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  1. I think that O'Donnell and Powers stayed on with President Johnson was loyalty to President Kennedy. They may have thought by staying that could get some of his policies passed.
  2. I remember reading somewhere that the rifle needed some work before they even tested it. That what i am looking for.
  3. Everything i have read about O'Donnell . He and JFK was close friends. I don't see O'Donnell being part of the assassination.
  4. Is there any documents talking about what condition the rifle was in when it was found?
  5. I understand that Morales may have been at the Ambassador Hotel . When RFK was shot? Is there any evidence for this.
  6. Joe Bundy That is what i am saying For JFK to be driven back and to the left. He must have been shot from the front. But LN'S refuse to believe that.
  7. How come when Newton's 2nd Law is brought up with LN'S they basically go nuts? When talking about what happens after Z frame 313?
  8. Is anyone else a member of this group? There ia a guy named Ed Cage. It's says both sides welcomed. But if a person post anything about a Knoll shooter.He or others shoots you down. He calls Mark Lane and Lee Bowers dim-witted screwballs.
  9. She was friends with the actor Andrew Prine. I heard talk that he may have done it.
  10. Is there a files on David Morales? Also who has them?
  11. On Hitler. There was a show called Mystery Quest on one EP it was on Hitler. They did DNA test on the skull bone the Russians had. The test said it was a women's in her 20's
  12. The people on the Warren Commission believed what Mr. Frazier said because he was with the FBI.. Also at that time you did not question the word of the FBI.
  13. O'Reily wants to but himself into major events. I think if he would say he had an ancestor that watch Jesus being crucified.
  14. Thane Eugene Cesar was a security guard. What secrets could he could know that the government needs to keep secret? As to Johnny Roselli, Jean Souetre and David Morales. Roselli cia-mafia plots. Morales just name something he had his fingersinto it. Souetre OSA French mob. In other words a maze of windows.
  15. There is one of his video's i can't find online. It's called Who didn't kill JFK. Went to JFK Facts i did not see the video. Does anyone know where i can get dvd of it?
  16. Between Z frame 312-313 JFK'S head is drive forward and at Z frame 313 he is drive backwards and to the left.
  17. Has a new documents came to light on this? Is there any truth that Marcello confession was caught on tape?
  18. Does anyone know where i can find copies of these photo?
  19. They do look alike. Can you post larger photo's from the Bruno Hauptmann trial.
  20. I always thought that Osborn had intelligence connections. But i am thinking M.I 6 Also what has been found since 2000 on him any new info/
  21. I looked online for this document no luck it is R. H. Jevons noted that the Western 6.5 mm Mannlicher- Carcano ammunition which was manufactured for the Marine Corps in 1954. Just the one page document
  22. I had own one for 13 years and it was set up just like Oswald's There was times when i cycled the round into the chamber i would get stuck like jammed in and not fully go into the chamber. out of those 13 years i have had hit 2 targets in 5.6 seconds. But had no pressure on me at the time.
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