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  1. Today 26 July, thinking again of Castro's Cuban Revolution when I was a member of that "26th Of July Movement" our Cause was also being aided by the United States "Central Intelligence Agency". H.J. Dean
  2. From the 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS. In the south central U.S. was an FBI spy Lee Oswald, by name, in the same job as I. (each involved in Castro's Network in the United States The Fair Play for Cuba Committee, Harry J. Dean 1960-1961, Lee H. Oswald 1962-1963.)
  3. We, planned and assassinated President John F. Kennedy. hjay1211@gmail.com
  4. for this info. go to, HARRY J. DEAN @ SPARTACUS EDUCATIONAL
  5. Why was President Johnson furious about this poem on Oswald's grave, 1964-65 LEE HARVEY OSWALD (1939 - 1963) Will the cold dead body of Lee Oswald Lay forever in a traitor's grave Know his soul will have fair judgement Be he guiltless or a knave Did he assassinate the President ? Was he truthfully accused ? Guilty yes, or was he innocent ? He has left all the world confused. (C) H J Dean
  6. Thanking you Kirk for your valuable instructions.
  7. The total CIA/Sisterhood image (post) is working here
  8. Another Angel Of Light, Mormon millionaire Ollie Curme is owner of The May Ferrell (JFK) Foundation and it's assets.
  9. Michael and Sandy, my being so limited re; computer operations can offer no reason for the problem you are having
  10. Our beloved Cuban Revolution was betrayed and destroyed by the non-Cuban foreign Argentinean Ernesto CHE Guevara, may God Dam his very memory. Harry J. Dean, member of M-26-7 = 26 Of July Movement.
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