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  1. the establishment figures around him have blocked his every move that didnt fit with their agenda and were definitely behind the limited releases so that redactions could be made any remaining embarrassing docs could be lost or misfiled - the last chance has gone
  2. just as Mr X in the movie JFK said about Dallas 'He could not be allowed to escape alive.' those in DC decided Trump - who they never wanted but know cannot be controlled and has large support - could not be allowed a second term and neither he or any other outsider will be allowed to run in the future and thus we will never learn the truth about the events of 1963
  3. one thing is for sure with the establishment fully back in charge in DC the world will never find out what happened to JFK, as every theory that exists - lone gunman, cia, mafia, lbj, big oil, right wing, left wing etc etc - all lead back to the establishment and they have not and will not admit the truth of their part in those events in the sixties
  4. the plot outlined above is the storyline of the movie Executive Action - 1973 American conspiracy thriller film about the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy, written by Dalton Trumbo, Mark Lane, and Donald Freed, and directed by David Miller. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_Action_(film)
  5. Although there are disputes about the accuracy of bio metrics and facial recognition software and its use in society, I believe it has been established that the main bio metric features of the face ie the dimensions between the eyes, ears, nose, lips, chin and ears stay the same. Has anyone made such a study on the photos that have been presented as L.H.O over the years? With regard to the photo in question - is this not a case of 1. a digital copy of 2. an analogue copy of 3. a copy of 4. a blow up of 5. a poor quality original? is it not feasible that any alterations were made purely to provide a printable image? Have other readers ever had to work with photocopies of photocopies of original sources and found things do not show up as expected? I have on numerous occasions in my career in education. Obviously this is not journalism of a high standard merely a reproduction of another report but this was clearly not a major story at the time and would not warrant using resources to track down a quality image.
  6. Dear Mr Joseph, Thank you for your reply. I note and accept that there is a huge amount of 'evidence' sourced by Mr. Armstrong. In the same spirit, is it not also acceptable that there are a number of more feasible explanations to the reports and documents other than the core theory of 2 children chosen to be part of a project that would not have an outcome or be put into operation until years later. In the world of espionage fiction, rather the plot of The Day of the Jackal as opposed to the movie Salt. If these possibilities could be outlined or even acknowledged in the supporting documentation and websites it would give a more balanced approach to the theories presented. As I stated in my previous post, I think the majority would not deny that there is clear evidence of impersonation of L.H.O. However, is it not more feasible that whoever was in charge of any such project would use identity theft methods to provide covers and ID for these people who would have been chosen for their resemblance to L.H.O. at the time of the project rather than gamble that the other young boy resembled him at that time and had not changed his views of the project as he matured. Regarding my thoughts, I will try to be as concise as possible. After some 38 years of interest in this subject and life experience, one of my thoughts is that L.H.O was 'talent spotted' for intelligence work on entry into the Marine Corp, but as he progressed his personality and political views were noted as unsuitable and he was then manipulated. He became the 'useful idiot' and was allowed and enabled to 'defect' in the hope that this would have some impact on the Soviets intelligence gathering, especially re the U2 project. He was unaware of this manipulation and therefore played his part perfectly. The Soviets, as testimony from their officials show, clearly did not 'buy into' this project when they observed and evaluated this young man and thus after his bizarre actions in Moscow, sent him off to the provinces where he would bother no one, whilst they could claim to be treating a troubled individual with humanity. L.H.O as per his personality and his later recollections that are on record saw the reality of the Soviet system and returned home. The US authorities and agencies allowed him back as they still saw him as the 'useful idiot'. Meanwhile, from the time L.H.O has been declared as not suitable as a genuine agent by both superpowers, a number of men who bear a resemblance to him pop up in various locations claiming to be L.H.O, each making statements almost in the style of a 'soundbite' on opposing sides of political subjects and opinions; thus clearly setting up a trail of 'evidence' that can be used to implicate him in whatever the ultimate 'plot' may be - ie the project covered all possibilities that existed in any war gaming / strategic planning. He could therefore be set up as a patsy for any number of plots. It is feasible that a large part of the undoubted 'cover up' after the assassination was to disguise the various intelligence agencies' existing knowledge of their relationships with or activities of L.H.O, their part in his 'defection' and any connection to his activities leading up to assassination. Hope this helps. Best wishes Stephen
  7. Dear Mr Hargrove, Thank you for you civil reply. I note your directions to citations and locations of 'evidence' collected by Mr. Armstrong. I also accept your desire and right to post summaries of the key points of the 'theory', which do have some very strong points. However I believe your cause would be be made stronger if it was not presented in such a dogmatic manner, took on board the possibility of alternative explanations and desisted on the somewhat hostile replies made by some poster to those who offer those explanations. Best wishes
  8. Thanks Mr DiEugenio, Noted and puts things in to the perspective that I suspected. Good luck with the new project.
  9. I hope that you receive positive responses to this request. If the original films are of full length and can be scanned at high resolution it may provide clarity to at least one of the major theories regarding the movements of L.H.O at the time of the filming. However, I do have reservations as why the researcher you mention does not have access to this forum and does not meet the criteria of the archive?
