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  1. Here is a list that i made of who could behind the assassination i will try to go into more detail on why these people may have done it. 1 The head of ZR/Rifle project William Harvey he would recruit the assassination team and their backups. 2 Mafia don Carlos Marcello provided the funding 3 Either the Hunts or Clinton Murchison because Texas was their playground and both hated Kennedy. 4 David Phillips help in framing Oswald 5 James Jesus Angleton again false info on Oswald 6 E. Howard Hunt says he was involved 7 David Sánchez Morales work with Harvey 8 Need help from some agents in the FBI(Hoover) 9 Military Curtis LeMay hated Kennedy with a passion would like to see him gone anything about military went though him. 10 Persons in the Dallas police force recruited by the Hunts or Murchison. 11 Ed Lansdale Military voice in Dallas 12 Allen Dulles controlled all info in dealings about the CIA 13 George de Mohrenschildt 1 William Harvey Did not like to policy that the Kennedy's were taking after the Bay of Pigs towards Castro. Stopping the assassinations attempts on his like. He saw this as a slap in the face of the anti-castro cubans. He recruited the assassination team and their backups because he was the head of ZR/Rifle project he knew who he cold trust on this 2 Carlos Marcello How RFK had him deported in the middle of the night and had to sneak back into the country. This was a great slap in the face which called for payback also had the money to carry it off 3 The Hunts or Clinton Murchison both men were ultra right conservative raciest who did not like Kennedy's policies on civil rights they saw this is destroying the American way of life. 4 David Phillips aka Maurice Bishop was chief of all operations in the Western hemisphere was involved in Alpha 66 also was in Mexico when Oswald was there. He may have been one of the people controlling Oswald. 5 James Jesus Angleton Could had knowledge of Oswald more lattter on him and give false info when needed 6 E. Howard Hunt said was in on the assassination. 7 David Sánchez Morales Ran the Jim-Wave station also was a part of ZR/Rifle project. Hated the Kennedy Brothers with a passion because of the failed Bay of Pigs plot. 8 Curtis LeMay hated Kennedy because Lemay could not go in and bomb cuba saw Kennedy Weak and soft on communism. Which LeMay saw as betraying the american way of like for this he had to go. 9 Hoover Also hated the Kennedys because thier stance on civil rights which was a grave front to him and he thought if Kennedy was reelected he would be gone from the FBI. 10 Edward Geary Lansdale was part of "Operation Mongoose could have been either the military or the cia man in dallas. 11 Dallas Police force recruited by the Hunts or Murchison same mind set as them on hand to make sure things went right in the assassination. Like helping shooters get away and to distract any witines who may have sceen something. 12 Allen Dulles also was fired by JFK he had to coverup any conection to the CIA at all coast 13 George de Mohrenschildt maybe low level cia agent who's duty was to act as Oswald's handler for his time in dallas to guide him in a certian way to make Oswald look like the assassin
  2. He could be very well faking it. Look how he planned it The shooting at the movie theater and his apt. Look at the apt he had the whole apt ready to blow up and he setup either a radio or stereo o play loud music to draw in a person to trigger the bombs. That takes a sound mind to do all that.
  3. Tom as we all know the U.S has a history of targeted assassinations like targeted killing of the Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto Cuban President Fidel Castro attack on the barracks where Muammar al-Gaddafi was known to be sleeping During the first Gulf War Saddam Hussein Salvador Allende of Chile possible u.s involved Phoenix Program Patrice Émery Lumumba possible u.s involved Rafael Trujillo possible u.s involved Ngô Đình Diệm and his brother possible u.s involved Gary Webb cia? Frank Olson cia Mary Meyer cia? Some here would add also JFK/MLK/RFK to that list 6 on this list are americans or the one's we know of But Al-Awlaki called for the death of americans did we have a canch of catching him and bringing him to trial NO. Here was an American calling for the death of his fellow americans. He became an enemy then and the u.s government had the right to go after him any way possible. As i said before i do have trouble with the government targeting americans but if they are beyond our reach to bring him to trial and they calling for the death of americans i say take him out.
  4. Very sorry for your loss Kathleen my sympathies to you and your family
  5. The quote about President Kennedy being dead. He never said He dead all right. This comes his letter that he family has. This letter was sent to Manchester say such far i could tell Manchester replied to Fr. Huber. Also Fr Huber came from my home town. In the early 80's i got a chance to speak to his sister and look at the family album on Her brother Fr. Huber. Also when he passed away Rose Kennedy sent a telegram to the family giving her condolences and thanking the Fr. Huber's family for what he did that day.
  6. Well the quote Manchester use regarding Fr. Huber is very wrong
  7. I know for a fact the info on Fr. Oscar Huber is wrong.
  8. Like i said in a earlier post it could be very easy to do. lets say you an agent and they want to frame you for something. Your handler says David i need you to be here and pick up a package and take it to a place. Then i need you to check into a hotel and wait for a message. As a agent you don't ask why you are doing these things you trust your handler. Then latter you find out there is a manhunt out for you. Then you realise that you have been setup by the very person you trusted.
