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Now we have the answer

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OK how about a real jump ?

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OK how about a real jump ??

The family that owned the apt building were DeMoh lived and had Professor Wolf die in a fire  a day before DeMoh left for NY is the same family that own this land.

I don't think the shooters ever left Dallas alive. Said family owned this land in 1963.




Here is how a tin foil hat person thinks

21 February 2015 - 06:45 PM

I am accused of  being a tin foil hat person in this section of the ED Forum by a moderator (BURTON) ...my response this post below to show how I think.(GAAL)

In Search of The Origin – Beyond The Big Bang


by Moderator · August 22, 2014

The Intelligence – The SourceBelieve nothing just because a so-called wise person said it. Believe nothing just because a belief is generally held. Believe nothing just because it is said in ancient books. Believe nothing just because it is said to be of divine origin. Believe nothing just because someone else believes it. Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be true. [Unknown]  
There is little debate left that the Universe erupted out into existence with a Big Bang. Since we have come to terms with the Big Bang, we can say that the Big Bang ‘happened’ at some ‘time-point‘ – skipping the argument about the time-space dimensions coming into existence as a result of the Big Bang itself, we have to further agree that the Universe had a beginning. Then, the obvious question one may ask; what happened before the beginning – what was ‘there‘ (where?)?
One way to answer this question, is to view the situation in terms of the ‘General Relativity Theory‘ – which, incidentally, was proposed a few centuries before the incarnation of Einstein, that speculates that the space and time are not ‘absolute‘, they are not a fixed background to events. In other words, space and tine both are dynamic dimensions that are shaped by Energy Fields in the universe.
Still, whether we take the theory of ‘time-space dimensions wrapping around itself‘ or the ‘space-time continuum‘ theory, we still have to deal with the matter of the existence of the initial energy, that we may call the ‘Virgin Mother Energy‘.
The Issue with The Laws of the Universe: Further, we recognize that the ‘Laws of Universe’ (Laws of Science) came into existence ‘right after‘ the Big Bang. But, then the question one will have to ask is; if it was the emerging Universe that formulated those Laws, or if it were those Laws that regulated the formation of the Universe?
If it were the universe that formulated and gave us the Laws of Science/Universe/Physics, then how the Universe was propagating and structuring itself in the absence of any regulating laws – it must have been a chaotic state in such a case, at least at the very early stage of the formation of the universe? But, we don’t observe any indication of a chaotic state during the period that the ‘time-space’ dimensions and the basic sub-atomic particles were being created. Instead, we observe a very strict ‘order’ – from the energy-field distribution to the orbital and spin of the sub-atomic particles and the galactic bodies. There is absolutely no margin of error any where – Even a slight irregularity; and we would not have been here to recount the state of the utter chaos that would have been all around.
And, if we accept that it were the precise ‘Laws of Science’ that governed the formation of the Universe from the ‘Moment Zero‘, then how those Law came into existence? Who created those laws, and what ‘Authority’ imposed them upon the entire Universe?
Despite many theories that, in essence, dance around the subject, we don’t have a satisfactory answer.
The Time – A Product of Motion: We recognize, purely scientifically speaking, that the entity, ‘time‘, is a product of ‘change‘ – change that we can define as ‘motion‘. Consider the scenario presented below:
You are at some place. It is mid-day. Sun is shining right above you. There is absolutely no movement – Sun remains where it is – Earth is not moving – there is absolutely no breeze – no air movement – No flutter of birds or insects – No sounds (air is not moving!) – Your watch/clock, electronics, gadgets, and all the electrical and radio signals are all dead – No change in light either – Every thing is in a state of absolute freeze. Will you notice any change in time . No, you won’t.
It will be even a tougher call to visualize a state where even ‘you’ were in a state of ‘absolute freeze’ – No heart-beats – No blood flow – No Brain activities – No cellular or neural activity either – Even the body’s sub-atomic particles were at full-stop. It would certainly be a state of ‘absolute freeze’. As you can see, in such a state, time will be absolutely ‘still’ – Nothing ‘ticks’. It will be a state of ‘No Time’.
We can, by thus visualizing, relate the time with the movement. We can relate to the strong theory that the Time came into play with the emergence of the Universe – The unleashing of the Energy that brought every thing into ‘motion’. Through deductive reasoning, we can also accept that the ‘time’, therefore, is not a fixed entity or dimension – since it is a product of ‘movement’, or, rather, speed, time will be expected to fluctuate along with the change in speed – It means that the scale, or the magnitude, of time will not be the same in all reference frames that operate at different relative speeds. The time is, therefore, a dimension whose unit is in reference (relative) to a specific frame.