  10. I wonder what the view of other members and guests are of the numerous threads regarding the Harvey and Lee theory? There appears to be a strategy of repeating and rehashing the same points in different threads in an attempt to drive traffic to the Harvey and Lee website, as admitted by Mr. Hargrove in a previous post. I find that the tone and nature of the replies to anyone who appears to doubt the veracity of the claims made on the website to be sarcastic, unpleasant and not academic in nature. I would suggest that this undermines not only the claims of the H and L theory supporters, but shows the whole community in a poor light. I would hope that in future the posters could maintain a more dignified and polite approach to the debate. In my opinion, it is clear from the record available that L.H.O was being impersonated in the US whilst he was clearly overseas. However, this does not mean that the H and L theory is correct , as there are a number of explanations that are more feasible, for example identity theft. As an Academic Writing professional, it is my view that the writing style, structure, layout and citations contained in the H and L website and the source material from Mr. Armstrong leaves a lot to be desired. It lacks academic discipline and appears to state the hypothesis / plot for a work of fiction and then cherry pick evidence to support it and is not of a standard required for even an undergraduate level student at any English speaking university. I would suggest comparing the H and L site to that of Mr. Bojczuk and make your own evaluation. In brief, I would appeal to posters not to be so rude to others, accept the limitations of your evidence and in doing so, not appear to be so dogmatic and paranoid. I believe this would make the debates here more informative and interesting and encourage other to become involved in research and discussion.
  11. having over 30 years experience of reading accounts of many of the people who claim to have detailed or peripheral knowledge of the assassination - there are clear patterns - they will often change the story, especially when questioned have a rambling, incoherent and confusing narrative confuse the reader by bringing in new claims when questioned, have 'mental blockages' of certain events, claim they will not or cannot name others who can back up or support their story, due to fears for their life or other repercussions claim they are not looking to profit from their story but are dealing with researchers ,writers or have websites that make money from traffic, refer to other witnesses who are now deceased, claim to have been involved in activities that are inappropriate for their position in life or society, etc etc the list goes on and on I was thinking over the last few days of how easy this can happen - and have an example My father is 90 years old next week - after national military service in the air force he was a merchant sailor in the 50's and worked quite extensively around the world including North and South America, the Caribbean and Europe. I remember him telling me of his time in Cuba and how he thought Batista was a 'bastard' and treated the people very badly How easy it would be for me to create a story based on this historical truth - I could claim that on shore leave in Havana that he can remember visiting a hotel / casino seeing people who resembled anyone one of the major players in the case - Oswald, Ruby, Roselli, etc etc - I could claim that after they realised he was from England had military service, access to a merchant vessel and presumably not a direct threat to them that they got into a drunken conversation in which they detailed the outline of their activities in the murky political world of that time - smuggling, money laundering, drugs, covert military action etc years later when the events in Dallas occurred he remembered that evening but then put it out of his mind and then only told me snippets of information as years went by - but as the interest in the case has grown he told me more and more as he 'remembered' more and more as the researcher I have fed him information or directed questions that have embellished the simple story allowing it to strengthen and link it other stories or theories I could then disseminate the story through various sites, and hope to see if anyone will be interested and thus perhaps gain the same exposure as people like JVB, Oliver ,Hemming, Files Some might say that this is not possible but if you look at the situation with JVB and her position now in the 'research community' I would claim that it is
  12. Thanks read and understood and have the pdf now well researched and great questions will follow your research with interest
  13. have managed to download the parnel q and a pdf the answers have the ring of Files, JVB etc - where their claims are interwoven with details that have been in the public domain for a long time another feature is that they always extend the story into areas that the original claim did not mention eg Files dealing with the Mafia ..which is probable but then being linked to the CIA through Philips or JVB linking Oswald to the CIA through the 'cancer plot' to the JFK plot Wynne appears to do the same with the introduction of Vicki as having knowledge of the goings on of a CIA plot at the highest levels Having taught students of all ages and professions including the police and military I would suggest that the idea that senior intelligence officials would employ teenagers to do anything of consequence in any plot is simply not believable as anyone who has actually lived as an adult would surely agree that they are simply not reliable - however skilled they might be with guns as in the case of Files or research as in the case of JVB some of the actions mentioned by both these people - such as Files biting on a bullet and leaving it on the grassy knoll fence or being trusted with missions to deliver 'cancer weapons' are again highly suspect and potential reliabilty issues -..would any serious agent really sign off on this?
