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  1. My autobiography - Being There: Eye Witness to History

    Very interesting!! I will for sure order a copy of this book. So at least your book will make it to the Netherlands too.
  2. Natalie Portman's Jackie Recreates JFK Assassination

    Everything is happening a bit slower in The Netherlands. So the movie Jackie is only in the cinemas here for the last two weeks. Today i went to see it. Although i agree with a lot of the things Jim wrote in his review i have to say i still really like the movie. Most of all because of the perspective it gave. After reading, watching and thinking about the assassination it all becomes so "technical". And a movie like this sets me back in the right place. I mean: now you once again see that it is not only the president who is killed, but also a father and a husband. Also this movie will attract attention to the Kennedy killing. I went to see the movie with a colleague and both he and other people in the audience all are interested in the assassination. So hopefully this movie will atrack a lot of attention. I really think the Portman plays Jackie in a wonderful way. Of course not all the events will be historically correct. But over all it gives me things to think about.
  3. "Maurice" Bishop

    Isn't it possible that the same person was using differerent aliases? Or that Jim or John was some sort of a nickname ?
  4. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    What keeps crossing my mind when I read all the discussions is the way the case was handled by police and other investigators at that time. In my option there is a lot that seems to be a cover up, or a conspiracy. But also when you would put all those ideas aside you still have to say that they made so many mistakes. In my opinion it would be far more problematic when they didn't do all those things on purpose. Let's for the argument say that all the people involved in the interrogation did all to the best of their ability. Then there can only be one conclusion : they all made some terrible and unforgivable mistakes. No notes - either with shorthand or longhand - of the interrogation of the person who supposedly killed the president and a police man, no tape recorder (although not common at that time, but still, this was a killing of the president. Reporters all over the place. Ordinary citizens in the police station and at the press briefings. It is unbelievable how many mistakes , problems, flaws there are when you would assume there was no cover up and all the people just did the best they could.
  5. RUTH PAINE now on Facebook!

    Apparantly she does not have many friends so far ... I only see four of them listed. So maybe she just made the profile out of curiousity.
  6. Respectful Discussion

    I do totally agree with that. What has always surprised me is that it seems impossible for the "two sides" to listen to each other and try to combine evidence / ideas from both sides to find the truth. As a mathematician I am used to proof things with facts; not with ideas or meanings. When reading books about the Kennedy assassinations i always wonder why there are so few books who discuss both sides. Personally I really like the books by Michael Kurtz and by Flip de Mey. Because they both present a lot of information from both sides. In my opinion it would be so useful when all people on this forum would have the same approach.
  7. The Searchers, new Documentary

    I already ordered it and I am awaiting its arrival ! The website says it will be 37 hours of interviews. So when it arrives I have some time to spent before the tv :-)
  8. DVP's New Master Video/Audio Index

    Thanks for this great list of resources. It is wonderful to have so many items in one place!
  9. Adele Edisen passes away

    Sorry to hear of her passing. I wasn't aware of her testimony so I read about it just now. What an incredible story she told! Did some researchers jumped into it to see if there was evidence that supported it? i read she is seen as a very credible witness. If so, her story is a smoking gun. While reading it I am rather surprised that there isn't more attention to her story. I have been reading about the assassination for 25 years and I have over 500 books. I mean, I know a lot of details, but this was totally new to me. So i am curious to see how the current "status" is for her testimony. Is it backed up with more evidence over the years?
  10. The End of CTKA, but the beginning of....

    Jim, I tried it using my iPhone. It is coming through ok, but only navigation is a bit complicated. The first posts are readable very well, but the menu is "hidden" at the bottom of the page. So when you want to move to another part of the site that is a bit complicated. Apart from that : it is a very interesting site and I am enjoying it very much.
  11. A COUP IN CAMELOT finally here- DVD, Blu Ray, streaming

    I just finished watching the DVD which I ordered last week. Getting the DVD shipped to The Netherlands went smoothly and I was happy to be able to see it tonight. I think it is very interesting. It helps to make the key points of the case clear. What is bothering me is the part of the two coffins. I heard / read about it before. But how could the metal gray shipping casket get of the plane at Andrews without drawing attention. Or is there any proof that a different plane took the body of the president directly from Dallas ?
  12. The Assassination of RFK and "The Polka-dot File"

    Thanks for this very interesting article. It seems to me that in recent years so much information is coming to the surface. I wonder if ever the us government will come forward with the complete / real truth. When so much evidence is building up, there should be a moment in time that it is not possible to stay quiet.
  13. The End of CTKA, but the beginning of....

    I am interested in the case for over 20 years, and i am sure i always will be. Although i live far away (in the Netherlands ) I am hooked by the case and bought, read and own many books (around 500) on the case. Doing research myself is complicated (due to the distance), but whenever possible I would love to help to spread the word and keep other people interested too. Whenever I talk about the Kennedy murder people over here are always interested. So your work and that of the other researchers is really valuable; not only for people in the US but also for people abroad.
  14. Jean Kennedy's new book, "Nine of Us"

    Thanks for the link! I just ordered the book via amazon. So I am awaiting delivery to the Netherlands. It is always interesting to read books written by people who actually were there.
  15. The End of CTKA, but the beginning of....

    I am excited to read the news about a new site. Good luck Jim! And thanks for all the work that you and others do to provide us all with a lot of valuable information !