State of Continuum or Abrupt Emergence: Physicists have many theories, some of them completely contradicting the others, that run form the Universe being in a state of ‘Continuum‘ – without a beginning, and without an end, to the abrupt Emergence of ‘The Energy‘, from a state of ‘Absolute Void‘, with a Big Bang, that brought the Universe into existence.
The ‘Continuum‘ or the ‘Loop‘ theory’s big flaw is that it simply doesn’t fit in a moving, rotating, and dynamic – almost a ‘living’- universe that we are living in – we are in a state of constant ‘change’. It is not a ‘Time-Loop‘, neither it is a state of ‘Continuum‘.
With the ‘Abrupt Emergence‘ theory, we have even bigger problems. Accepting the existence of an immense amount of Energy – far beyond our comprehension, from a state of complete ‘void‘, and, in its act of ‘abruptly leashing‘ out with a Big Bang, is in itself full of more holes than a slice of swiss cheese.
Further, to sell this theory, we will have to concoct more theories to justify the ‘Energy’ being there in a state of ‘nowhere’.
Defining and Understanding The Energy: When it comes to dealing with the energy, the problem is that we cannot even have a grip on this ‘Energy’ thing. What really is the ‘energy’ ?
Even though we freely use the word energy in our every day life, the fact is that we simply cannot describe or define it. We know that from the simplest movement of the tiniest of the particles to the heat exchange, and from decay to transformation of matter – it is all about the energy. Energy is all around us. We – our bodies, are made of energy. In fact, we are, in essence, energy? But, what that really means?
We understand that all matter, including our body, is made of atoms. Atoms themselves are formed by the assembly of the basic sub-atomic particles – which are kept confined and hold together in orbit by force-fields within the atomic structure. These basic particles are formed by the distinct alignments of the unit (quantum) energy packets. In turn, these unit energy packets themselves are composed of the ‘Energy Strings‘ that were propagated by the Supper Strings of The Virgin Mother Energy that were erupted out at the Big Bang – as for as we are able to describe, these strings are the ultimate ‘energy’,
These ‘tiniest‘ of the strings of the energy are the ultimate building blocks of every particle (think of light, heat, and electricity), and of every thing that exists in this Universe. And, these strings of energy are in a state of constant motion and ‘Spin‘.
A point to note is that; it is that ‘spin of the strings of energy‘ that bestows upon matter its ‘structural integrity‘ – Any disruption or irregularity in their spin order, and the things, including the living things, will be in a state of continuous deformation and transformation – No life form can exist in such a state.
But, returning back to the ‘basic quantum particle‘ and ‘energy strings‘, it seems that what we have been describing is either some ‘particles or some ‘strings’, and their respective interactions and motions – The point to focus is; what is causing these particles and strings to move, and what caused them to be formed in the first place?
In essence, what we are observing and describing is the ‘effect’ of the Energy, not the ‘energy’ itself!
A Universe of Order and Precision: We observe a very high degree of precision and order in the ‘movement’ and formation of these strings of ‘energy’ – No perpetual ‘deformities’ are observed. The same precision and orders is also reflected in the entire Universe.
With the observation of such an order and precision in this Universe of unfathomable vastness, along with those very fundamental unanswered questions about the Emergence /Existence of the Universe, we find ourselves stuck with some very pointed questions:
How any thing can exist in, or emerge from an Absolute Void – a state of absolute ‘nothingness‘? How is it possible for an enormous Energy (the Virgin Mother Energy) to exist, in a state of ‘absolute void, and to emerge to provide the ‘energy’ for the Big Bang – and exist where (nowhere?)?
And, to be a bit blunt, how can we define a state of ‘absolute singularity’? Is not it another of our theories of ‘convenience’ – to make believe the unbelievable?
What is the probability of The Energy to self-propagate, and transform itself into this observable Universe, and, also, manage to maintain a strict order?
Further, is it feasible for an uncontrolled energy to erupt out in an uncontrolled (absence of any laws) manner, and be ‘able‘ to produce the ‘Super Strings of Energy‘ that propagated the highly defined time-space-dimensions, and to form the basic energy packets to align and couple with each other with absolute precision to bring into existence this vast Galactic Universe, which has been able to hold its order for billions of years?
And, A Matter of Probability: In our sophisticated design works, form chip design to network processing, and from Nuclear Power Plants to Spaceship design, we rely upon the ‘statistical probability’ – This powerful mathematical tool provides us with the desired margin of reliability that helps us to design and produce sufficiently reliable products.
To ensure the margin of accuracy and reliability, we will further investigate our ‘universal’ affairs with the probabilistic point of view. We have to evaluate if a given theory has an acceptable probability of ‘success’. To proceed with:
What is the probability of the orderly formation of the atomic structure of the matter to appear from an uncontrolled, undefined and unplanned eruption? What is the probability of such an amazingly orderly evolution of life, that we observe on this earth, emerging from a state of chaotic eruption?
