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  1. Probably the best documentary I've seen. Puts people like Michael Moore to shame. Using the JFK assassination at the start, portraying the start of a cycle of violence in the 60s and 70s, says it all. Not for the faint of heart though.
  2. LBJ was a nasty piece of work. I know Roger Stone’s book has its flaws, but it details his sordid activities pretty well.
  3. From what I've seen it seems like he is. By all accounts is a very tough man so not too much of a surprise. Think he's around 94.
  4. Gaeton Fonzi, the last investigation Jim Garrison, On the Trail of the Assassins Josiah Thompson, Six Seconds in Dallas Jim Dieugenio, Destiny Betrayed Need to read Meagher and Lifton's books properly. I have them but only used them as a reference for a speech I gave. The updated version of Crossfire is the best overall summary of the case against the Warren Commission
  5. ‘Over a period of years, I have asked, very clearly and pointedly, for my account here to be deleted.‘ Yet you state in the same paragraph that you came back to ‘check’. If you really wanted to you could stay away, but you don’t. Says it all.
  6. Detroit was largely forgettable, although there were some decent performances. Enemy of the State is a favorite of mine, as it seemed to predict the future. It covered a myriad of topics, ranging from state murders to warantless surveillance. Tony Scott ended up killing himself, which was a tragedy.
  7. The late Michael Hastings talked about this in newer movies. Zero Dark Thirty is a prime example.
  8. Agree 100%. People even today are attacked because of their views on this issue. The witness deaths to me are the smoking gun of a conspiracy; prove foul play in only one of those cases and a conspiracy is found.
  9. Much of it is about Manson, however there’s a lot of good information about CIA activities at this time which is somewhat pertinent. I remember hearing Oliver Stone on the JFK commentary talk about the fact the CIA were working on cancer weapons in the 60s. A scene with Ruby getting injected was cut, but the scene in the movie where he states ‘I want to tell my story, then, I want to leave this world’ is one of the most harrowing parts of the film.
  10. From just finding out about him today, he seems to be promoting a new book on the Manson killings, in particular an attack on the ‘Helter Skelter’ theory proposed by Bugliosi. He’s very critical of him throughout the podcast. He also makes links between Manson and the CIA. The stuff about Ruby is fascinating, mainly because it’s seldom talked about outside the research community. Didn’t Ruby’s lawyer end up dying in his 40’s after showing those reporters into Ruby’s apartment (Koethe and Hunter I think?)
  11. Nice to see this topic discussed by such a famous person (historically Rogan has always been against the Warren Commission and its conclusions). In particular, the last few minutes are devoted to Rogan’s attack on the magic bullet theory, with a slight mention in passing of James Teague. In relation to MKULTRA, I have never heard this claim before. Maybe some more knowledgeable on here than me can clear it up?
  12. Gaeton Fonzi has to be on the list. His book, correctly, is regarded as one of the best on the topic. Praise from people like Tanenbaum proves what a fierce investigator he was, and 'The Last Investigation' is still a pertinent warning about government corruption.
  13. Read a post on here about Farewell America, which in parts detailed Jaffe’s experiences in Europe. Would’ve been a crazy period for Jaffe, particularly given he was around 25 years old at the time. The Dylan thing is concerning and I hope there’s nothing sinister going on.
  14. Judyth Baker aside, the man who made the most influential film on this topic, teaming up with someone like Dylan, would send out a very strong message to the world. The mainstream media would not be able to do anything to whitewash it.
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