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  2. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Leander Perez is another radical figure I'm starting to read about a bit. I recently The book Leander Perez: Boss of the Delta, but haven't read it yet. He clearly had no love lost for Kennedy: On the presidential level, Perez, as chair of the Democratic State Central Committee, attempted to deny Louisiana’s electoral votes to liberal candidates. In 1960 he created a slate of unpledged electors in defiance of Louisiana’s vote for John F. Kennedy. In 1964 he backed George Wallace, until the Alabama governor withdrew in favor of Republican Barry Goldwater, who carried Louisiana. In 1968 Perez backed Wallace, who won Louisiana. He donated large sums to conservative candidates, campaigning chiefly in Louisiana. In state and national elections, Plaquemines cast few votes, but Perez could deliver them in a bloc. There was virtual unanimity in the parishwide vote—a combination of respect for Perez and voter fraud. http://www.knowlouisiana.org/entry/leander-perez This is another interesting tidbit from HSCA Deposition of Hemming I came across. The Operation 40 group was the intended new government for Cuba -- they were sponsored by Carlos Marcello and Leander Perez (pp 130-131). http://aarclibrary.org/publib/jfk/hsca/unpub_testimony/pdf/Hemming_3-21-78.pdf Guy Banister, Leander Perez, and Jim Garrison http://www.jfk-online.com/jpsgblpjg.html William F. Buckley Jr. interview with Leander Perez
  3. 14 boxes of Jack Ruby records become public next week http://www.wfaa.com/features/14-boxes-of-jack-ruby-records-become-public-next-week/477719764
  4. Hi: I would like to make a post on something that rears its head occasionally, spurred by my previous post. I truly wish nobody any harm, not even Godzilla and friends. What I sometimes hear is people savoring the day when the “bad guys” who have suppressed free energy and related technologies get their “just desserts.” I don’t want to see them suffer. When it clearly becomes “game over” for their evil plans, I would happily just have them slink away, and some might even be redeemed. I would never approach Bill the BPA Hit Man, Mr. Deputy, or Ken Hodgell. Unrepentant dark pathers are highly dangerous for anybody to approach, particularly if they are going to be taken to task about their crimes. If their consciences finally awoke and I heard from them, all that they could do, as far as I would be concerned, would be to publicly discuss their crimes and seek to repair their damage, even though they were merely soldiers following orders, in a way (although they had to demonstrate their capacity for evil to even be on the team). I would not trust anything less from them. They don’t owe me anything. Their debt is to Earth and humanity, and ultimately, themselves. Focusing on the GCs and friends, and particularly wishing them ill, falls far short of the mentality needed to help along my effort. No need to settle any scores or hope for retribution. Leave that to wiser minds than ours to sort out. Best, Wade
  5. This idea that cutting-edge forensic science has supported or even proved the lone gunman theory has been pushed since the HSCA bought into Guinn's NAA nonsense. It was caca then and it's caca now.
  6. The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK

    MILTEER They wouldn't leave any stone unturned there no way. They will pick up somebody within hours `afterwards, if anything like that would happen just to throw the public off. Milteer`wasn't sure the assassination would happen. He was passing along information he had heard. He had no first hand knowledge about the assassination and wasn't involved in the planning. IMO it wasn't a radical right plan.
  7. Many of the details of Harvey and Lee are discovered from evidence the U.S. Government, primarily Hoover’s FBI, neglected to alter or suppress. It isn’t easy making an entire life disappear from the public record, and the FBI, despite the talent of its director and its massive manpower in 1963 and 1964, wasn’t able to do it. We can learn much about the two Oswalds from the FBI’s mistakes in covering up, for example, medical and military records, and more from eyewitnesses who were intimately involved with them… and a few who were casual observers. Since Mr. Laverick and apparently other H&L critics want us to believe that “the whole H&L LN story is built on observations by casual observers,” it’s quite obvious that I need to demonstrate just how wrong he is. Mr. Parnell wants us to believe that Greg Parker has debunked everything, but that we can’t see those so-called debunkings here so that can we debate them here. I want to see Mr. Parnell say that again and again, because he currently has no other real arguments against the most direct and simple elements of the Harvey and Lee evidence. I’ll be making my future write-ups as brief as possible to avoid wasting our host’s bandwidth. I’m already bringing in all the images of medical and military documents, for example, from other servers, most from a server I pay for myself. There is no rush, but I can assure you that this will continue. You will call my most detailed posts “data dumps,” of course, but they are really just EVIDENCE!
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  9. Glen Brown