  14. no links in this whole thread are available or lead to having to sign in to vimeo how is one to ascertain what these claims are? and the mention of JVB as supporting evidence surely raises questions it is commented that the gentleman does not appear to profit - but any claim surely raises a profile and can lead to interviews, media exposure. potential book and tv deals which can be lucrative could someone post links that actually work?
  15. John looking carefully at the footage '5' and in similar views to the left hand clip one can see what is presumably a large white production truck parked outside the Daltex building I think it may have been airbrushed out of this clip which would explain the missing signs and buildings next to the Daltex https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JFK_(film) 'Stone wanted to recreate the Kennedy assassination in Dealey Plaza. His producers had to pay the Dallas City Council a substantial amount of money to hire police to reroute traffic and close streets for three weeks.[30] He only had ten days to shoot all of the footage he needed and so he used seven cameras (two 35 mm and five 16 mm) and 14 film stocks.[29] Getting permission to shoot in the Texas School Book Depository was more difficult. They had to pay $50,000 to put someone in the window from which Oswald was supposed to have shot Kennedy.[30] They were allowed to film in that location only between certain hours with only five people on the floor at one time: the camera crew, an actor and Stone. Co-producer Clayton Townsend has said that the hardest part was getting the permission to restore the building to the way it looked back in 1963. It took five months of negotiation.[30] The production spent $4 million to restore Dealey Plaza to 1963 conditions.[31] Stone utilized a variety of film stocks. Richardson said, "It depends whether you want to shoot in 35 or 16 or Super 8. In many cases the lighting has to be different."[32] For certain shots in the film, Stone employed multiple camera crews shooting at once, using five cameras at the same time in different formats. Richardson said of Stone's style of direction, "Oliver disdains convention, he tries to force you into things that are not classic. There's this constant need to stretch."[29] This forced the cinematographer to use lighting in diverse positions and rely very little on classic lighting modes. The shoot lasted 79 days with filming finished five months before the release date.[33]' despite this preparation and attention to detail it should be noted that the JFK film scenes in Dealy Plaza where filmed in warmer temperatures and most of the crowd on Elm are wearing spring/summer apparel - which is presumably why the wide shot clip is so short and acts as the missing part of the z film only - the other clips are more focussed on key figures in conspiracy lore - blackdog man, badge man, umbrella man, babooska lady etc
  16. There is a detailed history of reconstructions/ reenactments here https://jfk007.com/tragedy-restaged/ on closer examination the original thread clip appears to be a detailed reenactment with the lead car, motorcycles and follow up car visible, and thus my initial thought that it is from The Eternal Flame of 1975 is incorrect, as although they had lots of different footage from at least 17 versions of their reenactment, they did not have these props it is clear that the film clip at the beginning of this thread comes from Stones JFK - which is a compilation of footage both real and re enacted - see from 0.36 from looking at the clips from the rest of JFK below I would now suggest that original thread clip is part of footage re created by Stone from multiple cameras, angles, heights and locations in the plaza - see from 1.20
  17. I agree this is a re-enactment and although there are limited direct references online I would suggest it is the video component of an art installation entitled The Eternal Flame 'The Eternal Frame is an installation which recreates a typical living room space from 1960s America, complete with sofas, standard lamp, carpet and wallpaper. Two sofas are arranged around a television set and the walls are covered with memorabilia relating to American President John F. Kennedy. Produced as a collaboration between two key California collectives of the time, Ant Farm and T.R. Uthco, the video, screened on the television, re-enacts the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas on 22 November 1963 as a critical examination of the role played by the media in the creation of historical spectacle and myth. The installation takes as its starting point an excerpt from the only filmed record of Kennedy’s assassination: Super-8 footage shot by Abraham Zapruder, a bystander on the parade route. These now iconic few frames of film are transformed in The Eternal Frame into a dark, brutally direct, multi-layered event that is simultaneously a live performance spectacle, a taped re-enactment of the assassination, a mock documentary, and a simulation of the Zapruder film itself. Performed in Dealey Plaza in Dallas — the actual site of the assassination — twelve years after the event, the re-enactment elicits bizarre responses from its spectators, who react to the simulation as though it were the original assassination' .https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/t-r-uthco-ant-farm-the-eternal-frame-t138 I would also suggest it is the source of numerous claims of alterations to the Zapruder film, the existence of other films of the assassination and quotes made about the events of that day further details at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Eternal_Frame https://fridaynightboys300.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-zapruder-film-jfk-conspiracies-and.html https://aksioma.org/eternalframe_mediaburn/index.html http://www.eai.org/titles/4109 http://www.artperformance.org/article-23587594.html https://arttorrents.blogspot.com/2008/02/ant-farm-eternal-frame-1976.html
  18. I am from the UK I have been involved in education since 1989 and have worked across age ranges from primary to postgraduate level in the UK and the Middle East Interests include history, cinema, music. politics and the JFK assassination Recent ill heath has resulted in free time to actually comment on this site and I have joined I am quite well read on the major issues of the case but always willing to learn more
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