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  1. Vernon, Texas

    "Though sources disagree, Vernon was probably named either for George Washington's Mount Vernon or for a traveling whiskey salesman named Vernon Brown. " Texas State Historical Association Texas Handbook Online https://tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/hev01 Steve Thomas
  2. Vernon, Texas

    I was looking through a couple of things, and I picked up what I think is an anomaly. A couple of anomalies actually, but the one I concentrated on has to do with Vernon, Texas. Post by curtjester1 in alt.conspiracy.jfk newsgroup 5/10/08 https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/alt.conspiracy.jfk/BWTZckmwwBo/iF-_Vk2TTsQJ On June 3(1961) "Marguerite Oswald" left 1612 Hurley and left a forwarding address of "General Delivery, Cromwell, Texas." She began working for Otis Crafford, owner of McAdams Ranch, as a housekeeper and cook. On June 8, "Marguerite" wrote to Lee HARVEY Oswald in Russia, and listed her return address as Box 608 Cromwell, Texas. Her employment at the McAdams Ranch ended two months later, on Aug. 1, 1961 because she argued continuously with Otis Crafford's mother-in-law. "Marguerite" then moved to another ranch in Vernon, Texas owned by Mr. Phillips and was hired to care for the elderly parents of his and was photographed standing by her 1954 Buick in front of Vernon Bicycle Shop, and included the photo she wrote to her "son" in Minsk, Russia. SA Fain was not successful in locating "Marguerite" but was told by Robert Oswald that his "mother" was living in Vernon. On October 13, "Marguerite" was interviewed by SA Jarrell Davis in Vernon. (4H413-414) https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=34#relPageId=422&tab=page CE 180 is an Undated letter from Lee Harvey Oswald to Mrs. M. Oswald, with envelope. “Dear Mother, Received your letter today and was surprised that you are working on a ranch. Where is Cromwell, Texas anyway? How is it you decilded (sic) to go there? Envelope is addressed to Mrs. M. Oswald in Box 608 Crowell, TX. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1133#relPageId=555&tab=page CE 181 - Letter from Lee Harvey Oswald to Mrs. M. Oswald, dated August 3, 1961, with envelope. “I wrote Robert, and he was surprised that you are working at Cromwell, Texas, don't you write at all to each other?” Envelope is addressed to Mrs. M. Oswald Box 608 Cromwell, TX. Cromwell is crossed out and the words, “Try Crowell” is written in. This is crossed out and 1808 Eagle, Vernon is written in. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1133#relPageId=557&tab=page There is no Cromwell, Texas. Crowell, Texas and Vernon, Texas are both about 195 miles northwest of Fort Worth. Crowell and Vernon are approximately 33 miles apart. CE 182 - Letter from Lee Harvey Oswald to Marguerite Oswald, dated October 2, 1961, with envelope. “I hope you are feeling well and enjoying your stay in Vernon. How is the weather in Fort Worth and Vernon now?” Envelope is addressed to Mrs. M. Oswald 1808 Eagle St. Apt. 3 Vernon, Texas. In August, Lee believes that his mother is in Cromwell (or Crowell), Texas. In October, he is asking how she is enjoying Vernon. CE 183 - Letter from Lee Harvey Oswald to Marguerite Oswald, dated October 22, 1959, with envelope. (The year 1959 is obviously a mistake). He mentions Marina in the letter. He spells Marina's maiden name as Proosakova. The translator spells it Proosakava. In his letter he writes, “For my birthday, Marina sent me a gold and silver cup with the inscription, “To my Dear Husband on his birthday 18/X/61 very nice don't you think, Marina is on her vacation (sic) now, she is spending it with her aunt in the city of “KHARKOV” about 600 miles South East of here.... We both agreeded (sic) that she should go to a new enviroment (sic) on her vaction (sic)...” In the body of the letter, Oswald uses the Americanized date of October 22, 1961, but the gold and silver cup is inscribed with the Russianized date of 18/X/61. This makes me think of the controversy over the DeMohrenschildt, “Hunter of Fascists” photograph. Also, in October, Lee and Marina had only been married for six months. Why would they both agree that she should take her vacation 600 miles away? (My own thought is that with their astrological signs being squared, they really didn't get along. I wonder why they got married in the first place). Is this a different aunt than the one in Leningrad? I won't go into all of the misspellings, but he writes that he would like Marina to learn English, and has bought some books for her, but she doesn't want to learn. She doesn't want to learn another language right now and is too busy at work anyway. The envelope is addressed to Mrs. M. Oswald 1808 Eagle St. Apt. 3 Vernon, Texas. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1133#relPageId=564&tab=page (16H540) On January 4, 1960, Lee Harvey Oswald applied for a non-citizen alien identity card. In the space for the names of relatives living abroad, he listed his mother, Margaret living at 3124 W. 5th. St. in Fort Worth. No brother is listed. Four photographs are provided. On January 11, 1960 he submitted an application for employment at the Minsk Radio and TV plant. On his application, he wrote that his parents were dead, and he had no brothers or sisters. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1135&search=%22Harvey_Lee+Oswald%22#relPageId=441&tab=page On January 4, 1961 Lee Harvey Oswald applied for an non-citizen alien identity card. As part of his application he listed his mother as Margaret and his brother as Robert. “Margaret's” address is listed as P.O. Box 982 Vernon. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1135&search=%22Harvey_Lee+Oswald%22#relPageId=434&tab=page In August, Lee believes that his mother is in Cromwell (or Crowell), Texas. In October, he is asking how she is enjoying Vernon. How could he have listed his mother's address as Vernon in January when she didn't move there until August? On January 4, 1961 there is another application for a non-citizen alien identity card. I believe this is fraudulent. Only three photographs are provided. The passport number is blank, the names of relatives living abroad is blank, his 1960 identity card number given at the bottom is wrong, the name of the inspector is illegible. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1135&search=%22Harvey_Lee+Oswald%22#relPageId=429&tab=page On January 4, 1962 he applied for an extension of his non-citizen alien identity card. In the space for the names of relatives living abroad, this space is left blank. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1135&search=%22Harvey_Lee+Oswald%22#relPageId=430&tab=page In addition to the Vernon question, it doesn't look like Lee knew how to spell his mother's name. Steve Thomas
  3. Vernon, Texas

