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  2. David Morales

    Thanks for posting this photo, Sandy. You can see the scar going up from that notch at a 45 degree angle ... -- Tommy
  3. David Morales

    I thought Morales files were supposedly some of the most important ones to be released. Yet I don't recall reading anything about them here or elsewhere. Was anything released at all?
  4. Has it been 24 hours yet? -- Tommy
  5. Angleton and Mark Lane experts, your thoughts?

    The Soviet involvement in disinformation about the assassination -- before and after -- deserves a thread of its own. They are far more subtle than Americans, and have complicated things more that we can imagine, imo...
  6. Angleton and Mark Lane experts, your thoughts?

    So wrong of them, but not surprising. To me, clear evidence of their complicity, at least in the cover up.
  7. JFK X-RAY - Where is rear bullet entry point?

    Methinks the emperor has no clothes. Mantik accuses me of an "ad hominem" attack. I merely pointed out that he either misled his strongest supporters about the nature of the "white spot", or sat back quietly while they misled others. This is not a personal attack on my part. It is a true and salient observation. If people are gonna cite Mantik's research on this forum, they should realize that what people claim of Mantik is often at odds with what Mantik actually believes. They should also realize that Mantik is inconsistent, at best. Single-assassin theorist Robert Wagner, for example, cited Mantik's one-time claim there's no evidence for a shot from the knoll. He didn't realize that Mantik now claims there is such evidence. In any event, Mantik responded by claiming Wagner's book should be banned. As far as the 20 questions for me pushed by Mantik... the vast majority of these are answered on my website, and have been answered on my website for years...well before Mantik "reviewed" my website for CTKA. (A "review" to which Jim "in the interest of fairness" DiEugenio refused to allow a response, BTW). In any event, I don't see any point in taking the bait and allowing my original observation to get buried.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Really great work there Steve.... I'm trying to make the point that the FBI had informants telling them about Oswald's postal situations CI NO T-1 is giving us info in July '63 about where he lives, where he gets his mail and subsequently in this same report it talks of mail and its contents to and from the FPCC... And here not 3 weeks after supposedly receiving said rifle we are told again of mail to and from FPCC. As we can see, Confidential Informants were talking about Oswald not long after returning from Russia in June 1962. There are no reports of a rifle prior to Nov 22 since there was no rifle ordered or sent to Oswald prior to Nov 22 or ever. #43 is dated Aug 1962 #44 is dated March 25th and talks about what he receives in the mail. #45 is dated August 9 and is related to his arrest in New Orleans First - it's hard to believe that there was nothing between Aug 16, '62 and March 25 '63 and then again until Aug 9 '63. Second - by March 25 or a few days after GPO Dallas receives the rifle, supposedly puts a postcard into Oswald's box (doesn't exist) for him to pick up the package (not remembered by anyone).
  10. Things never stop bursting forward in this case do they? But remember, its an open and shut case as far as the late Vince Bugliosi declared in his book RH. Which DVP was praising two years before it was published.
  11. I suppose either one of those things is a possibility, Tommy. Because it's hard to imagine a person who is well under six feet tall (which Lopez appears to be; see video below) being both "skinny" and weighing 199 pounds. That's just not possible. (And Lopez looks quite thin to me in 1986 at the mock trial. But maybe he dropped a load in the eight years between '78 and '86. ~shrug~) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-bEyazi8WAuZ1NfMVcycktCT1E/view
  12. Roscoe White