    Welcome Glen!
  10. CIA archive reveals existence of secret network of ex-spies https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/2017/sep/21/cia-cin/
  11. The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK

    Milteer's statement is the prime example of what I believe was the job of Radical Right elements such as the kKK, JBS and the White Citzens Council: To make noise, stretch resources, distract authorities, dilute and weaken the veracity of actual leads and reports of the plot, and create an expectation of an assassination. In Milteers case, he provided details so the LHO story would have stronger legs when the time came for that story to run.
  12. The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK

    Steve, Stu and I explore Milteer in a fair amount of detail in the Awful Grace of God and we did also go though all his FBI records and dig into Christianson's primary research on him. In addition we managed to get information on him that the HSCA collected but not take into their DC files, its still in a country court house in Georgia - to your question, no he did not serve in the military and he no military connections, he had a common law wife, traveled the country extensively in ultra right political circles, did some minor weapon sales, had a fake bank account in Idaho for that (or Utah, have to look that up), inherited some family money but not too much and in general was a right wing political gadfly covering angles from the NSRP to a number of KKK groups. His most important connections may have been to the money collection that went into the King bounty out of Atlanta.
  13. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    I'm finding it more and more hard to believe about the radical right being involved for one reason. And it goes back to the so-called Oswald visit to MC. As was written by others, I don't believe that Oswald was ever down there in the first place. Instead, he was impersonated during the fake calls to the embassy there. Someone made fake calls there claimning to be LHO and the woman named Duran. This had to have taken place by someone who was working in the intelligence business. As we know, the voice and photos proved that it was not LHO. Hoover said as much to Johnson. But for someone to have been able to go into the intelligence network to do this, I just cannot see a radical right person being able to do this.
  14. The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK

    Joe, I've been thinking about Milteer a little bit the last couple of days - not so much for the right wing background you mentioned, but the bit about a high powered-rifle from a tall building. In every political assassination I can think of, Julius Caesar, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, etc., these killings were up close and personal. Their killers were described as lone nuts, not just because they were a little crazy, but also because the killers saw a political situation, and made it personal. JFK's killing was cold, dispassionate. It was done from a distance, with military precision, with a reasonable chance of escape without capture. It was a political, or economic act, not a personal one. There doesn't seem to be any emotion tied to JFK's killing. I don't believe James Files, but wasn't it he who said, it was no different than taking out the garbage. So, with Joseph Milteer, what do we know about his background? How did he make his living? Where did he go to school? What was his family like? Did he serve in the military, and if so, where and what was his MOS, or military occupational specialty? Is there any evidence of him meeting with any military people, or CIA people prior to the assassination? Steve Thomas
  15. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Posting this here for reference. In defense of an earlier postage mark, " 2" , instead of the assumed "12" we have this juicy little tidbit that was volunteered by Ruth Paine and never, (as far as I can tell), referenced again. It's interesting that she now calls the Mexico Embassy letter a "note" but the previous, and never discussed again, document is a "letter"? Could this "previous letter" have been typed on Nov. 2nd? "This is probably no use to you" is also quite prophetic since they made sure not to go down "this road" in subsequent testimony.
  16. More on this appears on Bill Kelly's blog. Essentially the controversy involves recent commentary by Sabato and Shenon published in Politico and The Washington Post, where they claim “21st century forensic science demonstrates that Oswald was almost certainly the lone gunman in Dallas.” No such forensic science exists, as Dr Wecht correctly observes. Hopefully he and CAPA can press this point to force some kind of retraction.
  17. Glen Brown