What is the probability of discovering a perfect and sequential order in the DNA structure of all the biological and botanical life forms that evolved out of an abrupt explosion of energy?
When we combine together the probabilities of events of various classes and the subclasses, whose lists just keep on going on and on, we recognize that the probability of these events occurring together reaches close to zero pretty fast. Purely mathematically speaking, there is, in practical terms, ‘zero probability‘ of this Universe coming into existence and maintaining its relative integrity from an unplanned, uncontrolled, and unregulated eruption.
Even if we could, somehow, provide for the existence of the Virgin Mother Energy of the Big Bang in a void, the Emerging ‘universe’ from such a chaotic event would be a chaotic “something” that would be in a state of perpetual ‘reformation and deformation’.
The Need for Precision and Accuracy in Systems of Very Large Scale: We know it intuitively that maintaining order at very small scale system is a simple matter. The process of managing the order becomes more complex as the system does scale up – With a very large system, we are looking at a very complex and elaborate operation to maintain the order – the tolerance for errors declines steeply.
When we consider the universe as whole, we are looking at an enormously Large System – A system too large and too complex for our mental comfort. In order to visualize and comprehend the enormity of this universe, we will take an informative tour of our Galactic Universe.
We will use the speed of light as the unit of measurement to simplify the presentation of the distances and the sizes. Light travels 186,000 miles or 300,000 km per second – The median distance from Earth to Sun is 150,000,000 km (93 million miles) – light travels from Sun to Earth in just 8 minutes and 19 seconds.
Our Earth is one of the ten planets of the star Sun. Star Sun is one of approximately 200-billion stars of The Milky Way Galaxy. The average distance between these stars is 31 Trillion kilometer. Which is 206,264 times the distance from the Earth to the Sun. All the stars that we see in the sky are in the part of the Milky Way Galactic disk that is close to our star, The Sun.
The nearest known star to the Sun is 4.23 light-years (41 trillion km, or 25.3 trillion mi) away. In terms of interstellar travel, a spacecraft, moving at 171,000,000 kilometer per hour, would achieve the travel in several tens of thousands of years. A journey to the nearest star would take 80,000 years – Provided, of course, we could solves the problem of energy/fuel for the propulsion of the spaceship in the first place.
Our‘ Milky Way is just one of the 100-200 billion of Galaxies in the Universe. The nearest spiral galaxy to our Milky Way is the Andromeda Galaxy. It is roughly 2.54 million light-years away from our Milky Way. As of the present date, the most distant observed galaxy is some 13.2 billion light-years away, which is 5000 times more distance than the distance to Andromeda Galaxy.
The vastness, the complexity, and the order of this universe is simply mind-numbing. The Universe is certainly a system of enormously large proportions – It is a system far above and beyond our mental capabilities for visualization.
Further to add to the complexity of the matter, this very vast universe is made of the tiniest of the ‘particles’.
Very strict precision and the abidance to unbreakable and strict rules have to be the absolute prerequisites for the orderly formation and continuation of this very vast Universe.
Deductive Reasoning and Logic: As we reviewed, there are quite a few theories speculating on the subject of the emergence of the Universe; some points to its emergence from a state of Absolute Singularity, while others suggest a state of ‘Continuum’ or ‘Tile-Loop’. On the subject of the Laws of Universe/Science, the two possibilities are considered; 1). the Laws of Science formulated the Universe, or 2). the Laws of Science emerged from the propagation of Universe itself.
Both of these theories have their respective week points. It is difficult to swallow the idea of the emergence of an Energy of enormous magnitude from a state of ‘Absolute Singularity’. And, the state of ‘Continuum’ or Time-Loop’ – No way; nothing is observed to be is such a state in the universe – it is a universe of continuous Change, not continuum.
As for the argument; ‘The Laws forming the Universe’ vs. ‘The universe forming The Laws’ – it is more like the proverbial ‘chicken-and-egg’ debate.
In the absence of any factual evidence or Laws to guide us, a more logical approach may be to apply the tools of ‘logical and deductive reasoning’ to evaluate and analyses the matter.
We can begin with the facts that are scientifically plausible and a common domain to all the prevalent theories:
1- The Big Bang was the ‘beginning point’.
2- The Big Bang was the eruption of The Mother Energy.
3- The Mother Energy provided for the formation of all that exist in the universe, and
4- The Time Dimension itself is a creation of the Energy.
We can further incorporate three more postulates by extrapolation, giving us:
1. The Existence of The Virgin Mother Energy ‘prior’ to the Big Bang event.
2. The Time, as we perceive, coming into play due to the Emergence of the Universe, and
3. The presence of the Laws of Universe – to ensure the precision and order in the Universe.
We can now analyze the various aspect and components of the issue at hand from a logical perspective:
Dealing with the Energy – A Logical Propagation: As we have been deliberating, the energy is something more and beyond what we describe as the quantum strings/packets. It is, rather than a quantitative entity, more like a qualitative ‘ thing’. It is ‘something’ that brings those ‘quantum stings’ into existence and make them ‘move’ and ‘interact’ in a certain way.
It is, therefore, quite probable, and within the realm of reason, that the Energy is a qualitative entity that created the quantum particles of the matter, and propagated the universe. In such a scenario, the Energy must be occupying the entire ‘container’ shell of the Universe, and keeping in motion the entire system – from the tiniest sub-atomic particles to the Galactic clusters of the universe.
Here, we are slightly modifying the ‘matter and energy’ theory, and stating that the matter is surely formed by the energy, but, in itself, it is not the energy. With the perspective of our universe, the Energy of this universe has a ‘qualitative magnitude’ that is in proportion and in tune with the dimensions of the Universe that it created.
In other dimensions – different than those of our own universe, we may be dealing with The Energy that is of a different ‘magnitude’, and has the ‘qualities’ and ‘properties’ that differ from those that are pertinent to the energy of our universe.
By the extrapolation of the logical reasoning process further, it can be deduced that there may exist an Energy of a different ‘qualitative nature’ and of a much higher order of magnitude. The Energy of the higher order may create its own ‘Universe’, and its own ‘container shell’ for that ‘Universe’ – For the convenience sake, we can dub that higher order energy the ‘Superior Energy’. By virtue of its higher order, the Superior Energy will have access and dominance over the domain of the inferior energy – While, The inferior energy cannot have access into the domain of the Superior Energy.
Working with The Time: As for as ‘our’ universe is concerned, the physicists are (almost) in agreement that the Time started with the emergence of the universe – in other words, the Time-dimension, along with the Space-dimension, was the creation of the Energy-Field of the Super Strings of the Mother Energy. Time can also be considered a product of motion or ‘Change’.
In a state of no motion/speed, and no change, there will be NO time dimension – it will be a state of ‘is’. A constant and continuous state – whatever is, ‘is’.
The Laws of the Universe, And The Enforcement: The notion of the universe creating the Laws of the Universe (Laws of Science) as it was self propagating, doesn’t fit with the logic of deductive reasoning – it is simply counter-intuitive. We can accept the logical conclusion that ‘Those Laws‘ didn’t exist in the absence of the universe, as the Laws were associated with the universe itself that was not there before its own ‘emergence’.
But, the logical reasoning process demands that the Laws of the Universe must have to come either prior to the emergence of the universe, or come along with it. It is simply a logical assumption. The precision and the order of the ‘Universal Affairs’ points to the presence of Laws, and a strict code of abidance in place from the moment of the birth of the universe.
Then, with this logical assumption, we will have to face the questions; What or Who devised and formulated those Laws, and how the mechanism of ‘law-abidance’ was imposed upon the entire universe?
Putting Together all the Logical Aspects: The presumption of the Laws of the Universe, either concurrent or prior to The Beginning, leads only to one logical conclusion; The presence of an Authority and Intelligence that must have to be there to establish those Laws of the Universe.
The Emergence of the Mother Energy, the Energy of the Big Bang, has only one logical explanation; The Energy either existed ‘somewhere’, or it was brought into existence for the purpose of bringing in motion the process of propagation of the Universe.
The logical assumption that there may exist a ‘timeless‘ dimension where there is NO Change – a state of being in a state of ‘is‘, along with the presumption that in such a dimension, there must exist a Superior Energy of higher order, points to two more logical deductions;
One, there must exist a ‘Universe’ or ‘World’ in a different dimension of ‘higher order’ in a state of ‘timelessness’ – No Change.
Two, there must exist in that ‘world’ a Superior Energy of a higher ‘magnitude’, and it was that Superior Energy that provided the Mother Energy for the propagation of our Universe.
And, by virtue of association, we can further deduce that ‘The Authority and Intelligence‘ must, as the giver and enforcer of ‘The Laws’, also be the ‘Source‘ and ‘Originator‘ of The Energy at all the levels and dimensions.
We can further deduce that the Laws of the Universe/Science must always be ‘true’ – these are the laws that we work hard to figure out and understand in our pursuit of knowledge. Our advancement in the field of science and technology depends upon our ability to decode and understand these ‘Laws of Universe’.
As for the naming convention, whether we chose to give a name to that ‘Intelligence and Authority’, makes little difference – the fact is that the same Intelligence and Authority also happened to be our ‘Creator’, too.
To get a better handle on the subject, it will be a good idea to also review the following articles in this series:
In Search of The Origin – I
In Search of The Origin – II
In Search of The Origin – III
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Chappaquiddick re MAE BRUSSELL