    Rich, I'll wait patiently to read your evidence for this interesting CT. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  13. On three separate occasions that I have found, Marina says that the Oswalds were living on Neely Street in January, 1963. (1) Warren Commission testimony of Marina Oswald February 3, 1964, http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/oswald_m1.htm Mr. RANKIN. When did you move to Neely Street from the Elsbeth Street apartment? Mrs. OSWALD. In January after the new year. I don't remember exactly. Mr. RANKIN. Do you recall the first time that you observed the rifle? Mrs. OSWALD. That was on Neely Street. I think that was in February. Mr. RANKIN. Do you recall the day that you took the picture of him with the rifle and the pistol? Mrs. OSWALD. I think that that was towards the end of February, possibly the beginning of March. I can't say exactly. Because I didn't attach any significance to it at the time. That was the only time I took any pictures. (2) During her testimony on February 4th, Marina was asked and answered: Mr. RANKIN. Can you tell us approximately when you first met Ruth Paine? Mrs. OSWALD. Soon after New Years I think it was in January. Mr. RANKIN. Would that be 1963? Mrs. OSWALD. Yes. Mr. RANKIN. Did Mrs. Paine ever visit you at Elsbeth Street? Mrs. OSWALD. At Neely, on Neely Street. Mr. RANKIN. But not at Elsbeth? Mrs. OSWALD. We moved soon after that acquaintance. (Ruth Paine testified that she met Marina on February 22nd.) (3) Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XXII Current Section: CE 1156 - FBI report dated February 18, 1964, of interview of Marina Oswald, Dallas, Tex. (CD 735, pp. 439-445). http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1317#relPageId=227 This is cross referenced to DL 100-10461 (4) On February 17, 1964 Marina was interviewed by FBI Special Agents Anatole Boguslav and Wallace Heitman. In their writeup of that interview done on the 18th, they wrote: “She said further that in the beginning of January, 1963 at the Neely Street address, he, (Lee Harvey Oswald) was cleaning his rifle and he said he had been practicing that day.” (page 443 of CD 735). For whatever reason, this conflicts with the official record as we know it.. Supposedly the Oswalds moved from Elsbeth to Neely on March 3rd and according to the postal money order, the rifle wasn't ordered until March 12th. CE 1404 - FBI reports dated February 22 and 25, 1964, of interviews with Marina Oswald (CD 735, pp. 446-453). On February 18, 1964 she was again interviewed by Agents Boguslav and Heitman. She told the FBI that she was mistaken about the date, and that the rifle cleaning incident had taken place in March, 1963. The Agents wrote a Report of this interview on February 22, 1964. http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1317#relPageId=815 (This is on page 446 of CD 735) Steve Thomas
  14. Thanks Jim. https://kennedysandking.com/robert-f-kennedy-reviews/john-r-bohrer-the-revolution-of-robert-kennedy
  15. Going from memory here, but when I watched Ed Lopez walk to the witness chair to give "testimony" in a videotaped mock trial (or some such thing), I never would have guessed he weighed THAT much. Did he lose a lot of weight between 1978 and the mock trial? Did the court reporter in '78 make a mistake? -- Tommy
  16. Seems you've missed you meds again today Dave.... The Evidence only shows a conspiracy... that's where your house of cards blows away. Everything you cite as supporting evidence standing all by itself is rendered moot once you try and Authenticate the evidence... (look it up) Without Authentication, what you and the WCR offer is worthless. WITH authentication we find the evidence only illuminates the conspiracy to kill JFK and pin the blame on a patsy. Kinda simple if you're not blind
  17. But it must be a much bigger bitch for you CTers, seeing as how you guys have absolutely no physical evidence of any conspiracy whatsoever. That must be really frustrating for the dedicated Anybody But Oswald faithful. (God bless 'em.)
  18. David was originally scheduled to speak but in the end was unable to present at Lancer 2017 so there was no recorded presentation...
  19. My theory on who fired the fatal shot

    No worries Ron.... lol
  20. The work of David Josephs has made my ears stand up. Can I ask either Mr Josephs or Mr Hancock what happened to the trailed presentation by Mr Josephs at JFKLancer 2017. I was expecting it to create a stir?
  21. My theory on who fired the fatal shot

    If I would fully read and think about your post before replying I wouldn't have asked a foolish question. Not the first or worst time I've stuck my foot in my mouth here or elsewhere. "Up the street" is pretty obvious.
  22. Only for you LNers out there....
  23. Life's a real bitch sometimes, ain't it?
  24. Roscoe White

