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  1. A lot of the "ground samples" that have been tested came from rainfall.. Rainfall that came from the clouds that were either seeded, or created by chemtrail planes .. The toxins being sprayed, including aluminum and barium, were found in alarming levels in the rainwater tested. There have also been air grab tests done in areas where these chemicals have been sprayed and the same toxins were found in these tests as well.. I'm not sure how anyone would be able to collect samples directly from a trail in the air, while following behind a chemplane. There are also chemtrails being sprayed ov
  2. They seem to be up and running. Good for them. Not only are they up and running but my favorite thread is still intact. http://www.deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4948&page=22 Good for them is right!
  3. Since you're a pilot I will take your word for it that you know what you're talking about when it comes to jackscrews, but as usual you've just cherry picked only one aspect of the chemtrail evidence in that article to "debunk", while ignoring all of the other more important evidence. The evidence that chemtrails are real is overwhelming.. So obviously the only "nutbars" in this discussion, are the people who continue to deny their existence. Wednesday, March 24, 2010 What in the World Are They Spraying? Part I Concerned Citizens Demand Answers about Global Stratospheric Aerosol G
  4. Could you please elaborate on why you believe these "nutbars" know nothing about avaition? "One other observation has been made regarding Welsbach refractory agents - the extreme abrasion characteristics of some of the other patented components, namely, Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide. These materials are extremely high MOH's Hardness and only second in abrasativity to Diamond. These 1 micron and sub-micron dusts, upon falling through the Atmosphere, could conceivably find deposition onto a somewhat, adhesive surface, inside the working flight components of all aircraft traveling through
  5. Denying the existance of chemtrails seems a bit silly at this point, considering the fact that these top secret "areosol scattering" programs are no longer secret. Chemtrail Impact THE EMERGENCE OF THE FOOD WEAPON. "THE NATURAL EARTH BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS ARE SLOWLY BEGINNING TO FAIL. RHIZOBACTERIA, A CRITICAL BACTERIAL ORGANISM IS BECOMING EXTINCT IN SOILS DUE TO BARIUM AND ALUMINUM HEAVY METAL TOXICITIES." "ONCE IS HAPPENSTANCE. TWICE IS COINCIDENCE. THREE TIMES IS ENEMY ACTION." http://www.wildchildmagazine.com/display.php?id=75 THE METHODIC DEMISE O
  6. What you're describing are chemtrails, not contrails .. I had no idea that chemtrails were being sprayed in the UK that long ago.. All of the information I've read so far about the American "aerosol scattering" programs, claims that the Air Force began their "top secret" operations in the late 1990's, through today. But since you live in the UK, maybe you need to be aware of what type of spraying operation was conducted on millions of innocent British citizens from 1940 through 1979.. Considering you stayed outside watching the chemtrails for so long, you're very lucky you didn't get ill fro
  7. "But contempt seems a given, both in the perpetrating of chemtrails, and in the apparent attempted cover-up."
  8. "Las Vegas Nevada,noon on 4-21-09, Two massive chemtrails that lingered, and then expanded out creating false cloud coverage that persisted for the remainder of the day." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuP9KYgSUcQ&NR=1&feature=fvwp The official name for chemtrails is aerosol scattering. "The term “Chemtrails” has been used by scientists, researchers, mainstream media and the internet for years now. However, it often conjures up illogical ”conspiracy theory” rhetoric directed towards those of us who are well educated on the subject, by those who are obviously not, and who are still l
  9. Debunking Chemtrail Debunkers - The Government's Quisling Shills Letters to the Editor By Julian Penrod julianpenrod@comcast.net 10-5-2 Dear sirs: As disreputable as it can be to engage in the unethical and underhanded, it can be as vile to know about the unscrupulous, and not acknowledge its existence. The past few years has seen an unusual occurrence in the skies over the country. Several or more times a month, jet planes, flying overhead, would start leaving unorthodox trails in the sky. Instead of the normal kind of contrails, usually accredited to jet aircraft, which stretch
  10. Who Killed John Lennon? by Fenton Bresler Part 1 of 2 [Excerpts] "Laurel and Hardy, that's John and Yoko. And we stand a better chance under that guise because all the serious people like Martin Luther King and Kennedy and Gandhi got shot." John Lennon Part 1 Bresler begins by questioning the "lone nut" theory. Since 1835, 15 men and 2 women have attacked "nationally prominent political leaders in sixteen separate incidents." Of those 17, only 3 have been ruled insane by law. Mark David Chapman was never found to be legally insane. "The 'lone nut' theory simply does not stand up as an
  11. Forgetting to post a text in quotes does not equate to stealing informtion .. I checked several of the links and they worked fine .. I don't know how they could be copied wrong since they were all part of one large text. There's no need to be so petty about who originally wrote a certain text, or a few links not workling, just because you can't prove your case. The information I post here is NO JOKE.. So there's no reason for you to pretend it is. Chemtrails are a FACT, and anyone who has either seen them, or bothered to research them, knows that.. Deal with it.
  12. I didn't steal any information .. Anyone who bothered to click onto the YouTube video I posted here could read the text that went with it for themselves.. It's not unusual for a few links to be broken .. Web sites go down all the time. I suspect your reason for being so confrontational about this subject stems from frustration over your obvious inability to prove that chemtrails are just "persistant contrails". Sorry, but all of the evidence proves differently.
