1914 and was badly injured and therefore his career was brought to an end. One journalist wrote at the time that the reason why Woodward was so loved by the fans was that he "played for free". Woodward was an amateur and refused to even accept expenses for playing a game he loved. It reminded me of the great Joni Mitchell song "For Free". You can see her performing the song on YouTube:

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