    Ray, Thanks. The application for an extension of an identity card that I thought was fraudulent because it had so many mistakes on it? Well, that is his 1961 application. Look at the Russian version on pp 417-418. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1135&search="Harvey_Lee+Oswald"#relPageId=431&tab=page It's got stuff written across the face of it. Things are crossed out. He wrote down the number of his identity card wrong. He signed it with the wrong date. Maybe he didn't have a Russian translator helping him out this time like he did in Moscow. Steve Thomas
  4. Vernon, Texas

    Sigh. I've got this wrong. This identity card application is January 1, 1962. He was surrendering his 1961 card. I'm going to go away now. Steve Thomas
  5. Vernon, Texas

    The letters seem legitimate. Marguerite works in Crowell from June 1 to August 1, 1961. She went there from Fort Worth. On November 25, 1963 SA Jarell Davis interviewed Byron Phillips, Route 1, Vernon, TX. Mr. Phillips advised that Marguerite Oswald had worked for him as a housekeeper and a nurse for approximately six months from August or September, 1961 until February or March, 1962. http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/FBI%20Records%20Files/105-82555/105-82555%20Section%20016/105-16d.pdf p. 17. So, how to explain this? This is an application to extend Lee's non-resident alien identity card. It's dated January 1. Steve Thomas
  6. Operation Tumbleweed?

    Recently, someone made a reference to something called Operation Tumbleweed (in reference to LHO's trip to Mexico I think). Can you fille me in on what Operation Tumbleweed was? Thanks, Steve Thomas
  7. Vernon, Texas