  9. In some ways it is very easy to do. His handler could have said Lee i want you to go here and wait for a message and then leave. Or Lee i need you to go here and pickup a package and take it to this address. By doing so they would had Lee in these places to look guilty and he would had no idea wat really was going on.
  10. I have lisin to Dietrich on coasttocoast am and this guy is nuts!!! he claims that we surrender to Japan because that had a weapon that could had destroyed America
  11. " I hope that this judge can comprehend the concept of a Manchurian candidate" I'd be surprised if he was NOT familiar with the concept, whether he buys such an substatiated sci-fi theory is another story. The shot that killed Kennedy was fired 1in behind the right ear Sirhan never got that close.
  12. " I hope that this judge can comprehend the concept of a Manchurian candidate" I'd be surprised if he was NOT familiar with the concept, whether he buys such an substatiated sci-fi theory is another story. The autopsy report said the kill shot was fired from 1in behind the right ear. Sirhan never got behind kennedy to do that.
  13. If you want to get into that people need to look at Frank Olson and how he was murdered http://www.frankolsonproject.org/
  14. A great many out away Borman dr. mengele eichmann cot 1960 putto death 1962
  15. Is there a place where you can download the whole Four Days In November at one time.
  16. Thanks alot John for what you are doing
  17. If there is an EBAY in England you can try there or an old Elecranics Shop you may find one there.
  18. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/46964134/ns/today-books/ Secret Service agent shares memories of Jackie Kennedy Clint Hill was with her when JFK was assassinated, shared family’s private grief By Halimah Abdullah TODAY.com contributor updated 4/5/2012 10:01:02 AM ET His code name was “Dazzle” – a Secret Service agent charged with protecting first lady Jackie Kennedy. For Clint Hill, the job meant being present for some of the most painful and poignant moments of the Kennedy family’s life. Now Hill has broken a 50-year silence, sharing his experiences in a memoir, “Mrs. Kennedy and Me.” He sat down with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie to discuss the deep bond he shared with the iconic first lady “You write about her with such admiration and affection and almost, dare I say it, love for her,” Guthrie said. “I’ve been accused of that,” Hill said. “I think that’s a little bit too strong an emotion. Yes, I admired her a great deal. I really respected her. I don’t think you could really say that I loved her.” ‘Oh Jack, what have they done?’ Nonetheless, Hill's friendship with the first lady was genuine and close. He was there on Nov. 22, 1963, when a bullet pierced President John F. Kennedy’s skull, splattering both the Secret Service agent and the stunned first lady with blood and gore. Story: ‘Mrs. Kennedy and Me’: A fond look back from a special agent The memory haunts him still. “There was some material from the president's head that had gone off to the right rear,” Hill told Guthrie. “And she had got – come up on the back of the car, trying to retrieve that material. She didn't know I was there. And so when she came up in the car, I finally got a hold of her and helped her get it into the backseat. When I did that, the president's body fell to its left into her lap.” Hill said he’ll never forget the words the first lady said then: "They shot his head off. Oh Jack, what have they done?" In the days that followed, Hill witnessed the public heartbreak Americans felt at Kennedy’s assassination, as well as the family's personal grief. During a private viewing of the fallen president, the first lady and Bobby Kennedy “approached the casket and stood there. About that time, she turned to me and she said, 'Mr. Hill, will you get me a pair of scissors, please?' So I ran back to the usher's office and got a pair of scissors. And I stood there and I could hear, you know, clip-clip-clip. I knew what was going on.” Hill believes the first lady cut a piece of her husband’s hair. Later he stood nearby as the family wept and witnessed “great remorse, great — very sad. It was just — no words were spoken.” Hill was also there when President Kennedy’s son was born — and on the day John F. Kennedy Jr., then 3 years old, saluted his father’s coffin. The image of the tot saying goodbye to his father is emblazoned on his memory. “That must have broken your heart,” Guthrie said. “It still does,” Hill said sobbing. TODAY.com political contributor Halimah Abdullah is TODAY.com’s woman in Washington.