    Hi, I'm Glen. I'm an "IT Guy" having worked in computers in some form or another for most of my adult life. I live in northern Canada and the JFK Assassination, even though it occurred before I was born, has always been a fascination for me. It seems to me that the world became darker and more sinister on November 22, 1963 and to think one man was completely responsible for what happened is humanity's most absurd circumstance as far as I'm concerned. I look forward to participating in the various discussions on here. Thanks for having me. Cheers!
  18. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    The H&L theory is based entirely on "cherrypicked" evidence and in fact ignores scientific evidence that refutes it. And no, we don't need any more "data dumps" we have seen it all before.
  19. Jim, I hardly think that 5-9 and 5-11 are a significant difference. You can hold your fingers up to measure two inches and it's really small. There is a weight difference on those documents as well so if you want to start measuring apples and oranges to "prove" that there was a clone, which is the right weight - 145 or 150? But much more importantly, if you really want to get into the proving game, though, I highly encourage you to read Bill Simpich's chapter 1 of State Secret. https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/State_Secret_Chapter1.html There, you will find that both Robert Webster's and Oswald's legends were being developed as they both did their fake defections. To fast forward chapter 1 to 11/22/63, within 15 minutes of the assassination, someone gave a dispatcher in the DPD to broadcast that very same description of the suspect (5-11 160). You have to ask yourself - how could that happen? No one at the time knew the suspect was going to be LHO. This has far more plausibility and the ring of truth to it to the overall narrative because if we are to believe that LHO was set up to be the patsy, there is additional evidence showing that this same LHO was impersonated in MC. So to summarize, LHO's legend was being established when he "defected" and then he came back, was sheep dipped when they got him to to hand out leaflets and get into a fight in NO, was impersonated in MC, steered him into his job at the TSBD, took the fall as patsy, and then was gunned down by Ruby. Nowhere in this complex - yet quite simple - narrative is there any room whatsoever for the clone story to fit in from way back in 1953 until that November weekend. As I and others have said, the simplest narratives tend to be the correct ones. Sandy - I'm aware of that. I was making the point that there is a good evidence-based narrative to how LHO was set up to be the patsy. Further, my additional point that if you follow this tight narrative, there is simply no room for the HL story to fit it.
  20. 1. I just described how I'm following the evidence like for example, DJ's "Oswald wasn't in MC" story. This thread is about the Harvey & Lee theory, not the Mexico City trip.
  21. Opinion: I don’t speak for the H&L people, nor do I imagine they would want me to. But I think that many of the Oswald photos are of two different men, two under-cover look-a-likes impersonating each other. I think that some of the Oswald photos are composites of these same two guys.
  22. No, Bernie, a lot of the H&L CIA-did-it story is based on official documents that show, for example.... “Oswald” simultaneously attended PS 44 in NYC and Beauregard JHS in New Orleans; he sailed the high seas and was stationed in Taiwan while simultaneously being treated for VD in Japan; that he both did and didn’t have a valid Texas driver’s license; that he both did and didn't shoot himself in the arm in the Marines; that his own half-brother told the WC photos of him weren't of his brother, and so on. Obviously, I'm going to have to work at reposting some of this information, since you clearly missed it. Hold on....
  23. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    "Watch them now all scream about how much bigger 'Lee' was..." (two posts up) So predictable Jim. And then, without a hint of self irony... "It would be one thing if these xxxx discrepancies were indicated by casual observers..." Precisely! And that's why we get cross, because the whole H&L LN story is built on observations by casual observers. And you have now confirmed that you too see a problem with that. Only when the distorted testimony fits your preconceived narrative do these "casual observers" then become star witnesses! Why does a height discrepancy have any bearing on the glaringly obvious fact that 'their' faces are identical? If they are not why are you referring us to a scientific pixel study to determine the difference? I now predict that cool dude DJ will try and tell us 'they' didn't look like each other at all. (It's happened before...several times!) H&L = LN
  24. Oswald’s Proficiency in the Russian Language

    So if I take a foreign language exam, that supports the idea I am a native speaker of that language? Wow is all I can think of. But the good doctor is right that we know very little about the exam. For example, maybe it was multiple choice and he guessed well.
  25. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Number one, you don't know that. Number two, it has been explained to you many times why there could be height differences. Different footwear, body posture, height changes throughout the day as is a proven fact and so on. As Joe Nick Patoski said, if there were two Oswalds there would be abundant physical proof of it and there isn't. But there is abundant scientific proof against the idea.
  26. Oswald’s Proficiency in the Russian Language