    Lucien Sarti was a French Assassin who shot from behind the fence of the grassy knoll. Witness Gordon Arnold, who was filming the parade, heard a shot whiz by his left ear and even a second shot once he hit the ground. A person dressed as a police officer, but not wearing a hat and with filthy hands kicked Arnold and asked if he had been taking pictures of the motorcade. Arnold said he was and the fake police officer took the film away, leaving Arnold the camera because it belonged to his mother. Whether you believe it or not, this is the first person Lee Bowers saw. The second person, more heavy set needs a little more digging.
  25. Mike: 1.) Its one thing to go ahead and list a true name at MFF amid literally tons of material. Its another to do it in a forum like this which is much easier to monitor. 2.) As per your last comment, if the evidentiary significance of this escapes you then I don't know how to explain it. But let me try: What David Josephs is doing here is, I believe, a paradigm shift with Mexico City. When all but one person says they did not see LHO at the Cuban embassy, and when the photo index shows he was not at either embassy, and the tapes are in someone else's voice, then the indications are that he was probably impersonated. But what David is going with is I think something even bigger than that. Something that will sweep aside everything before it--including Scott's "barium meal" thing. Dan Hardway has hinted at it in his latest interviews. The giveaway is what David has turned up in New Orleans with the visa application and also with the filing of the visa in the Duran desk. See, from the declassified memos, its clear that the CIA in MC was going nuts after the assassination, and for one reason. They could find no evidence that Oswald was in MC, and believe me, they tried. For whatever reason, the FBI did not enter the chase until February. Something which Hoover later regretted since he wrote in the margin of a memo six weeks later that the CIA had given them a snow job on Oswald in Mexico City. So what happened is that the CIA called in Echeverria at Interior and he ran the MC inquiry. And as David shows, with abundant evidence, since he was inside the PRI and would be nominated for president, he was allowed to literally create, out of whole cloth, a completely ersatz trail of evidence that the FBI was shocked at when they uncovered it in detail in February. In the newly declassified Slawson trip report its revealed that Echeveria just dissed the WC when they came down. And that, to my surprise, Win Scott was in on this cover up about there being no photos. There is no way around this: Scott simply lied his head off to Slawson and Coleman about why they could not produce a picture of Oswald at either embassy. This is how deep the cover up was about Oswald 's absence. And in my view, this is why Ruth Paine and later PJM did what they did later. With what David has produced, he ties things that happened as late as August 1964 into the Echeverria cover up. BTW, how many books is Echeverria mentioned in up to now? But with these new documents he will not be able to be ignored later.
  26. The Lopez/Duran quotes are actually very nice for an "LNer" like myself....because that exchange between Lopez and Duran only serves to demonstrate once more in this case how people are really bad at estimating the weight of OTHER PEOPLE they are looking at. Duran seems to think that the general build and size of both "skinny" Oswald (Duran's quote) and the 199-pound Edwin Lopez were the same build. (Think "Marrion Baker" and "Howard Brennan", with regard to their individual TOO HEAVY estimates of Oswald's weight.) And Jimmy will no doubt just ignore the fact that Silvia Duran said that it was her handwriting on the Cuban visa application. And Jim will also totally ignore the fact that Duran also identified the picture on the application---a picture of OSWALD, of course---as being the same man she saw in Mexico City in September 1963. But that is Jimmy for you.
  27. It was a 5 foot carton from Kleins addressed to the wrong person's PO Box. They knew he was getting the WORKER just not a rifle from Kleins which required a variety of steps to pick up. Not once from April 1 thru Nov 22 did a single government source declare that Oswald had a rifle... even after the Walker shooting. Yet the man accused of being his CIA handler and his wife are the sources - again, after the fact - that Oswald had a rifle that no one else sees... ever. And your reply about the efficiency of FBI informants, when mountains of info that YOU use comes from these assets regarding virtually every aspect of Oswald's life... just not the receipt of a scoped rifle... rings hollow Dave. The FBI and its assets were efficient enough on so many other fronts.... these informants - if you've read thru their reports - provide detailed info on so much minutia and inconsequential things... less than 2 weeks before the Walker shooting Oswald supposedly buys and receives a scoped rifle - yet not a single FBI asset is aware of this. Kinda like the 25 FBI informants in Mexico also not being able to find any evidence of Oswald in Mexico....
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