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Ex-Reuters Bureau Chief In Iraq on mainstream media failure

06 September 2014 - 04:28 PM

From the article - AM: I don’t think it’s so much an obvious conspiracy. It’s just the debate is framed in a way that it delegitimizes opposing viewpoints. I have been a member of the mainstream media for 17 years of my career, and I believed I was doing good, nobody ever told me I should follow a certain political line and certainly nobody ever told me that I should lie, and if they ever had I would refuse. I think most of my colleagues in the mainstream media are similar.


But what was interesting is that it’s more insidious than that. There is a certain discourse that becomes normalized, in which certain views are acceptable and others not. And if you make obvious statements, you know, like about the role of banks or global superpowers, and about the disaster that’s befallen the world in many areas in recent years, you are often marginalized as some sort of loony figure. And there is a “cult of moderation,” of being “neutral”’ in the media. Being neutral is normally held to be that if there is a crazy right-winger or left-winger, you are somewhere in the middle. But obviously, truth is not always in the middle. We may not always know the truth, but there is objective truth. And it does not always lie in the middle between the two extremes.


I think it is through this process that the mainstream media basically becomes a tool of misinforming people, rather than informing people. It’s not so much deliberate lies, although some clearly do engage in deliberate lies, but it’s just the sense that there are some things that are safe to say that we become conditioned that they are safe to say, and there are other things that we probably know them to be true, but if we say them we are mocked or delegitimized.


So the conversation is channeled quite subtly, in a way that deviates from the truth.



Monetize your JFK Assassination Videos

01 September 2014 - 05:33 PM

From Bill Myers: Having monetization turned on means even if your YouTube [JFK Assassination] videos don't go viral they can still earn you a few cents each time they're viewed. And over time, those few cents per view can add up.

So don't miss out. Turn on YouTube monetization.



A Scandal at the CIA. Maybe.

28 August 2014 - 06:21 PM


Len Colodny's Watergate files going to Texas A&M University

27 August 2014 - 06:01 PM

http://watergate.bri...erview list.pdf



Here is a list of the Watergate files compiled by Len Colodny that are being transferred to the archives of Texas A&M University under an agreement between the two parties.


These files will be open to the public.

ISIS is eveywhere because the CIA is everywhere

23 August 2014 - 07:21 PM

From the article: Recently, I interviewed former CIA operative, Dr. Jim Garrow, on The Common Sense Show, and he stated that he had intelligence information that several malls were going to be attacked at the same time. Garrow’s warning predated the inundation of the fact that ISIS “is everywhere”.  ISIS, a CIA creation, is being championed as both the planner and executioner of a series of false flag operations designed to enflame the American public to accept going into Syria. Doesn’t this just smell like post 9/11 America when we used the emotion of the event to sell the American people on the need to invade Iraq who had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks? But the upcoming football season is looking mighty good and the average American can’t be bothered with events so far away. It won’t be until the country has their football game pre-empted by news that 1,000 malls have been attacked as per Jim Garrow.


I have no doubt this is how WW III will commence. For 18 months, I have discussed all the ancillary variables which will comprise the coming war. In my next article, I will lay out the unfolding chronology of events in both the path to WW III and the course of the war itself. I would caution America to be mindful of the fact that ISIS is indeed everywhere, just like al-Qaeda was once everywhere, and that is because the CIA is everywhere!