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  1. Where Were You, 11/22/63.

    I have been born in 1973. My parents have vivid memories about the time they heard the news. Over here in Holland it was 7.30pm when the president was shot. First news came at 8pm in the television news. The tv was not so well developed as in the United States. I believe there was only one tv channel in The Netherlands. At 8pm anchorman Fred Emmer opened the news with the statement that there had been a shooting. Then the tv continued the regular report for a while. The radio had more news. My mother was deeply moved by the Assassination. She made a scrapbook of the events with clipping from Dutch newspapers. When I found that book in the mid 1980’s I started to be interested in the topic.
  2. David Talbot on New Essay from attorney Dan Hardway

    Thanks for sharing. As always : good information!! It is great to be a member of this forum. It really gives so much different angles and so much insight. Although: the more I read, the more I have the feeling that there is so much unknown.
  3. If the call is really made, it of course would prove a conspiracy. Same goes for the Rose Cheramie claims of course. And is believe there are more stories like this. Also the case of Richard Nagell. But that would also mean quite a lot of people were involved on a conspiracy / cover up. Or there should be one person (or a few persons) who could be linked to all these people.
  4. Delay in release of records.

    Does anyone of the more experienced people here have any idea about whom they are talking. Allthough the name is blanked out, there is some information which might make it possible to know who they are talking about. https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10331-10315.pdf
  5. Delay in release of records.

    As I understood the original message from president Trump he would only erase the names of people who are still alive. But many of these files are blanked out over whole pages. So I don't think that this was as promised. It all gives more and more reasons to doubt the role of the CIA and the FBI. They still seem to be more powerful than the president of the United States. And the main question remains: what are they hiding? On one hand I don't believe we will ever see "the smoking gun" in one those files. On the other hand I am wondering why they are going through all these efforts to keep frustrating the process of opening these files. When they are confident that they have nothing to hide there is no need to behave so strangely.
  6. Was Ted Cruz's father involved in the JFK assassination?

    He said that on Twitter about the last 300 documents. A Dutch newspaper reported it and I checked his twitter to see if it was true. “After strict consultation with General Kelly, the CIA and other Agencies, I will be releasing ALL #JFKFiles other than the names and... ...addresses of any mentioned person who is still living. I am doing this for reasons of full disclosure, transparency and... ...in order to put any and all conspiracy theories to rest.”
  7. Was Ted Cruz's father involved in the JFK assassination?

    Btw I think it is “funny” that now-President Trump used this allegation in his campaign. And I just read that he will relaease all the closed files (with only names and addresses of living persons marked out) to stop the conspiracy theories. So somewhere there is a little discrepancy. Seems to me that he changed his mind now he is president. Or maybe the intelligence services made him change his mind? At least it makes me wonder....
  8. Delay in release of records.

    As many of you here I started digging in the papers. So far I like these two documents the best: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32112964.pdf https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32112987.pdf Those two documents show that president Ford noticed at latest in 1975 that the inteligence agencies didnt tell the truth to the Warren Commission. And it is also clear that Allen Dulles knew much more then he said in that same commission. Of course that is not a surprise, but while browsing these papers it was something that caught my eye.
  9. Trump: JFK files to be released

    So it is really going to happen... As soon as it becomes available I will try to download it and start looking at interesting information. I guess most of you here will be doing the same thing. I hope there will be some interesting information about Oswald’s trips to Mexico, but also about his trip from Sovjet Union via Germany and Holland to the States. Let’s see if the files will shed some new light on these things.
  10. I also have to work and also “my” timezone is not very handy...So I really hope this “event” will also come available on dvd or as download afterwards.
  11. Too many inconsistencies... I think James named them perfectly!! Main question: why didn't they interview all the suspects? If they wait too long all witnesses will be gone. Only explanation : maybe they are not really interested in the real story.
  12. My autobiography - Being There: Eye Witness to History

    Very interesting!! I will for sure order a copy of this book. So at least your book will make it to the Netherlands too.
  13. Natalie Portman's Jackie Recreates JFK Assassination

    Everything is happening a bit slower in The Netherlands. So the movie Jackie is only in the cinemas here for the last two weeks. Today i went to see it. Although i agree with a lot of the things Jim wrote in his review i have to say i still really like the movie. Most of all because of the perspective it gave. After reading, watching and thinking about the assassination it all becomes so "technical". And a movie like this sets me back in the right place. I mean: now you once again see that it is not only the president who is killed, but also a father and a husband. Also this movie will attract attention to the Kennedy killing. I went to see the movie with a colleague and both he and other people in the audience all are interested in the assassination. So hopefully this movie will atrack a lot of attention. I really think the Portman plays Jackie in a wonderful way. Of course not all the events will be historically correct. But over all it gives me things to think about.
  14. "Maurice" Bishop

    Isn't it possible that the same person was using differerent aliases? Or that Jim or John was some sort of a nickname ?
  15. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    What keeps crossing my mind when I read all the discussions is the way the case was handled by police and other investigators at that time. In my option there is a lot that seems to be a cover up, or a conspiracy. But also when you would put all those ideas aside you still have to say that they made so many mistakes. In my opinion it would be far more problematic when they didn't do all those things on purpose. Let's for the argument say that all the people involved in the interrogation did all to the best of their ability. Then there can only be one conclusion : they all made some terrible and unforgivable mistakes. No notes - either with shorthand or longhand - of the interrogation of the person who supposedly killed the president and a police man, no tape recorder (although not common at that time, but still, this was a killing of the president. Reporters all over the place. Ordinary citizens in the police station and at the press briefings. It is unbelievable how many mistakes , problems, flaws there are when you would assume there was no cover up and all the people just did the best they could.