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  1. Inside Scoop: Shot Down Black-Op Seals Won't Be Talking Now Saturday, August 06, 2011 6:51 share this story 122Share122 by Julius Sequerra 31 American military personnel were killed when the Boeing Chinook helicopter in which they were flying crashed in Afghanistan. Of the thirty-one killed, twenty were members of SEAL Team 6... *Now changed to 17* More importantly, I’ve been reliably informed (by a retired Colonel, US Army intel) that these very same operatives were the men who allegedly killed Usama bin Laden recently in Abbottabad. [NB: Seal Team 6 is an ultra-elite group of "black
  2. This has nothing to do with defending Alex Jones or making fun of Glenn Beck .. I could see that something was very wrong with the official bin Laden, Seal Team 6 story, before watching the the Alex Jones videos. First of all, the official story changed repeatedly as to how "bin Laden" was killed.. Second of all, no pictures or DNA analysis were ever released to the public, proving that it was really bin Laden who was murdered in cold blood at that compound. Don't you find it a bit odd that the Navy Seal team, who allegedly killed bin Laden, have now been killed in an Army Airbus, in the mid
  3. Seal Team 6 crash was an Inside Job.. "This is reportedly the largest one day loss of troops in the 10 year war in Afghanistan and it just happens to be Seal Team 6. So now we are to buy that the men who took out OBL died in a helicopter crash months after pulling off the raid. Our inside sources told us months ago that all the Seals on the helicopter that crashed in the so called OBL raid died, yet the Obama admin says none were killed. Witnesses on the ground in Pakistan told national News outlets that the Seals went in to the compound then came out got in a stealth craft and it exploded.
  4. That would be my guess too .. It's not the first YouTube account to be terminated for providing the proof that 911 did not happen as advertised by the US government, and it won't be the last.. A few YouTube accounts exposing the Apollo fraud have also been terminated. Yes, it appears that Pete does have a few problems with the laws of physics .. Just like everyone else who defends the official story of the 911 attacks. Funny how ALL other plane crashes throughout history, actually leave huge amounts of wreckage behind, to be studied, and often reassembled.. Unlike the government's fiction of
  5. When you click on the second video that was posted today by Jim Fetzer, it shows this message. "This video is no longer avalaible because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated" Does anyone know why that account has been terminated? That bit of disinformation is almost as compelling as the one about Doug and Dave creating all the intricate crop circles in the entire world, with their trusty planks on ropes.
  6. Once in awhile, the voice of reason speaks up on this forum. How refreshing.
  7. Thanks for proving my point about your little PAB problem Steve! Okay, I've settled down now..
  8. People displaying passive aggressive behavior carry a lot of repressed anger from their childhood, now projected on the people around them. It appears as sarcastic comments, derisive opinions and blaming other people for their own shortcomings.
  9. This topic must be part of the "let's all pick on Jim Fetzer" agenda, here on the Education Forum, otherwise known as the Evan Burton Forum of Disinformation. As a proud American it's always been difficult for me to acknowledge the fact that Project Apollo did not happen as advertised, but was instead just another propaganda publicity stunt in a long list of propanganda publicity stunts perpetrated by the US government. As a Democrat it's now difficult for me to admit that Barack Obama is no better than the Republican scum who spent eight long years destroying America on every level poss
  10. I believe there's a rule that all scapegoats and patsys must die so they can't spill the beans. Olsen's "phone call" was set up to let everyone know immediately that "muslim terrorists with boxcutters" were to blame for taking down America on 911.. Otherwise there would be no reason to wage war with Osama bin Boogeyman and Saddam Hussein, neither of which had anything to do with Dick Cheney's master plan to go to war for oil and profit. He and his wealthy cronies, like Silverstein, really racked up after 911.
  11. Long before I ever did enough research to realize that that 911 was a false flag operation, I knew that something was very wrong with the video images of the plane hitting the South tower.. It was swallowed up whole, with no parts of it falling off at the point of impact, or any fireball on the outside of the building, which would be what would have occured if a plane really hit that steel and concrete structure.. I don't pretend to know how the plane hitting the building was faked, but it's obvious that it was.
  12. Considering the source, that comes as no surprise!
  13. What's really hilarious is your continued defense of government disinformation .. Maybe Atta didn't have a wife and kids but he obviously purchased items at that Walmart that the FBI doesn't want anyone to know about. We are also suppossed to believe that he purchased the infamous box cutters at this store as his only weapons in taking down all of NORAD and the American government on Sept. 11, 2001 .. Along with cave dweller Osama bin Boogeyman's orders, of course. Colby's replies are as laughably predictable as the government's version of what happened on 911. Here's some info on the on go
  14. Wow Matthew, you sure are quick on the draw for someone who claims not to post on this forum that much anymore, or for someone who has just a passing interest in conspiracies.. Since you obviously have much more time to devote to this subject than I do, why don't you post the PROOF that My Pet Goat was not upside down? Then PROVE that Bush is not a xxxx.. Good luck.
