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  1. Riight.. According to you everyone "misspoke" about Osama bin Laden .. But why not, since his name sounds so much like Saddam Hussein and Daniel Pearl.. .. Cheney's reply was more like a freudian slip than a "misspoke". btw, I wonder if G.W.Bush "misspoke" when he lied about seeing the FIRST plane hit the North tower on 9/11?.. He even "misspoke" about there being a TV in the school, which was of course turned on, so he could see that FIRST plane hit the North tower! What that idiot was really doing when the first plane hit the North tower was helping the school kids read The Goat Book, U
  2. Not by me .. I reviewed the "crap" posted on that other thread and saw that Steven Gaal posted the "busiest corpse in show business" video.. My apologies for not remembering that and making you view it again .. Osama bin Boogeyman? 'CIA getting rid of old asset'
  3. Patrick Henningsen, independent journalist and Managing Editor of 21st Century Wire explains to Russia Today TV why it’s unlikely that any real evidence of the deceased Osama bin Laden will ever be produced by US authorities because for the last 8 years, Osama has been “the busiest corpse in show business”. Henningsen also believes that this news signals that in the long term, the US might move away from seeing the shadowy form of Al-Qaeda as its chief enemy in “the War on Terror”, and refocus on nation state enemies, namely Libya, Syria and Iran. Watch video… http://21stcenturywire.com/2
  4. No, you're wrong for claiming there were "hundreds of witnessess" who SAW a passenger jet hit the Pentagon .. Several witnesses saw some type of plane flying towards the Pentagon, then saw a large fireball that coincided with a loud explosion at the Pentagon.. The rest of what these few witnesses "SAW" was understandable conjecture. Unfortunately, eye witness accounts are the most unreliable evidence of all, considering the fact that no two people ever see the same thing.. It's examining all of the evidence after the fact, by investigators who weren't at the scene, that usually solves most c
  5. You only assume that Mr. Sault is incorrect because I used him as a source to prove you wrong. The only thing you posted is a list of several "witnessess" (not hundreds) who assumed they saw a passenger jet impact the Pentagon because that's what they thought they saw, and then were later led to believe that's what occured.. Unfortunately, what they really saw was just more CIA/US government smoke and mirrors that has not withstood any real scrutiny of the actual evidence.
  6. The only thing fake about those 3 YouTube videos is the CIA's fake "bin Laden", plus the vampire teeth on Dick Cheney.. Actually, the vampire teeth might not be fake, considering how evil that creep is. Speaking of wasting our time Colby, that just about sums up every word you post here..
  7. No, you're the one who has a habit of being incorrect and here's the evidence that proves it. A Cruise Missile at The Pentagon by Peter Wakefield Sault "Apologists for the ‘9/11 Commission Report’ invariably misrepresent witness statements, characterizing them as “hundreds of eyewitnesses to a plane hitting the Pentagon”. This is, of course, the employment of a non-sequitur to mislead the unwary, the reality being that all such witnesses firstly saw the large plane and then quite separately heard an explosion after the plane had moved out of their fields of vision. The fact is that, with th
  8. Here is the bad man ! Woooooo Booga Booga..The Boogeyman!! CIA Talks About Bin Laden Being Trained By CIA on CNN Dick Cheney says Bin Laden Innocent on 9/11
  9. The new video clips of Osama bin Boogeyman clearly show a much younger and heavier man than that seen in any of the previous video clips released by the US government.. The last time anyone saw the real bin Laden was around 2001, where he looked gaunt, pale and deathly ill. There is no proof of when those 5 clips were made, where they were made, and no rational explanation as to why the audio has been cut.. The lame excuse is not wanting to promote anymore of his propaganda.. Oh please!!!.. Why not release the audio so the world can hear the proof that it's really his voice?.. Or maybe hear h
  10. The link you provided only lists about 19 witnessess, not 136.. The ones inside the building only describe seeing a fireball, not a plane.. The only person who claimed to have seen a plane impact the building was Mary Ann Owens who was no where near the Pentagon, but rather driving her car at least 125 yards from the site .. Maybe she's the same "witness" who admitted that she couldn't see what was written on the side of the plane because the trees were in the way. http://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/F77penta04.html The other links you provided are either broken or just typical government d
  11. No death photos, no body, DNA results in under 24 hours (an impossibility) and people all over the world ( not just the unwashed Conspiracy Theorists ) claim that bin Laden's death is a hoax/ruse/sham/political publicity stunt/psyops BS. After allegedly hunting down and murdering an unarmed man who was considered to be the most wanted "Al Qaeda terrorist" in the entire world, they just dump his body at sea, destroying all evidence that they really killed him!!!.. Why didn't they just capture the unarmed Osama bin Boogeyman and bring him back to the US to be tried for his alleged crimes of
  12. Globalist think-tanks are already building a case against Pakistan by Tony Cartalucci May 3, 2011 Foundation for the Defense of Democracy (FDD) scribe and all around intellectually dishonest propagandist, Bill Roggio of the "Long War Journal," has dedicated his life to perpetuating the entirely fake "War on Terror," abandoning all objectivity with the very name of his now officially government funded, Neo-Conservative establishment affiliated blog. The term "Long War" of course is a throwback to the Bush era and constant reassurances by the president that indeed the "War on Terror" will be
  13. Excellent links Steve.. Thanks! Top Government Insider: Bin Laden Died In 2001, 9/11 A False Flag Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com May 4, 2011 Top US government insider Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a man who held numerous different influential positions under three different Presidents and still works with the Defense Department, shockingly told The Alex Jones Show yesterday that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 and that he was prepared to testify in front of a grand jury how a top general told him directly that 9/11 was a false flag inside job. Pieczenik cannot be dismissed as a “conspiracy theo
  14. Sorry, but the list of "witnesses" you posted is proof of nothing, it's just a list of names with unsubstantiated claims.. Where are your "hundreds of eye witnesses"? .. All you supplied were a handful of witnessess who all had conflicting stories of what they supposedly witnessed .. The few witnesses who were inside the Pentagon never saw any plane wreckage .. Several witnesses heard several bombs going off and others said they never saw any plane hit the buiding but "were TOLD that it was a passenger jet"..One guy even claimed to have been told that the tail of the plane was sticking outside
  15. Very well stated! .. I'm afraid my concuring with Mr. Davidson means I also concur with Jack White, which I guess means Peter McKenna and Steve Knight will now spew even more of their unnecessary vitrol towards those they consider to be part of the "lunatic fringe", ie; "the great unwashed CTers" ...
