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  1. More Mainstream coverage : ABC NEWS Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACxBhaE9oJA NBC NEWS Video Link : http://video.today.m.../today/50456332
  2. Not sure if this was ever posted here, but assist to Jim Fetzer - excellent job as usual : JFK Part I: A National Security Event JFK Part I: A National Security Event
  3. Is this the same as the reports last year where ABC bought Jackie's tapes and some info was leaked our she blamed LBJ? Once that was leaked, the MSM and ABC killed the rumors. see link here : http://www.irishcent...-127220093.html
  4. I've also heard Bundy's name mentioned as someone who knew about the hit as well. Robert - tell me if this is true or not. I heard this story about Bundy 15-20 years ago. Basically it goes that Bundy had drafted a Presidental letter on Nov 19th or 20th ready for the President to sign on November 23rd/24th/25th, basically after Nov 22. But on the letterhead, instead of addressing it as President Kennedy, it was addressed as President Johnson. Maybe it was a hoax but have you heard of this story before? It was somewhat making the rounds after Stone's JFK movie but have not heard it since brought up.
  5. I would love to see that picture as I am sure the other members would too. To post a picture from your HD on this forum, do the following : 1.Click on the 'More Reply Options' button besides the POST button on the bottom right hand corner of the previous post. 2.On the bottom of the reply text area, there's an ATTACH FILES section. hit browse to access your Hard Drive. 3.Choose the picture and hit the 'ATTACH THIS FILE' button. It's sort of greyed out and looks like plain text, but it's a button. 4.Then you'll see a small version of the picture on the bottom of the text reply field, and then just click ADD REPLY and the picture will post with your reply. Example :
  6. Tuned into C2C last night and was surprised they had another JFK show. Researcher is guy named Russ Baker. It's only the first hour of the show, start from 6:50 below. From site : In the first hour, investigative reporter Russ Baker provided an update on the JFK assassination conspiracy.
  7. Saw this on C-span, not sure if everyone caught it. Sharing here - Springfield, Missouri Sunday, November 18, 2012 In the years since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, numerous theories have surfaced about who shot the president and why. In this program, authors David Wrone, Gerald McKnight, David Kaiser and Max Holland dispute each others findings about what really happened in Dallas in 1963. click on the video to play or the video link on either page below : http://www.c-spanvid...ram/PresidentKe http://www.c-span.or...dy/10737435460/
  8. I think you did a great job, I just wish you were on there for all 4 hours instead of 2. The first author was a complete wacko and his theory was utter garbage. I really like George Noory and he has good guests on his JFK shows, but I don't know why he had this guy on. I think once Cohen went with 'dem Jews and Israel' angle, you could tell Noory was like OMG, who is this nut I have on my show. Anyway, for those who didn't catch it here it is........... Start at 9:09 from part 1 - both parts 1 and 2 are Cohen : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4eEBN-yuHA&list=PLpwREB8R2oPQ5C6-iDuvpCDEYy0R8UrAg&feature=plcp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMqkN5mReMs&feature=BFa&list=PLpwREB8R2oPQ5C6-iDuvpCDEYy0R8UrAg Part's 3 and 4 : Jim DiEugenio's Part : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIvgLZAKCOA&feature=BFa&list=PLpwREB8R2oPQ5C6-iDuvpCDEYy0R8UrAg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xnst8x1wP4A&feature=BFa&list=PLpwREB8R2oPQ5C6-iDuvpCDEYy0R8UrAg
  9. Saw it a few nights ago, just excellent. I didnt know she was still alive but she sure has a great deal of energy for someone who's 84. Made me wonder if politics was worth it for those guys. JFk died at 46, and RFK at 42. If they lived another 50 years (or even 40), think of what else they could have done. Hell, Castro's still kicking isn't he. Looks like he's the clear winner here when it comes to longevity.
  10. I was seeing a great documentary on HBO called 'Sing Your Song' about the life of Harry Belafonte. It covers his life especially during the early Civil Rights movement. I never knew this, but he goes onto saying in the documtary that in 1960, MLK was arrested in Atlanta for a traffic stop but they trumped up charges and were going to sentence him to work on the chain gang. Belafonte and others in the movement went to the 2 running Presidential candidates and Nixon ignored them, while the Kennedys did something. JFK made RFK go down to Atlanta and got MLK out of jail. I was really surprised to hear that since it's never mentioned anywhere.