  15. There might not be a reason to doubt what they said, but there's very much reason to doubt what they really saw, or more like, really didn't see. My opinion about what took place on 911 is not some "strange fantasy", as much as I'm sure you would like people to believe that .. Unfortunately for people like you, and for the US government, millions of people all over the world have discoverd that 911 was a false flag operation, orchestrated by certain people within the government.. There's even evidence that the lead "terrorist", Mohammad Atta, was an under cover CIA agent who had been trained
  16. Of course Bush lied .. as did Dick Cheney, Donald Rumseld and every other creep who was involved in making sure that 911 was carried out as planned.. Your excuse of him "sloppy speaking" is as absurd as the rest of the silly excuses you post here. No, I'm not backing off of anything .. I just said that if the book was upside down, it's irrelevant, as it only helps to prove how distracted he was.. What IS even more relevant is that Bush got caught telling a whopper of a lie about seeing the first plane hitting the first building on an imaginalry TV set at the elementary school. Usually peop
  17. I was only referring to the list of 19 witnesses you linked me to, when I claimed that only one of them claimed to have seen the plane actually impact the Pentagon.. The rest of thoses "witnesses" were actually told what they had seen after the fact.. It's understandable to say that you saw a plane hit the buliding if you saw a plane fly too low over the building, and then saw a huge fireball, coinciding with a loud explosion .. Under those circumstances I'm sure most people would would have assumed the plane hit the Pentagon, instead of a cruise missile. No, math is not by best subject.. M
  18. The lack of a single word? .. You have to be kidding! .. Bush clearly stated that he saw the first plane hit the tower on an imaginary TV set at the elementary school he was visiting that day.. It was a blatant LIE.. When he realized he had said something he shouldn't have, he stuttered and stammered and tried to cover his lies with even more lies. If you prefer to believe the official version of 911, that's your prerogative, but at least stop making yourself look foolish by defending Bush's LIES. Whether the 'My Pet Goat' book was upside down or not is rather irrelevent, considering the fac
  19. The irony of that statement is also priceless!.. Along with the government disinformation "documentation" of your claims. btw, the sunglasses really do suit you, considering your preconceived beliefs..
  20. Mission Impossible now? .. Well, that explains your sunglasses then. I don't need to discredit all of the ALLEGED 104 ( does that number keep changing?) "eye witnesses", when discredting only one will do .. Along with discrediting Mr. Rumsfeld of course! "Let's go back to Mr Walter's words on the day itself - Huge explosion, great ball of fire, smoke started billowing out.... Does that sound anything like I saw... ...the actual jet going in with the wings folded back? Of course it does not. Apparently Mr Walter subsequently developed x-ray vision and travelled backwards in time to see thro
  21. What you obviously can't figure out is that the real myth is that a handful of Muslim "terrorists" attacked America on 9/11/01, when all of the evidence proves otherwise.
  22. Bush's tense is very clear and it proves he got caught in his lies about 911. Bush lies TWICE about seeing first plane hit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPcqfoErA-8 Evidence that George W. Bush had advanced knowledge of 9-11 Why link a web site showing a different book on a different day that's an obvious fake, if not to obfuscate the truth?.. That is indeed disinformation. Here's the book and the day I was referring to. Bush Reads 'My Pet Goat' Upside-Down On 9/11
  23. Apparently you didn't hear Bush's little screw up speech, where he claimed in front of a live audience that he actually watched the first plane hit the tower on an imaginary, turned on TV set, at The Goat Book School. btw, just because snopes makes a claim, doesn't mean it's true. It might not have been called The Goat Book, but after Bush got word that the WTC had been attacked, the book was upside down, and it was on that day .. That is unless you have some information that Bush returned to The Goat Book school at a later date to finish reading to the kids.. Edited to add... You linked
  24. Apparently you only believe what suits you, instead of the truth.. So here it is again, not that it will matter to someone like you. "Apologists for the ‘9/11 Commission Report’ invariably misrepresent witness statements, characterizing them as “hundreds of eyewitnesses to a plane hitting the Pentagon”. This is, of course, the employment of a non-sequitur to mislead the unwary, the reality being that all such witnesses firstly saw the large plane and then quite separately heard an explosion after the plane had moved out of their fields of vision. The fact is that, with the sole exception of M
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