    Sandy Larsen and I were having a conversation about trying to determine the true level of Oswald's Russian language abilities as they were measured by the U.S. Army exam. I sent the basics of our discussion to Prof. Norwood and got back this reply, Jim, This is a good discussion among the various group members. My take is as follows: (a) The fact that Oswald took the Russian proficiency exam in the first place supports the thesis that he was a native speaker. Even without speculating on what level of achievement (e.g., nine-year-old, etc.) his score may suggest, the main point is that Oswald took this extremely specialized exam. That act demonstrates his competency. As we know virtually beyond doubt that he had no formal training in school and there is no evidence of self-study, the conclusion is that he was a native speaker. (b) The most important point made in your notes below is when you write that "As I see it, one of the problems we face is that we know so little about the Army language exam itself." Indeed, this is the main problem in attempting to derive conclusions from an exam that is presently an unknown quantity. If this topic is important to members, then the next step is to research the Department of Army's foreign language tests to learn more about the actual exam that was administered to Oswald in 1959. I do not think that the nine-year-old estimate diminishes Oswald's language competency; I just don't believe we have enough data to draw such a conclusion, based on an exam that no one yet fully understand. To interpret the exam score, we need more substantial support than merely the word of Mathias. For me, the radio code exam is an important benchmark. It is clear that Oswald flunked the radio code test. But from that exam score, can we conclude that he had no skills whatsoever in radio code? (c) We do not know Oswald's state of mind at the time he took the Russian exam. He may have been tired from the large batch of tests. Again, his test-taking skills may have adversely affected the exam results. Another topic that would make for good discussion is to debate the question of why Oswald took this exam in the first place. The timing is relevant, as this is the moment when Oswald is outwardly proclaiming his interest in Russian language, culture, and Marxist ideology. Again, the point about why he would take this exam is crucial, and the obvious implication (to my way of thinking) is that the exam was part of Oswald's preparation for the phony defection later in the year. Perhaps you could revise point #2, underscoring the fact that Oswald's attempt at this exam in Russian indicates that he was competent in the language and the scores may point to the ability of a nine-year-old native Russian speaker, at the least. But more work needs to be done to ascertain the true nature of the exam that was administered to him in 1959. Please feel free to copy this response to the other members. All the best, James I'd like to repost a revised version of my list of our common beliefs about Oswald's Russian language abilities, but I was hoping to get reactions from a few people first, particularly Mathias and Sandy.
  27. Hi: To Ilie’s comment on whether Godzilla is a materialist or not, he definitely is not. He possesses the technologies that render today’s physics meaningless, he is all over the ET issue, and knows that there is far more to existence than the physical plane. As Ilie noted, Godzilla is quite mystically inclined, but firmly on the dark path. Oh, the stories I have heard over the years. All are plausible and many are likely true. The scientific might describe Godzilla’s actions as psychopathy on a global scale. But his orientation is not materialist. He has an idea about the other planes of existence, but without love in his awareness, or as Ra says, only love of self, he really cannot comprehend dimensions where love is the basis for them, and far more obviously than it is in physical reality. I don’t want to dip too far into Godzilla’s darkness, but he knows something about karma, but thinks that he can beat the system. He thinks that he can trick others into bearing his karma. It is the height of delusion, but self-servers are the most deluded of all, even though they can seem quite clever. Take the psychotronic equipment that was used to give Greer’s team those advanced cancer cases; the equipment operators get the diseases, too, but they aren’t told that. They are among the disposable assets that Godzilla uses. Godzilla may think that he can orchestrate the mayhem and not pay the price of his machinations, but that is the most foolish of all positions that one can have, particularly for those who think that they understand what lies beyond the physical plane. And as I can’t stress too much, no lofty entity on the other side of the veil sits in judgment and punishes anybody on the other side, but beings go to where they are attracted. Those who play evil games on Earth get every chance to keep playing them when they pass over, but they only get to interact with beings who share their delight, and the stray being who tries to help them wake up and leave their “heaven.” Those who play at the highest levels of evil on Earth will “graduate” to a “heaven” that makes Max’s hell seem like a playground. As Road’s mentor said, those gray beings in that hellish world may think that they are the “winners” of that reality, but actually, they are the biggest losers. All that we take with us is our awareness, and the patterns of thought and action that we develop while we are here is what we take with us. Wherever we go, there we are, and those patterns of our thoughts and actions are by far the easiest to change while we are here, and harder to change on the other side (such as addictive behaviors). But if you seek love, on the other side you will find it at levels that are not comprehensible in this cruel little dimension called physical reality. The greatest challenge that we have here is choosing love, when fear is such a normal state, as we live in a reality of scarcity and survival. There is nothing easy about being here, and for my part, Godzilla has my forgiveness. I don’t wish him ill. I don’t seek to interact with him, either. He can go his own way, and if my little choir idea reaches its potential, Godzilla is just going to slink away, looking for easier meat, and he can go with my blessings. The dark path is not forever, and some of his clique might even be redeemed in the Fifth Epoch. That would be my ideal outcome. Best, Wade
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