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  1. John Newman wrote this on Facebook yesterday: NEW OSWALD HIGHLIGHTS IN VOLUME II According to a legendary senior CIA counterintelligence officer, who was once on track to become the director of the Agency, Lee Harvey Oswald was a witting false defector sent to the USSR in 1959 as part of a mole hunt. This revelation is discussed, for the first time, in Chapter One of Countdown to Darkness. In Chapter Eighteen (which covers the late opening of Oswald's CIA 201 file in December 1960), incontrovertible new evidence is presented showing that the Agency's mole-hunting unit (specifically, Birch O'Neal and Ann Egerter) used the false name Lee Henry Oswald as a marked card strategy in the mole hunt.
  2. Here is the full Trump speech at the CIA headquarters in Langley yesterday. It was a combination of political drivel and sheer insanity and was only outdone by the riotous clapping of approval by the CIA personnel who were present. It is time worthwhile spent viewing the full speech. The CIA is known for having staff psychiatrists who analyze the personalities and minds of the world's leaders. One must wonder what these psychiatrists concluded about President Trump. I feel certain their conclusions coincided with that of their counterparts in the Russian, Chinese and other countries' intelligence agencies. “CNN’s decision to not air the press conference live illustrates a recognition that the role of the press must be different under Trump. When the White House holds press briefings to promote demonstrably false information and refuses to take questions, then press ‘access’ becomes meaningless at best and complicit at worst. Democracy works best when journalists have access to the executive branch, of course. But that holds true if and only if that access leads to verifiable, accurate information. The decision on behalf of CNN to wait and verify before airing it live suggests that the media are adapting quickly to this new era.” --- Danna Young Professor of Politics and the Media at the University of Delaware
  3. Now available: to Darkness
  4. Kissinger’s Files and Invisible Ink Recipes: C.I.A. Trove Has It All
  5. A CIA file that mentions me can be found in the Congressional Record of April 3, 1962, of remarks by the Hon. Katherine St. George, Representative from New York, titled “Maverick Conservatives.” Scroll way down to find it.
  7. From the article: But if Russia’s role in the 2016 election is basically undisputed, we’re still left with a separate, more troubling question for which there isn’t yet a clear answer: Could Donald Trump actually be a Russian intel asset?.... Whether the material Russian intelligence might have on Trump is the kompromat Steele describes in his dossier, it’s a good bet Russian intelligence has something.
  8. When I posted the video above about the "Black Knight" satellite, I should have included the following summary from Coasttocoastam of January 14, 2017, on which the write and filmmaker was interviewed: Writer & filmmaker Damon T. Berry joined Jimmy Church (email) to reveal what he thinks are clues about ancient technology and the cycles of destruction that Earth has endured for millennia. He says that this technology is somehow related to the enigmatic "Black Knight" satellite. Jimmy opened the program quoting a news report that the Great Pyramid was recently reassessed as having no connection to the pharaoh Cheops and that is now a mystery who built it, or why. While visiting Egypt a few years ago, Berry had a strange experience when he touched the Sphynx his "eyesight and everything went black" and he fell to the ground. After recovering, Berry said he could "see and hear things" in hieroglyphics and other religious texts, which he believes are multidimensional in nature. Berry says he has noticed a pattern in the archaeological record that indicates ancient man had more knowledge than is generally agreed by historians and archaeologists. In the period from 13,000 to 10,000 BCE, Berry has noticed that many apparently advanced civilizations flourished and disappeared. He pointed to information that indicates the Easter Island Moai statues, neolithic cave paintings, and the mysterious city of Göbekli Tepe were all contemporary to each other in this period. Berry believes that information was encoded into these places and their artifacts to give us clues on how to survive a global catastrophe by using ancient ideas and technology. He said that "every 5-10,000 years, civilization is wiped off the face of the Earth" and coded messages were left in many places in order to help us. There are clues, Berry believes, that point to a stargate or other type of dimensional or interstellar travel device that is still hidden in a pyramid or covered in many tons of earth or snow. If we can find this gateway, we can possibly escape an extinction which Barry says corresponds to the Mayan cycle of 5124 years. He also thinks that humanity needs to work together using the clues left behind by vanished civilizations, and that some of these clues are present in artworks throughout the ages. An Italian fresco painting from the year 1600 shows what Berry and others believe to be a "Sputnik" type satellite placed between images of God and Jesus. He thinks that this was due to the artist "going with his conscience" to provide future generations with information that space technology is nothing new, rather than using the painting as a simple depiction of religious themes. (See images.) Berry thinks that the enigmatic Black Knight satellite which supposedly stations itself in a polar orbit from time to time around the Earth communicates with some object, machine, or facility that is stationed in one of the polar regions. It has existed for over 60,000 years, Berry says, and is depicted in ancient cave paintings and drawings, as well as hinted at in depictions of Mayan kings with what looks like bluetooth headsets in their ears and other religious depictions of humans with elongated ears and apparent devices. Berry concluded by emphasizing that what is needed now are "star ships," meaning spacecraft that can withstand the heat of stars in order to use them as gateways to the rest of the universe.