    Ron, On November 25, 1963 SA Jarrell Davis interviewed Mrs. Otis Grafford of the McAdams Ranch in Crowell, TX. Mrs. Grafford advised that “Mrs. Marguerite Claverie Oswald of Fort Worth, TX had worked for her and her husband for two months in June and July, 1961 as a housekeeper and cook. She added that she had employed Mrs. Oswald as a result of Mrs. Oswald answering an ad that she, Mrs. Grafford had placed in a Fort Worth, Texas newspaper.” http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/FBI%20Records%20Files/105-82555/105-82555%20Section%20016/105-16d.pdf p. 19. On November 25, 1963 SA Jarrell Davis interviewed Mr. Otis Grafford of the McAdams Ranch in Crowell, TX. Mr. Grafford advised “ that “Mrs. Marguerite Claverie Oswald had worked for him as a housekeeper and a cook between June 1, 1961 until August 1, 1961... He added he and his wife first became acquainted with Mrs. Oswald when she answered an ad they had placed in a Fort Worth, TX newspaper.” http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/FBI%20Records%20Files/105-82555/105-82555%20Section%20016/105-16d.pdf p. 21. WC testimony of SA Fain: It took about three weeks to find her. "I think, my recollection is, he (SA Davis) had difficulty locating her in that sparsely settled western country. I think he had to go to several different towns and finally located her." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=34#relPageId=422&tab=page Steve Thomas
  8. How did FBI Agent James Hosty expect to communicate with Marina Oswald? Mr. STERN. Did you take over from Agent Fain or in some other way? Mr. HOSTY. No, sir; I did not take over directly. When Agent Fain retired directly from the Bureau he had closed the case.(on Lee Harvey Oswald). He had a case which we call a pending inactive case on Mrs. Marina Oswald. This case I did take over. It was in what we call a pending inactive status, that is, nothing was to be done for a period of 6 months. Then at the end of the 6-month period it was then turned into a pending case and I went out and attempted to locate Mrs. Marina Oswald for the purpose of interviewing her. I might add that it is the practice of the FBI to interview immigrants from behind the Iron Curtain on a selective basis, and she was so selected to be one of these persons to be interviewed. Mr. STERN. When was this? Mr. HOSTY. This was March 4, 1963, when I began my inquiry as to her present whereabouts. I determined on March 4, 1963, through the Immigration and Naturalization Service records that she had moved from Fort Worth to the Dallas area. She was living on a street called Elsbeth Street in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. On March 11, 1963, I made inquiry at this Elsbeth address, Mr. STERN. You say that you were considering interviewing Marina Oswald? Mr. HOSTY. Right. Mr. STERN. Did you know that she did not speak English? Mr. HOSTY. Yes; I knew that. In fact, I determined that when I did the neighborhood check on the 3d of March. Mrs. Tobias (the landlady at Elsbeth) told me that she didn't speak a word of English and couldn't communicate with anybody except her husband who spoke Russian. So, Hosty was doing a neighborhood check on March 3rd, before he began his inquiry on March 4th to learn her present whereabouts and learned from INS that the Oswalds had moved to Elsbeth. He talked to Mrs. Tobias on March 11th and found out that they had moved. Mrs. Tobias told him that Marina couldn't speak English. What "neighborhood" was Hosty checking on March 3rd? And knowing that she didn't speak English, how did Hosty think he was going to be able to talk to her? Mr. HOSTY. (On the) 1st of November. I worked in the Fort Worth area in the morning and on my way back from the Fort Worth area at approximately 2:30 p.m., I stopped at the residence of Mrs. Ruth Paine, 2515 West Fifth Street, Guess who else lived in the Fort Worth area? The White Russian Community of George DeMohrenschildt and George Bouhe and Max Clark, etc. Were they a conduit of information for James Hosty? They had known that the Oswalds were living on Elsbeth as far back as November of 1962. George Bouhe had files on everybody. Steve Thomas
  9. The KGB and the JFK case

    Paul, I hadn't done any research on this Lee Henry Oswald business before I posted what I did, but I find it was covered before. See the topic Lee Henry Oswald in the Education Forum here: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/4023-lee-henry-oswald/ Steve Thomas
  10. The KGB and the JFK case

    Here is something I don't understand. I have read that some people believe that Oswald in Mexico was part of Angelton's mole hunt. And I asked myself, "how would sending Oswald down to Mexico help catch a spy in the U.S. Government? The way you catch moles is to put a piece of bad information or a piece of good information in a place that has tightly controlled access. If you start seeing that information being shared or floated in KGB circles, you go back and see who had access to where that information was being stored. And I got thinking to thinking about that whole, "I can't extend my visa unless I used my real name" business. Am I right in assuming that there was only one Lee Henry Oswald file, or only one Lee Henry Oswald document, and that was kept in the part of the CIA under Angleton's control? If information started getting back to the Russians about a Lee Henry Oswald, would Angleton or CI/SIG or whatever it was have looked to see who accessed that file? Maybe the Lee Henry file wasn't a typo, but was deliberate Steve Thomas
  11. Joannides

    David, re: the French espionage activities: I just happened to run across this April, 1968 Life Magazine article from Philippe Thyraud de Vosjoli. Fascinating stuff. "Martel" is, of course, Anatoli Golitsyn. After JFK's assassination. Vosjoli would flee to the Acapulco estate of Frank Brandstetter - another one of those blankety-blank colonels. https://books.google.ca/books?id=ylQEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA30#v=onepage&q&f=false Steve Thomas
  12. Unaltered Zapruder film

