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  1. Mathias When as a Fair Play for Cuba Committee officer and FBI informant, Chicago,those were some of the cautions given me by Bureau agents.
  2. While laboring for the FBI I, we were advised to never carry a weapon, for if discovered we would be under suspicion by the suspects or killed as the enemy. We were told never to accept a drink by the suspect(s) either open or closed.
  3. Why were even the near 1200 captured CIA Cuban invasion prisoners themselves against the Castro offer of the Tractors For Prisoners exchange? And why did Castro suddenly reject that U.S. agreed deal he desperately wanted when the 500 D-9 Caterpillar tractors were ready for shipment to Cuba? On 5 July 1961 President Kennedy stated "THE TRACTOR COMMITTEE has done everything conceivable but Mr. Castro has not accepted!
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    Revolution Cuba (born 26 July 1953 VICTORY of M-26-7 (1 January 1959 SURVIVED (thru December 1960) DIED (1 January 1961) SLAIN by manic overmaster ernesto "CHE" guevara. H.J. Dean former M-26-7 member
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    Back in the early 1970s while on the then famous TOM SNYDER SHOW in New York City while blowing the whistle on my former associates in the anti-Kennedy anti-communist movement who arranged the death Of President Kennedy, I urged that any then present or future assassination researchers continue uncovering any and all connections in the case!
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    Che Guevara, God dam him Guevara a lunger ( lung disease) hated and feared by many other Cuban leaders during and after the Cuban revolution, was the only reason the U.S. gave thumbs down to the greatest humanitarian movements of it's kind. Guevara used our Cuba revolution for his lifelong selfish hate of humanity. Castro was reluctantly guilty of being convinced by the worlds greatest criminal in the destruction of the Cuban Revolution!
  7. Bump to new page. Where is New Page? Thanks.
  8. To correct my error above, it should be ' EIGHTY - EIGHTH Congress' My answer to your question is, that Cuban's and Americans in the U.S. and Cuba who remained faithful to the original revolutionary ideals could have be considered intelligence sources for Cuban Intelligence protecting Castro.
  9. David See CASTRO'S NETWORK IN THE UNITED STATES (Fair Play for Cuba Committee) Hearings of Eighty - Eighty Congress First Session July 13 and 14, 1961.
  10. ( The John Birch Society first, Five Year Plan ) Subverting breezes began and blew Into the sails of U.S. Ship Of State With hurricane plans, known to few On a December day of fifty-eight Tornado winds, then drove a crew To mutiny and death to the Captain In a first five year course to new harbor By their helms-man's tilt of the rudder! (C) H.J. Dean
  11. Harry J.Dean

    Foul Play for Cuba Committee?

  12. Excerpts from the 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS. " more fearful information from Birch Society founder Robert Welch, stating that, " in the course of the awakening of America....there was a rapidly rising identification of the polices of the Kennedy Administration with the plans of the Communists." President Kennedy stated, " the very system of government is in dire peril and may not survive my term in office." Kennedy was describing the severe threat posed by extremely powerful cooperative civil and military sedition at work. Welch wrote " unless we can have enough of an awakening in this country, and enough of a rebellion against the appeasement policies of our government outside, and it's communizing policies inside America, the Communists are going to succeed. "... we are opposing a conspiracy...our determination to overthrow an entrenched tyranny is the very stuff of which revolutions are made. ...for unless we can eventually, and in time, reverse by political action, the gradual surrender of the United States to communism , the ultimate alternative of ( reversal by military uprising is fearful to contemplate). ...the result of our failure in this fight most positively will be concentration camps, or worse, and soon...we must all stick together or we will all surely hang separately.
  13. Harry J.Dean

    Foul Play for Cuba Committee?

    Eddy From the 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS. " the Liberal establishment in the US. was under attack by ultra-conservative forces that had begun to organize in 1958. This fast growing power absorbed the anti-Castro movement there. They used these Cubans to further their own rightest goals, such as the American Communist Party was doing in exploiting the opposing pro-Castro Cubans.But among the new and widespread ''rightest' movements.............would take action.....if only given the word.
  14. FPCC began as directed by Castro for we of the 26th Of July Movement members to join this new organization as it would assist and defend the 'New Cuba'. At that time in 1960 I had just returned from meeting with the Cuban Revolutionary Government, and was appointed Secretary of FPCC just forming in Chicago. At the outset Richard Gibson and Robert Taber, founders of FPCC appeared at organizational meeting with Richard Criley, John Rosen, I and other leading officers. It was during those first few months that I learned Criley and Rosen were old line Communist party members..........