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  1. Just Discovered

    Hello Paul I have not read McDonald's book, just spotted the MM report on The Black Vault site, will try to get a copy soon. As previously mentioned, I never was in Mex. City, and had in 1963 rejected his offer to co-pilot Gabaldon and his plane there.
  2. Just Discovered

    Just now noticed a 1975 book by Hugh McDonald "Appointment In Dallas" suggesting the JFK Assassination hinged on the so-called Mystery Man in Mexico City 1963 and named Harry Dean as that person. UNTRUE.
  3. Hi, David B Re; June 1960 Here are some factual details to correct mentioned Black Vault report. The Castro Cuban group and Cuban Consul, Chicago, requested that I deliver numerous documents to Juan Orta, Castro chief-of -staff, Havana. G-2 Fransico Vega arrested me soon after meeting with Orta , interrogated and threatened with death as suspected U.S. spy by Cuba Militia for a long period, then released. This is Vega's correct statement "no one see's Castro before they see me".) Now I was allowed to return to Orta, and meet Castro, and several other Revolutionary Government department leaders.
  4. I do not know where or how to locate that long ago post, It is possible that Paul Trejo has it? It cannot be explained here in brief apart from the total picture. Hopefully Paul can be of help to you on this.
  5. Hi Doug Black Vault is a good source, however of the 181 NARA reports just 7 show up in my name. One, in the VAULT, suggests my being the mystery-man in Mex. City 1963. It obviously is not. In a long ago post some details of this were explained.
  6. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Paul, It is a fact that we cannot know with certainty the motivations of others. Ray, your post is an absolute fact
  7. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Attorney Mark Lane was an FPCC- Fair Play For Cuba Committee Member

    In order to understand the 1960s Kennedy/Cuba history is by recognizing the yet all-powerful, unrelenting religio/politic "inviting spirit" that fed so many, falsely, blindly, into the breech, resulting in the assassination and/or defeat.

    Thanks for your kind remarks, glad you liked it

    MR. PRESIDENT 22 November 1963 (the thoughts of many) Mr. President J. F. K. What were our thoughts of you Before death took you from us this day We gave our love, hope and admiration too, Mourning now, we of this world Know you ask not - but gave all for your country, Of your strength, through accusations hurled As you stood undaunted against that enemy You were a stalwart laborer of a stately nation As America weeps it shall not forget The burden, the pain, of your trying station And your words and deeds remain with us yet. (C) H J Dean
  11. Records Release

    Paul Your opinion and explanations are welcome in spite our differing views as mentioned.
  12. Records Release

    President Trump cannot, will not release now or in future any yet hidden intelligence documents lest in expose the 1963 New Americanist religio/politic coup d' etat that placed he and they into total perpetual and eternal control of U.S. foreign and domestic existence.
  13. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Hey Paul will the canada chap with three names just fade away again?...... answer is, YES !
  14. Records Release

  15. Records Release

    It was and is a religio-politic combine, as now more-openly exposed, by the national 2016 election.