    Paz, Yes, that H.L. Hunt. Steve Thomas
  13. Joannides

    Rats. I'm sorry. That's April 16th at the bottom of the first page. That must be something else entirely. Steve Thomas
  14. Joannides

    David, Is it possible that the two sheets you provided here are for two different people? I ask that for two reasons: 1) On the first page, there is a different employee serial number that has been crossed out in the upper right hand corner. 2) On the first page, there is a date of January 16, in the bottom left hand corner, but a date of January 19 alongside the employee name on the second page. Did the first page actually belong to someone else originally? Steve Thomas PS: Is there a way to search files by employee ID number?
  15. The KGB and the JFK case

    Paul, I don't know if it was Angleton per se. Didn't JFK send Bobby to talk to someone in the Russian government (I don't remember exactly who it was right now) and practically beg the Russian's help in stopping the Cuban Missile Crisis because he wasn't sure he could control his generals? And didn't JFK promote the movie "Seven Days in May" and had it shown in the White House? And didn't Eisenhower warn the American people about the rise of the military-industrial complex in 1961? https://youtu.be/rd8wwMFmCeE And didn't Truman later lament that the CIA had outstripped its original mandate and had become its own policy making arm? When it's all said and done, Steve Thomas
  16. Veciana and "Mr. Bishop"

    David, Thanks. I figured it was something like that. In that document I cited: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/180-10144-10153.pdf I thought page 6 was interesting. 11/16/62 Index card re: Veciana "Indicates POA requested by Carl Hicks 12/29/61. Note: "Now being used by U.S. Army"." 11/30/62 Agency to Army ISR "Re; Info re Veciana disseminated to Army" Army ISR = Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance. https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/3-21-21/chap3.htm Not to detract from your "Mr. Bishop" thread, but you don't hear much about Veciana's work for the U.S. Army. Richard, thank you for your response. Take a look at that Archives.gov doc - that's the context I was using. Steve Thomas
  17. Paz, The original list of 562 names had been provided by the French to the Italians. In September, 1962, Charles DeGaulle traveled to West Germany for a state visit. In advance of his visit the West German Security Services asked the French Surete for photographs of several chief men of the O.A.S. Among these were ex-colonels Goddard and Antoine Argoud; ex-captains Souetre, Sergent, Curutchet; and ex-senator Dumont. (see p. 5 of this document) http://www.50elysee.com/fileadmin/user_upload/AFP/ARCHIVE/4-DE_GAULLE-Allemagne-4-5.9.1962.pdf In the summer and early fall of 1962, I think the other Western European countries were concerned about DeGaulle being assassinated on their soil. Steve Thomas
  18. Veciana and "Mr. Bishop"

    David, You and me both. BTW, do you happen to know what POA stands for? According to that document, Veciana had been considered for, or used for a short time as a POA. I figure it's Potential something Asset. It's either that or Prisoner Of Azkaban . One or the other. Steve Thomas
  19. Paz, Yes. Thank you. A CIA document dated November 1, 1962 gives a list of the OAS members furnished to the Italian authorities. The list was given to Italian border police and replaced a longer list of some 562 people. It says the list was current as of August 27, 1962. An asterisk placed beside some names indicated that a photograph accompanied the name of the person. Souetre has an asterisk beside his name. NARA Record Number: 1993.08.05.10:50:12:500006 http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=64991&relPageId=3 Steve Thomas
  20. Oswald in Miami