  9. John Newman posted the following on Facebook today: The revised edition of “Where Angels Tread Lightly” is now available at the CreateSpace eStore: The revised edition will not be available at the main Amazon site until 3-5 business days from today—the earliest 1/19/17 and the latest 1/23/17. Do not buy a copy from the main Amazon site until you see the front cover with “REVISED EDITION” on it. Those who do not want to purchase the revised edition can print out this note on the 2017 to fold and place inside their book: The most substantive change from the original 2015 edition is the correction of the true name for the pseudonym Andrew F. Merton. It is Jack Stewart, not as I originally thought, Dave Phillips. Some of the reasons for that misidentification will be evident in Appendix Three to Volume II, which draws attention to a mistake in the State Department Foreign Service Register. It suggested, wrongly as it turns out, that Stewart was in Mexico at a time that Merton was actually still involved (for about three more months) in several important operations taking place in Havana. That matters less than getting the identification right. I want to acknowledge and thank Jerry Shinley for sharing his extensive data on Stewart, which made the oddity in the register irrelevant. It also enabled me to develop a very detailed life history of Stewart from civil records. I will continue to follow his story, including his continuing friendship with Earl Williamson. I have made some adjustments to other pseudonyms in Appendix Two: the most important (aside from Merton) is the discovery that Reichardt and Karnley are both pseudonyms for Ken Crosby—who was living only twenty miles from me in the Shenandoah Valley until a few years ago. The others are minor adjustments to the pseudonyms for Gerry Droller, Henry Hecksher, Justin O’Donnell and William Harvey. In Appendix Four, the correct date—5 September 1957—is given for the naval uprising at Cienfuegos to overthrow Batista.
  10. About six years ago while waiting to use an outside ATM machine at a local bank on a Saturday, I looked up on clear and sunny morning and saw two perfect spheres chrome in color flying east to west over downtown Houston. One was trailing the other by several miles and I would estimate the altitude to be 5000 feet. They flew at moderate speed until out of sight. That has been my only experience. Several people over the years have told me of their UFO experiences. One took place in West Texas as he drove on IS 10. He watched until it disappeared behind a butte. Another took place as he sat on his front porch with other family members on a farm in East Texas. He told me that UFO actually landed in a field on the farm and was clearly visible. Neither he nor any other family member ventured out for a closer inspection. After awhile the craft took off.
  11. Lance: That you for your first person "UFO" credible account that took place with another person being present. I found it most interesting as I am certain other members did also. You also state in your perceptive account that, "With all due respect to Mr. Caddy, I likewise think it is a mistake to drag the UFO phenomenon into the assassination discussion." However, there are a number of postings about UFOs and the JFK assassination that have been made over the years by sundry forum members. These have always resulted in energetic discussion. Here is one that was initiated in 2006 -- 11 years ago -- by Super Member Lee Forman. Bill Kelly, one of the trusted "learned elders" of the JFK assassination topic, even posted a photograph of an UFO over Dealey Plaza on the day of JFK's assassination. Here is the link: 'UFO' connections to the JFK Assassination The Education Forum contains a treasure trove of valuable information compiled over the years. I am constantly being amazed on what I stumble on. The above is an example.
  12. Beautifully produced. Provocative. Is it a relevant answer to Ron Ecker's posting above?
  13. On January 14, 2017, Whitley Stieber wrote on First, famed UFO journalist Leslie Kean offers insight into the extraordinary UFO video just released by the Chilean Navy and why the claim that it is a jet contrail cannot be true. Leslie can be reached on FaceBook, and be sure to make a visit to If we ever want to advance UFO study into the mainstream, the UFOData approach is where to start!
  14. Jefferson Morley wrote on Facebook today: On Monday I start a new job. I will be Washington correspondent for, a left-liberal news site. I've been reporting from Washington for 33 years but the current situation strikes me as unique. According to the Gallup Poll, the incoming president's disapproval rating is double that George Bush in 2001 and quadruple Barack Obama's in 2009. Trump is openly contemptuous of the intelligence agencies that any commander in chief must rely on to make decisions. The is poised to deprive 20 million people of health insurance with no replacement system in sight. And so on. While partisan combat is the norm in Washington, the current situation differs fundamentally from the struggles over the policies of Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama that I have covered in the past. What is emerging in 2017 is not just the perennial struggle the purpose and policies of government but a new struggle over democratic norms that have never been in question before. To be sure, Trump's election signaled a widespread desire for change. The minority of American voters who chose Trump will certainly see change. I see my job as covering the change, holding the government accountable, and providing new facts and perspectives, while maintaining a sense of humor and humanity. In other words, I'll need all the help I can get!. Which is where you come in. Tips, purloined documents, undercovered data points, and interesting story ideas are welcome. So are corrections. Trump supporters will get a fair hearing from me.