24 January 2015 - 01:01 PM

Mae Brussell: Ted Kennedy Framed at Chappaquiddick (07-28 ... www.youtube.com/watch?v=P05B5bHnazEJan 18, 2012 - 44 min - Uploaded by FederalJacktube6
Ted Kennedy framed at Chappaquiddick to prevent him from running ... Dave Emory: The CIA ...

K + I + S+ S+ I+ N+ G

22 January 2015 - 10:44 PM

Worldwatchers Archive

A Tribute to Mae Brussell




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Later, when Maxwell Taylor had become the chairman of the JCS, the only JCS John Kennedy knew was even more CIA biased, since Maxwell Taylor himself was by that time more oriented toward the Secret Team than the military, and Krulak was closer than ever to the President.

Thus it was not the real military that Kennedy would have offended if he had withdrawn from Vietnam in 1963. It was the chameleon Secret Team/CIA military who made him think they would have objected, and who made him think that they represented the military.

Thus it was not the real military that Kennedy would have offended if he had withdrawn from Vietnam in 1963. It was the chameleon Secret Team/CIA military who made him think they would have objected, and who made him think that they represented the military.

As important to the Secret Team as SACSA was, of equal importance was the return to the government and especially to the Pentagon of Maxwell Taylor. After the Bay of Pigs, it was inevitable that Allen Dulles would leave the CIA. His chief lieutenant, Dick Bissell of U-2 fame and of Laos and Bay of Pigs infamy, left the Agency to become the head of the Institute of Defense Analysis, an organization with many interesting functions – among them, acting as a conduit for CIA activities. Dulles again showed that uncanny ability of his and of the Agency’s to rise above each fiasco on to new heights. During the Bay of Pigs inquiry he ingratiated Maxwell Taylor to the Kennedys so firmly that Jack Kennedy assigned General Taylor to the position of Military Adviser to the President. This was a good cover assignment for General Taylor. However, everyone else in the need-to-know clan knew that Maxwell Taylor was in the White House to be the President’s liaison man with the CIA. The President may not have known how closely Maxwell Taylor’s aspirations and those of Allen Dulles matched each other. During the last days of the Dulles era, Maxwell Taylor served as the focal point man between Dulles and his Agency and the White House.


Kennedy had the misfortune, which he was overcoming rapidly, of being young and inexperienced in the inner ways of government, such as those employed by the Secret Team. He could not have realized that Maxwell Taylor, for example, by the time he had returned to the Pentagon as chairman of the JCS, was actually more of a Judas goat, as far as the military was concerned, than the leader of the herd, as he had been when he left three years before. Few great armies have been so vastly demoralized and stricken by an integral campaign as has the U.S. Army since those dark days of 1964 and 1965, when Maxwell Taylor and his Secret Team counterparts led them into Vietnam under the banner of counterinsurgency.


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