    Ray, Isn't it though? *smile* Steve Thomas
  21. Oswald in Miami

    On May 11, 1964 Miami FBI Special Agent James J. O'Connor wrote up a Report of an investigation that had been conducted in connection to a story written in the Pampano Beach, FL “Sun Sentinel” by a reporter named James Buchanan. James had written a story recounting the exploits of his brother, Jerry Buchanan. Jerry had attempted to make a raid into Cuba, but his boat, the 35-foot Violin III, had been stopped and seized by Brithish authorities at Norman's Cay, a tiny island in the Bahamas. Accounts of this raid and the capture of the boat were written up in several newspapers, including the following two: The News-Herald from Mansfield, Ohio · April 3, 1963 Page 24 https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/45297639/ Friday 24--NEWS-HERALD W.J.. April 3. 1963 Raider denies violation of neutrality law. EDITOR'S NOTE~The following exclusive interview with Jerry 'Buchanan was obtained by his brother, James Buchanan, reporter for the Pompano Beach Sun Sentinel, and made available to the Associated Press. By JAMES BUCHANAN POMPANO BEACH. Fla. (AP) --The American who acted as spokesman for a band of anli-Castro sea raiders in securing their release from British custody told me he did not feel he had broken any neutrality law. Jerry Buchanan, 24. said in an exclusive interview by telephone; from Nassau Monday night, the raiders' boats, Violin III, had not been armed or manned in the country. The 35-foot Violin III was captured at Norman's Cay, a tiny island in the Bahamas. Buchanan said Magistrate John Baily freed the band of 17 men and releases their boat with a decree that they lad not violated any law in British :territory," Buchanan sad. "_____ went So the boat, where it been there since Saturday morning waiting for us to come in. They knew all about us. "The police came out of the building and said, 'Is your name Buchanan?' They placed both of us under detention." He reported, a platoon of Bahamian police led by a British officer ordered the others to come ashore Buchanan said The Violin II was not captured at sea as reported and that the British frigate credited with the capture steamed into the area Sunday afternoon "The police searched the boa and captured a few of the boys who were well hidden from view. The boat put into the island to refuel, Buchanan said, and he and one of the Cubans aboard under command of Maj. Eveho Duquc went ashore unarmed. "We approached a barracks type building where we encountered a detachment of Bahamian police. "They also found the arms which we had stored on the boat. "Police told us they had us under surveillance all Sunday evening while we were trying to dock. After finding the arms they immediately announced we were being detained. The police refused to use the term 'arrest.' They said we were merely 'detained. " Buchanan said a high official of the Bahamas government, whom he declined to identify, arrived and said he was acting as a delgate from London, representing the Admiralty. "Prior to the official's arrival, however, the frigate was spotted off the east coast of the key," Buchanan said. The navy came ashore in three landing launches. One of these carried a platoon of men completely equipped with machine guns and ready to fight. The police then turned us over to the navy." "I was flown to Nassau at 7 .m. Sunday. I went to court Monday afternoon and we're now out n bond. We're supposed to be put back aboard the boat and escorted out of British waters with out equipment, guns and any of our 'personal effects." Kingsport Times from Kingsport, Tennessee · April 2, 1963 Page 1 https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/78783432/ U.S. CONFISCATES EXILE BOAT British Halt Cuba-Bound Raiders MIAMI, Fla. (AP)-U.S. customs agents confiscated a Cuban exile boat, British police captured a band of 17 sea raiders and a companion group of commandos continued toward Cuba in a series of lightning-like developments. The exile boat, captured in Miami, was "outfitted for aggression," supervising customs agent Joseph Fortier announced Monday night. He said the 40-foot yacht Alisan was seized Sunday night at North Miami Beach with two homemade bombs and a 20-millimeter cannon on board. The boat's owner, Dr. Santiago Alvarez, said he did not know who had been using the boat or where it was used. No charges were filed. Fortier said the boat was empty when agents boarded it. A group of commandos was refitted (refitting?) nearing Cuba by boat on a mission to fight any Communist boats encountered and to contact rebels inside Cuba. A companion boat with 17 men aboard was halted at Norman's Key, a tiny island in the Exurna chain 200 miles north of the Cuban coast and 350 miles south of Miami. British police took the men into custody, including an American. Ex-Kingsport Resident Leader Of Sea Raiders. EDITOR'S NOTE-The leader of the Cuba-bound "sea raiders" halted by the British yesterday was Jerry Buchanan, who was reared in Kingsport. His family lived at 1853 Buckles Drive until 1956, and he attended Long Island Elementary. These were 16 Cuban exiles and one American. Apparently, the Violin III was to rendezvous with a larger boat, the Alisan at sea, but never got the chance. A synopsis of O'Connor's investigation was published in the Warren Commission documents as CD 1020.You can read that Commission Document here: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=11416#relPageId=2&tab=page James O'Connor interviewed James Buchanan on December 3, 1963. James had written an article in the November 26, 1963 issue of the “Sun Sentinel'. During the course of that interview, O'Connor wrote, “This article referred to Frank Fiorini of the International Anti-Communist Brigade as Buchanan's source concerning Oswald's activities in Miami. Fiorini, upon interview, as set forth in the same report, repudiated the