  16. There's none so blind than those who use psychological projection as a means to insult certain people and don't even realize it.
  17. As usual Burton asks the impossible of those he disagrees with. Show proof that the all of these alleged witnesses were right. Show proof that the meager amount of wreckage photograpahed outside the Pentagon was the proper amount of wreckage that would have been found if a passenger jet really crashed into the Pentagon. Show proof that these people exist .. Then show proof that they are telling the truth about seeing any bodies, and not part of some government cover up. Show proof that the DNA even exists and if so, matches that of the passengers of the plane that allegedly hit th
  18. As usual, all the defenders of the official government's version of 911 have to offer is silly ridicule and more disinformation.. 9/11 and Other False Flag Terrorism I am Sam Lwin, an ex-Marine, a conscientious objector and an anti-war activist from the first Gulf war. I would like to say a few words about the connection between 9/11 and war. In the fall of 1990, President George Herbert Walker Bush mobilized troops for the first Gulf War. I was a Marine reservist and a senior at the New School. Knowing that it was an oil war and finding out the various deceptions used by our government
  19. It appears that many people disagree with you.. Or should I say, agree with me? .. Stay in your little box , Peter.. It's much safer there. 'Conspiracy Theory Alert: Osama Bin Laden Was Dead LONG BEFORE This Weekend' "Just when you thought it would be impossible for ANY piece of news to get MORE attention and media-coverage than the Royal Wedding, late last night most of us heard the news that Osama Bin Laden was KILLED in a mansion in Pakistan by a US-led team of operatives [you can't make it rain on Pakistani-h0es in a cave] – but as the world ponders how Al-Qaeda will respond to his mur
  20. Gee Peter, why all the nasty hostility? .. My opinions about the alleged assassination of Bin Laden has nothing to do with Jack.. We just happen to smell the same dead rats when it comes to certain subjects.. So as usual, your gullible world view won't allow you to think outside of the little propaganda box that's been provided for you by the highly deceptive US government. This web site has a different opinion on when Osama Bin Laden really died.. But whether he was assassinated a few years ago, as claimed by the now assassinated Benazir Bhutto, or if he died of natural causes, one thing is
  21. This one web site alone contains all the evidence necessary to debunk all of Burton's and Colby's false claims about the 911 attacks. http://911lies.org/full_size_911_pentagon_attack_damage5.html What really is the US government's version of who really attacked America on 911. Like I said before, anyone who believes the official version of the 911 attacks are complete fools.
  22. "But isn't Osama Bin Laden already DEAD? A few years ago, shortly before she was assassinated, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan was being interviewed by the BBC and she spoke casually of the murder of Bin Laden by his own people. The reporter was surprised. But Bhutto and other non-westerns apparently have access to the REAL news instead of the bullsht the US media spoon feeds us." http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081127003540AAONnjQ by Russell Clark http://www.Catnews.org Dateline: Jan. 2008 "I was surfing the net the other day and came across a link leading me to a You Tube clip
  23. That's quite a feat for a lad of only 8 at the time of the first faked moon landing. 'Did Donald Trump Force Barack Obama To Release His Birth Certificate? Trump Thinks So' "Donald Trump is taking credit for forcing the White House to release the Barack Obama birth certificate. Trump, who is considering a run for the presidency, told reporters that he is "honored to play such a big role in hopefully getting rid of this issue. I am really proud. I am really honored. Now let’s get on to the issues.” He went on to criticize the White House for not releasing the Barack Obama long-form birth
  24. If a jumbo passenger jet really hit the Pentagon, the survivors inside the building would have seen it coming in, instead of describing bombs going off in various places inside the Pentagon.. The light weight aluminum wings of the jet would have also been sheared off during impact with the building.. Yet there was no evidence anywhere of any wings laying outside the building.. Nor was there any evidence of any plane wreckage being removed from the building.. No seats, bodies, etc.. The story of the plane being "vaporized" is even sillier that the story of the ground swallowing up an entire pla
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