  11. Mr.Caddy - thank you for sharing your thoughts on the JFK hit. With your years in government and the big names you were assoicated with, any credible rumors or information that was passed to you that you can share pointing to LBJ? Mark Gordon - I think you read my mind, I was just about to post something similar as your last post. ----- When Hunt's confession came out, some questioned if he was being a deceiver down to the end of his life. Cord Meyer was a real shock to the system once he said that name. If you remember, when Cord Meyer's wife was murdered and they asked him who he thought was behind it, he said something to the effect of 'the same bastards that killed John F. Kennedy'. IF you believe Hunt, then why would Meyer take the risk of implicating himself, even if he meant the quote as a diversion, it's still a risk he would not had if he decided just to keep his mouth shut. Also JFK cheating on Meyer's wife and the angle of a vengful husband may have been something Hunt considered would be a good sell. With all that said, I think I do believe Hunt's overall theory about LBJ. I do believe he was invovled on the higher levels of the conspiracy or knew of it and let it happen since it served his own goals. The Kennedys were definately going to throw LBJ off the 64 ticket and RFK was feeding the Justice Dept. all the dirt on LBJ which may have landed him in jail if JFK wasn't killed. As for Watergate linked to JFK, I don't know how anyone with a rational mind cannot see the connections, mainly the players being the same people - Hunt, Sturgis, etc.... I guess this team did such a great job in the JFK hit, that they were given 'rock star' status within their own organizations. Who knows what other things they did that we dont know about. In that old boys network, they were probably protected and given carte blance on anything to deal with company standing. I also agree about Agnew not being part of the inner circle, and I think it's pretty easy to know why - he wasn't WASP enough. In those days, thinking back in the late 60s, early 70s, that was the culture we lived in. The guys running things were the East Coast Establishment WASP families and Agnew just didnt qualify based on his breed of being Greek. I think that is one big reason that he was not in the inner circle.
  12. I am a little biased in favor of Gerald Ford because the day that he became President, he told the media in answer to a question that he was reading my first book that had just been published, The Hundred Million Dollar Payoff. He declared that he reading my book for 15 minutes every night before going to bed. The Washington Star gave his statement a big play. Ford also sent me a letter when he was Vice President indicating how much he enjoyed the book. As a result of all this I was later a featured luncheon speaker at the 1976 GOP Presidential Convention in Kansas City where Ford was nominated to carry the GOP banner. He lost to Jim Carter that November. I previously had communication with Ford when he was a key leader in the House of Representatives after I published a book about Abe Fortas and why he should be forced to resign from the U.S.Supreme Court. Fortas later did so as the scandal surrounding him intensified. This all occurred while Watergate was still raging. With Agnew's departure, the office of Vice President had to be filled. I had told my closest political friends in Washington from the first day of Watergate that it was likely Nixon would be forced out of the presidency. It was always considered a possibility by many others and that is why the office had to be filled and why Agnew, who was too controversial, had to be forced to resign so that someone else could assume the mantle if Nixon, too, had to resign. Wow that is cool you had a POTUS read your book and acknowledge you like that. You must have made some serious dough back then I just checked your profile on this forum Mr. Caddy and you've had an incredible life! Excuse me for the next type but HOLY S@#T! You knew William F. Buckley, all these CIA guys like Hunt, and the WAtergate people, and even worked for Nixon! That's amazing. I don't think people like you exist much anymore, at least in my generation. Don't take this the wrong way, but if you died today, I would say you have lived a full life Ok, I got to ask, just tell me straight out, I know it's not the right forum, but Mr.Caddy, who killed John F. Kennedy?
  13. Thanks for that info. I suspected something must have happened under Carter since Carter allowed the Church Committee to operate to review the JFK Assassination. Even with that many witnesses were killed before they could testify. I wonder if that CIA purge took revenge on Carter during Iran Hostage situation and attempted rescue where they all screwed up. Reagan probably brought some of those guys back during his reign. And I've heard the Reagan Hinkley Bush connection conspiracy theories but not too sure about that. But I do agree with many mainstream researches who claim that Bush Sr. was actually running the country during Regan's 2nd term because he was just too old and out of it by then. Ironic if true if Bush Jr. Ran Reagan II while 20 years later if was VP Cheney running his son Bush W.
  14. I was not around back then, but before Ford became VP, what was his reputation? Also, usually when there was no VP in the past, the office was just left vacant until the next election. What was the basis of installing/choosing a VP after Agnew resigned instead of following the traditional path of having no VP (consitutionally correct??)? If no VP, the next in line have been the Speaker of the House when Nixon resigned.