statements attributed to him by Buchanan in the news article.” When interviewed on April 21, 1964, Frank Fiorini said that James Buchanan was the “Secretary and Director of the International Anti-Communist Brigade”. See p. 6 of CD 1020. An article concerning Oswald's activities in Miami had also appeared in the December 4th issue of the “Sun Sentinel”. This article did not bear the byline of James Buchanan. In interviews with members of the DRE, they claimed that the news article was false in every allegation. When Buchanan was interviewed on April 28, 1964, he “stated that he had written this article, entitled, “Cover-Up by FBI Charged”, but that the article had been edited.” An editorial article written by James Buchanan in the “Sun Sentinel” had also been reprinted in the Augusta, GA, “Augusta Courier” on December 23, 1963. https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32312834.pdf According to this FBI Report cited above, Jerry Buchanan had previously been investigated for using U.S. Army identification in the name of Jesse L. Murphy in cashing three stolen checks. On April 30, 1964 James Buchanan was interviewed by Special Agents, James J. O'Connor and George E. Davis, Jr. Buchanan told the Agents that he had no personal knowledge of Oswald's activities in Miami, but relied on his sources whom he considered reliable. One of his sources was Frank Fiorini of the International Anti-Communist Brigade. It was pointed out to Mr. Buchanan that he had told John Martino that his (James') brother had engaged in a fight with Lee Harvey Oswald in Miami. “Mr. Buchanan was advised that according to Mr. Martino the fight between Jerry Buchanan and Oswald occurred when Oswald attempted to board a boat being used by Jerry Buchanan and Cuban exiles in an anti-Castro operation”. Buchanan said that he had talked to his brother on the phone, but had never discussed this matter of the fight with him. He said that his information about the fight had come from a Cuban exile. See p. 12 of CD 1020. “He stated that this Cuban exile has the surname Sanchez, but his first name is not known to Mr. Buchanan”. He said that Sanchez had called him five days after the assassination and told him that his brother, Jerry had been in a fight with Oswald near the Miami River. He said that Sanchez told him that “the basis of the fight was Oswald's insistence by Oswald that he (Oswald) be permitted to join Jerry Buchanan and other exiles aboard a boat which was to be utilized in an anti-Castro operation.” Allegedly, Sanchez told James Buchanan that Oswald “had apparently introduced himself to Jerry Buchanan and the Cuban exiles near the Miami River dock by his true name Oswald.” ( I don't know what this means. Was Sanchez aware of Oswald using some other name in the Miami area?) The FBI Agents told James that his brother Jerry had been interviewed, and that Jerry had attributed this fight to other incidents besides Oswald's attempts to board a boat. See p. 15 of CD 1020. On April 29, 1964 the FBI interviewed Zacarius Acosta. “He advised that in March of 1963, Jerry Buchanan, not known by Acosta to be related to Jim Buchanan, had engaged in an anti-Castro together with sixteen members of LPN (Los Pinos Nuevos). Mr. Acosta said that he was one of the sixteen Cubans, who in the latter part of March, 1963 had departed in a boat called the “Violin III” from Naples, FL with a load of arms and munitions. He said that at a point off Key Key West, FL, Jerry Buchanan was put aboard the “Violin III” from a small launch which was occupied by Frank Fiorini and Alexander Rorke”. He said Rorke was the owner of the “Violin III” He said that no member of the LPN was named Sanchez, and that no one named Sanchez was on that boat. See p. 19 of CD 1020 On May 1, 1963, the FBI interviewed a Jesus Sanchez Martinez. He said that he did not know either James or Jerry Buchanan and that he did not belong to LPN and didn't know anyone who was a member. In a July 29, 1966 FBI Report that listed the principal anti-Castro organizations in the Miami area, Los Pinos Nuevos was listed as an inactive organization having about ten members. https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32322734.pdf See p. 7. I think that the FBI was talking to the wrong Sanchez. According to the web site cuban-exiles.com http://cuban-exile.com/doc_326-350/doc0326.html Fernano Sanchez Garcia was a member of Alpha-66 and was identified as an accountant of Los Naranjos 702, apt 3B, Santurce, PR [R-759-1-108] The site also states that, “It is the custom of the SNFE to anchor their boats in the vicinity of the 17th street bridge in Miami, according to U.S. Customs in April 1963. [R-759-2-17] According to a CIA Synopsis of Antonio Veciana Blanch (201-312966) https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/180-10144-10153.pdf RIF# 180-10144-10153 “11/16/62 Indicates rift in Alpha-66. Only Jeronimo Estevez, Salomon Bender, Fernando Sanchez, and Israel Gonzalez still allied with Veciana.” Acosta said that no one named Sanchez was aboard that boat. Fernando Sanchez might not have been aboard the boat, but still could be the person who told James Buchanan that Jerry had been in a fight with someone who called himself Oswald on the docks of the Miami River. In his FBI interviews, Jerry Buchanan seems to confuse two different incidents involving Lee Hravey Oswald being in Miami; one in October, 1962 and another in March, 1963. (26Hpp. 424+) https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1142#relPageId=460&tab=page The Lee Harvey Oswald we know has been working at Jaggars-Chiles Stovall and attending typing classes at night in March. Did a person who called himself Oswald attempt to board that boat? Did he get into a fight with Jerry Buchanan, and was that person an informant on Buchanan that led to Buchanan's apprehension on Sunday, March 31, 1963? Steve Thomas
  22. Oswald in Miami