  13. This proves your "persistant contrails" excuse is wrong. This video shows two planes flying at the same altitude.. One is leaving a short contrail behind it, while the other is spraying a long chemtrail.
  14. Weather Control - A Research Paper Presented To Air Force 2025: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/shado... Info by Nasa about consistent 'contrails': http://asd-www.larc.nasa.gov/GLOBE/sc... Finally a reporter checked out a guy's complaint and took the samples he collected and had them tested. The result from a Dr. perspective: Barium will cause our Immune System to weaken. So maybe we won't survive the sudden "pandemic" of Swine Flu or other rare strands of Flu that keep emerging???? The constant exposure is NOT good for us, he says. google: - Welsbach Patent 5003186 - "weather as a force
  15. It may explain why Cernan's Apollo 17 LM landing story didn't match that of Armstrong's, but it doesn't explain how the A17 LM could actually "freefall" (according to Cernan) without there being a danger of it not landing safely on the uneven, rock strewn, crater filled, dust covered lunar surface. It also doesn't explain why Cernan didn't know the famous Apollo 11 "landing" story, or that his LM descent engine was different from that of Armstrong's.
  16. Well, they are wrong. Plenty of it is still available via the internet archive. For instance here is your first post on the "We didn't go to the Moon?" thread on WOS in March 2006. I'm glad to see that not all of the data was lost .. Though it looks like only some of the information was recovered.. I doubt the forum will ever return as it once was.
  17. It's not too difficult to understand what anomaly hunting and arguing from ignorance means.. The articles you linked were very clear in their meaning. I think a lot of our disagreements have to do with an individual's perception of certain subjects.. You see Apollo as an historical fact, where as I see it as a monumental conspiracy and cover up. You produce the evidence you believe supports your opinion, while I produce evidence that supports mine .. Which means that you will always attempt to explain away every anomaly in the official Apollo record, where as I perceive the same anomaly as b
  18. I watched a very interesting TV program last night called 'Fact or Faked - Paranormal Files.' For those who haven't seen this program, the premise is this .. A team of skeptical researchers are sent various different footage of unexplained, or alleged paranormal events.. They watch about five different videos and then decide which two look the most interesting to investigate.. The type of footage usually sent to the team are of alleged ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, etc. .. Their mission, being skeptics, is to debunk the "paranormal" or unexplained footage by duplicating the anomalies seen in the va
  19. Those are very "clever" put downs, which are completely predictable coming from someone whose debating style usually includes several of 'The 25 Rules of Disinformation'.. It also shows that your arguments have run out of steam.. So of course the wisest thing for you to do now, is to use this sort of ad hominem distraction tactic.
  20. I have no idea why you decided to post some of my moderated posts immediately, but waited until now to post the others, but I assume you have your reasons .. Reasons that usually involve some kind of game, since that's what you do best here. I took you up on your invitation to return to this forum without being on moderation, just to see exactly how long that would last.. I believe I posted here unmoderated for about two weeks, before you managed to find an excuse to place me on moderation again.. Many other members of this forum are "uncivil", yet they continue to post without being moderate
  21. Yes. There's no image in that second post .. It's text that looks to be cut off. My final statement is the same as my original one .. No Apollo astronaut has ever willingly sat down to conduct face to face interviews with any of the conspiracy researchers.. Instead they run away and refuse to answer any questions pertaining to the hoax .. That type of behavior usually indicates guilt. I highly doubt that Gene Cernan would have forgotton how he landed the LM on the Moon during his alleged "greatest achievenment for all mankind."
  22. There is a major difference between being narcissistic and having Narcissistic Personality Disorder .. The former usually indicates a self centered, egotistical person, while the latter is a serious mental condition that is akin to sociopathy. Kennedly never dispalyed the typical characteristics of having that mental disorder.
  23. I highly doubt that was the case, as I don't believe there are any internet providers in Savannah, Ga. but I could be wrong about that.. If so, I would like to see the proof of that statement and also who gave you that information .. Or are you able to obtain IP addresses and there locations on your own? Like I said before, I was wrongly accused, since I know for a fact that my IP address is located with a company in Texas. *edited to add ... Apparently the location of my IP address is different from my internet provider location.. My Comcast IP provider is in Texas. I would like to than
  24. I remember when that happened .. and incredibily, you, among a few other people here, thought it was me who did that..I would understand why you might think that though, considering the hacker posted two of my favorite Jack White studies, that we had recently been debating .. One showing the buggy tracks going right thru the middle of a deep crater, which would of course have flipped the Rover over if the photo had been real.. and the other study that showed the "alien shoe print on the moon", that could not have been made by an astronaut boot, though you claimed it was a double or triple prin
  25. Now that I've seen your quote in context, Matthew, it doesn't appear that you were using sarcasm at all. "I don't personally think Burton is Dawson or that they even knew each other. If they were the same, why would Burton have been PMing me on the other forum to try to pass info to Dawson? But I could be wrong. Maybe Burton is more evil than any of us know." http://www.deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4948&page=22 No wonder Jack was "confused"..
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