  19. Mr Lane What was the most interesting case that you ever did not counting anything to do with the JFK assassination? Mark
  20. Hello Mr lane Thank you for all the work you have done on the JFK Assassination. I look forward to reading more posting from you Mark
  21. So she aged 30 years over the course of a 20-year period? What did fall through a crack in the space time continuum? Based on her “MeetUp” photo she is a lot closer to 42 now that to 72 or even 62. So did misrepresent her age to Morrow or did she deceptively post a decades old photo? http://www.meetup.com/tlcdallas/members/4484668/ She also comes across as a raving loon (from the link above) “FDR took our gold Bad. Lincoln tried to buck the Fed. Reserve by printing $ (good)...look what happened to him and Kennedy, for example; they both attempted to buck the Fed, and both were assassignated.......what a coincidence....Not!” Except that FDR didn’t take anyone's gold let alone hers because ‘best’ case scenario she was born several years after the Gold Reserve Act which limited the amount of gold most private citizens could own. The Fed of course did not come into existence till decades after Lincoln’s presidency and there was no central bank at the time. I guess she’s referring to issuance of Greenbacks 1861 -2 but it’s a stretch to imagine he was assassinated in 1865 over this especially since he was reelected in 1864 and they placed in circulation until 1971. As for JFK he actually decided to replace Silver Certificates, issued by the Treasury with Federal Reserve Notes, issued by the Illuminati, eeer Fed. All that aside her stories proves nothing especially since her trustworthiness is questionable. So a reporter thought he had the goods on Perot is that a conspiracy. Didn’t Rather try to get Bush? Didn’t the press go after Cain, Hart and others? The story from the security man is hearsay and there is no indication as to what the source was or who was supposedly responsible. Perot was already in 3rd when he quit, after he was last week’s news being tossed after it stint in the bottom of a bird cage. Tatum’s story by any reason standard completely lacks credibility. Morrow seems drawn to the stuff like a moth to flame or a fly to… Len people can look younger than their age look at Raquel Welch she is 72 does she look like a person 72 years old?
  22. Tom i am open for that. I will just say that this is on Oswald's tombstone not Oawald the person
  23. Don't know if this fits in this topic? By Ted Gregory, Chicago Tribune reporter March 27, 2012 Inside Wayne Lensing's auto museum down a remote road from a body shop, visitors can see Elvis Presley's 1972 Lincoln, the Mayberry squad car from "The Andy Griffith Show" and three Batmobiles. Right around the corner from Richard Petty's 1960 stock car and a few steps from the Cadillac covered in 120,000 coins, the curious also can view a decidedly different artifact: Lee Harvey Oswald's tombstone. That's right. The 130-pound gray granite slab that marked the final resting place of one of U.S. history's more notorious figures is about 90 miles northwest of Chicago, on the outskirts of Roscoe, Ill., best known perhaps as race car driver Danica Patrick's hometown. How the stone got there is a tale of thievery that also involves an electrician who made a startling discovery in a crawl space and a woman who isn't saying much. Whether it remains in the museum may end up as a courtroom drama between Lensing and the owner of a legendary live music club. The Oswald tombstone saga also underscores the unwavering interest in John F. Kennedy and the hot market for collectibles related to the 35th president. They can draw feverish bidding, exemplified by the successful $6 million offer for a Kennedy-owned yacht at an auction in 1998. With hundreds of Kennedy items displayed at his museum in rural Winnebago County, Lensing has tapped into that robust appetite, he said. The name of his museum, Historic Auto Attractions, might not suggest the full range of exhibits, but it fits perfectly with Lensing's main interest as a builder of racing car bodies. The headstone, he said, is in one of the more popular sections of the museum, "Kennedy Day In Dallas." "Nobody ever wanted anything to do with it throughout all those years, until they found out the thing got sold," said Lensing, 64. "So now, after 25-30 years … they all come out of the woodwork." David Card, owner of Poor David's Pub in Dallas, which celebrated 35 years in the business this month, sees a slightly different scenario. "They screwed us out of it," said Card, 72, who contends that the stone is part of his father's estate. "And I want it back." The man who killed Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963, in Dallas, shattered "Camelot" and marked the onset of a decade of turmoil was buried in Rose Hill Memorial Park Cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas. His body was placed there after Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby, a native Chicagoan, shot Oswald in a police escort two days after Kennedy's death. On the four-year anniversary of the assassination, a couple of high school pranksters stole the stone, which features Oswald's name and the dates of his birth and death etched around a cross. Authorities found it in a park in Bartlesville, Okla., and returned it to Marguerite Oswald, the assassin's mother. Concerned that other thieves and vandals might strike, Marguerite Oswald tucked the stone in her Fort Worth home's crawl space, Card said. A few months after her death in 1981, Card's father and stepmother bought the house. About four years later, an electrician rooting around in the crawl space found the headstone. Fearful that someone might steal it, Card's father and stepmother hauled the stone to the home of Mrs. Card's sister, who later sent it to her son. It sat in his garage until the son, Johnny Ragan, died in 2008, David Card said, leaving the tombstone in the hands of Ragan's wife, Holly. That's where its odyssey gets murky. Card contends the stone is among items his father and stepmother acquired when they bought the home. Lensing maintains that Johnny Ragan's will left it in his wife's possession. Holly Ragan is less than inclined to discuss the matter publicly. In a brief phone conversation from Fort Worth, she said Card is spreading "a lot of incorrect information" and "cannot show any proof of ownership." Then she hung up. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/ct-met-oswald-tombstone-fight-20120327,0,4864734.story
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