    Manuel Rodriguez Orcarberro, who rented the house at 1026 Harlendale St. in Dallas, that Oswald was seen going in and out of, was Alpha-66 out of Miami. Steve Thomas
  23. Veciana and "Mr. Bishop"

    David, Have you ever seen this document? https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/180-10144-10153.pdf Did Veciana ever describe David Atlee Phillips as his case officer? Did Veciana out Maurice Bishop as David Atlee Phillips before, or was it after after seeing him with Oswald in Dallas in September, 1963? Reading through that document, it sounds to me like the CIA didn't want anything to do with Veciana. Perhaps Veciana was trying to screw Phillips once Oswald became famous? Steve Thomas
  24. Oswald in Miami

    Okay, A couple of side questions: Did Veciana know about Oswald in March, 1963? As Head of the International Anti-Communist Brigade, did Frank Sturgis know who Oswald was? If the “Sanchez” who called James Buchanan and told him that his (James') brother Jerry had gotten into a fight with Oswald on the docks of the Miami River was Fernando Sanchez Garcia; and Fernando Sanchez was close to Antonio Veciana; would he have told Veciana about this curious little incident where an American had been so insistent on getting on a boat that Jerry Buchanan was commanding for a raid into Cuba that Jerry had to punch him out? Would that have made them suspicious of some guy calling himself Oswald and trying to infiltrate Cuban exile affairs? Would Jerry Buchanan have told Craig Sheldon, whom he was living with for a while? The Craig Sheldon who was recruiting for Alpha-66 as far back as January, 1963? Jerry Buchanan told the FBI in March, 1964 that he had been a member of the International Anti-Communist Brigade in Miami “for the last several years.” Would he have told Frank Sturgis? Would Craig Sheldon have told Frank Sturgis who was the Head of the International Anti-Communist Brigade https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/180-10144-10153.pdf CIA Synopsis of Antonio Veciana Blanch (201-312966) RIF# 180-10144-10153 “11/16/62 Indicates rift in Alpha-66. Only Jeronimo Estevez, Salomon Bender, Fernando Sanchez, and Israel Gonzalez still allied with Veciana.” See FBI Report of SA Allison A. Catlin dated June 25, 1964. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=75614&search=Fairhope#relPageId=3&tab=page Interview of Craig Sheldon. In December, 1962, Sheldon traveled to Puerto Rico, where he met with Bay of Pigs veterans and was raising money for Alpha 66. Sheldon says he is in “regular correspondence” with Antonio Veciana. CD 1020 p. 14. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=11416#relPageId=16&tab=page "He (Jim Buchanan, brother of Jerry Buchanan) advised that Jerry Buchanan would be available for a few days following the day of interview (April 30, 1964) at 457 Oak St. Fairhope, Alabama, the residence of Craig Sheldon, whom he described as Chairman of the International Anti-Communist Brigade in Alabama." 457 Oak St. was the address of the headquarters of Alpha-66 in Fairhope. http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/belligerence/Alpha-66-12-FBI.pdf Alpha-66: FAIRHOPE, ALA: By Apr 63 Alpha-66 office in. [R-759-2- 161] “SHELDON, Craig of Fairhope, Alabama was recruiting for A-66 on Jan 2, 1963. He says he is a member, an ex-marine. [R-759-1-841851” Steve Thomas