  15. It's interesting you mentioned the CIA cabal. I think this Cabal changed the course of U.S. History by invovling itself in domestic political murder (JFK/RFK/MLK) plus other nafarious acts in those times. But from what I've read, its somewhat claimed by historians that it was Nixon himself that cleaned up the CIA when he came in. Do you find that to be true? Did Nixon clean house at the CIA? One story I read in some book some time back mentioned that Nixon gave the CIA an amensty type of program where you in the CIA could turn in anyone or any knowledge of illegal acts by the company and not be prosecuted.
  16. What was Agnew's reaction after Watergate and the resignation of NIxon? Does he share that in the book? I am sure he was jumping for joy. Agnew is a interesting figure mostly ignored by history except for maybe Baltimore/Maryland history. I'm sure this guy knew a lot of dirty stuff about Nixon and things Nixon did that we still don't know about. This is what I got from Wikipedia , at least it sounds like Agnew was a guy who didn't want to hold any grudges : 'Agnew always maintained that the tax evasion and bribery charges were an attempt by Nixon to divert attention from the growing Watergate scandal. For the rest of their lives, Agnew and Nixon never spoke to each other again. As a gesture of reconciliation, Nixon's daughters invited Agnew to attend Nixon's funeral in 1994, and Agnew complied. In 1996, when Agnew died, Nixon's daughters returned the favor by attending Agnew's funeral.'
  17. Fulsom Interview from this last Feb : Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtcpd5M6pKA Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9K3Ffc8lI8&feature=player_embedded
  18. Greg - here is some more info on the book in the post linked here : http://educationforu...'s +darkest Fulsom was on C2C last Feb and the whole radio interview can be heard on the link I just pasted. He does get into the JFK assassination a lot during the show.
  19. Full Show here, Start from 39:25 min mark : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxzwIkJ1RQA Also posted this in the JFK forum since there is a thread there. btw...anyone know how I can get my picture back up?
  20. Full Show here, Start from 39:25 min mark : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxzwIkJ1RQA
  21. Thanks to CSpan - click link for video below http://www.c-span.org/Events/Max-Holland-on-the-Motivations-of-Deep-Throat/10737431969-2/ Description: Kansas City, Missouri Saturday, July 14, 2012 Author & journalist Max Holland discusses his book, "Leak: Why Mark Felt Became Deep Throat." Mark Felt was the FBI assistant director who in 1972 leaked Watergate investigation information to several reporters, including Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Holland argues that contrary to popular notions, Felt selfishly used journalists to discredit FBI director L. Patrick Gray in the hope that he would be appointed to the top spot; and that Nixon’s resignation was an unintended consequence. The Kansas City Public Library hosted this event.
  22. This has to be the silliest post I've seen since the Cinzer circus came to a halt. Wouldn't it have been easier to have someone firing blanks? And if for some bizarre reason preferred to use a firecracker why drop it to the sidewalk? Can we all assume that despite extensive searches you were unable to find any other corroborating evidence? I believe that Greer deliberately kept Kennedy in one place like a sitting duck. This would have left Kennedy wide open for a shot. I don't believe it was a firecracker. It was a miss. Down Elm, Kennedy received the last of the bullets. It was Greer slowing down and coming to a stop. The Cuban was signaling the limo to stop. Greer pulled the car to the left, took his hands off the wheel and put his head in a certain place and saw Kennedy received the fatal 2 shots. The important thing is the motorcade came to a stop. I read that they had been moving at 11 miles an hour. Because I had a flat tire the other day, I drove at 8 miles an hour for air and a young man helped me put air in the tires. Eight miles is so slow. And the turn onto Elm is missing from the Zapruder film. Kathy C That was a good description of how it probably happened. It comes back to that JFK did something really bad that the whole government even down to the SS individual level were ordered to make sure he did not survive Dallas. We may never know the reason(s) the entire government agreed to get rid of JFK.
  23. I guess out of the hundreds of theories, the firecracker scenario would only make sense in the 'fake assassination' theory. You know, the one where some military suit said that the plan was to fake an assassination of JFK and blame it on Cuba so he would invade. Only that someone got wind of the fake plot and used it to setup a real plot and murder him. I don't believe that theory but I guess firecracker may work in that one. But isn't it true that most people even the ones in the motorcade thought the first shot sounded like a car backfire? I'm sure there are people on here who use to be in military operations during those years or even in the 70s/80s. I've always wondered how these things work with slight of hand. When you setup a hit, such as this one, do you use a big loud gun to make the most amount of noise to fool the public while the other assassins use some kind of silencer to take care of the job while everyone else's attention is on the loud gun? Is there information out there on CIA assassination techniques during the 50s/60s/70s?
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