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  1. Two CAPA ‘How To’ Instructional Transcripts By FOIA Experts
  4. Jefferson Morley: How Mexican Presidents Became CIA Agents
  5. This is a great interview. I should add that its only fault is that Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was one of Trump's biggest supporters in the presidential election and only now is recognizing what those of us foresaw starting with Trump's acceptance speech of the presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention last July. We are closer to a world nuclear war that ever before because the U.S. now faces a nuclear armed Russia and a nuclear armed China. In 1962 in the Cuban Missile Crisis the only two powers were the U.S. and Russia. China slumbered until Nixon awoke it in 1972.
  6. The Astounding Conspiracy Theories of Wall Street Genius Mark Gorton
  8. Oliver Stone praises Michele Metta's new evidence on JFK Assassination
  10. Donald Trump and three advisers caught on tape committing Russian treason
  11. H.R. McMaster wrote the book on morally bankrupt leadership
  12. From the article: But the Republicans rewrote the rules well before their decision last week to abolish the filibuster for Supreme Court confirmation votes. Making an existing Supreme Court vacancy a highly visible part of an electoral strategy stamps the court as an electoral prize, pure and simple. In doing so, it places the court in a position of real institutional peril.
  13. JFK’s Nephew Blows the Whistle on Syria
  14. From the above article: In one text written in 2015, Ms. Manafort, a lawyer, called her father’s activities in Ukraine “legally questionable,” and in a separate exchange with her sister, Jessica, she worried that cash he gave them was tainted by the violent response to the uprising that ultimately led to the downfall of Mr. Manafort’s client, Mr. Yanukovych. “Don’t fool yourself,” Ms. Manafort wrote. “That money we have is blood money.”