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  1. the establishment figures around him have blocked his every move that didnt fit with their agenda and were definitely behind the limited releases so that redactions could be made any remaining embarrassing docs could be lost or misfiled - the last chance has gone
  2. just as Mr X in the movie JFK said about Dallas 'He could not be allowed to escape alive.' those in DC decided Trump - who they never wanted but know cannot be controlled and has large support - could not be allowed a second term and neither he or any other outsider will be allowed to run in the future and thus we will never learn the truth about the events of 1963
  3. one thing is for sure with the establishment fully back in charge in DC the world will never find out what happened to JFK, as every theory that exists - lone gunman, cia, mafia, lbj, big oil, right wing, left wing etc etc - all lead back to the establishment and they have not and will not admit the truth of their part in those events in the sixties
  4. the plot outlined above is the storyline of the movie Executive Action - 1973 American conspiracy thriller film about the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy, written by Dalton Trumbo, Mark Lane, and Donald Freed, and directed by David Miller. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_Action_(film)
  5. Although there are disputes about the accuracy of bio metrics and facial recognition software and its use in society, I believe it has been established that the main bio metric features of the face ie the dimensions between the eyes, ears, nose, lips, chin and ears stay the same. Has anyone made such a study on the photos that have been presented as L.H.O over the years? With regard to the photo in question - is this not a case of 1. a digital copy of 2. an analogue copy of 3. a copy of 4. a blow up of 5. a poor quality original? is it not feasible that any alterations were mad
  6. Dear Mr Joseph, Thank you for your reply. I note and accept that there is a huge amount of 'evidence' sourced by Mr. Armstrong. In the same spirit, is it not also acceptable that there are a number of more feasible explanations to the reports and documents other than the core theory of 2 children chosen to be part of a project that would not have an outcome or be put into operation until years later. In the world of espionage fiction, rather the plot of The Day of the Jackal as opposed to the movie Salt. If these possibilities could be outlined or even acknowledged i
  7. Dear Mr Hargrove, Thank you for you civil reply. I note your directions to citations and locations of 'evidence' collected by Mr. Armstrong. I also accept your desire and right to post summaries of the key points of the 'theory', which do have some very strong points. However I believe your cause would be be made stronger if it was not presented in such a dogmatic manner, took on board the possibility of alternative explanations and desisted on the somewhat hostile replies made by some poster to those who offer those explanations. Best wishes
  8. Thanks Mr DiEugenio, Noted and puts things in to the perspective that I suspected. Good luck with the new project.
  9. I hope that you receive positive responses to this request. If the original films are of full length and can be scanned at high resolution it may provide clarity to at least one of the major theories regarding the movements of L.H.O at the time of the filming. However, I do have reservations as why the researcher you mention does not have access to this forum and does not meet the criteria of the archive?
  10. I wonder what the view of other members and guests are of the numerous threads regarding the Harvey and Lee theory? There appears to be a strategy of repeating and rehashing the same points in different threads in an attempt to drive traffic to the Harvey and Lee website, as admitted by Mr. Hargrove in a previous post. I find that the tone and nature of the replies to anyone who appears to doubt the veracity of the claims made on the website to be sarcastic, unpleasant and not academic in nature. I would suggest that this undermines not only the claims of the H and L theory supporter
  11. having over 30 years experience of reading accounts of many of the people who claim to have detailed or peripheral knowledge of the assassination - there are clear patterns - they will often change the story, especially when questioned have a rambling, incoherent and confusing narrative confuse the reader by bringing in new claims when questioned, have 'mental blockages' of certain events, claim they will not or cannot name others who can back up or support their story, due to fears for their life or other repercussions claim they are not looking to profit from t
  12. Thanks read and understood and have the pdf now well researched and great questions will follow your research with interest
  13. have managed to download the parnel q and a pdf the answers have the ring of Files, JVB etc - where their claims are interwoven with details that have been in the public domain for a long time another feature is that they always extend the story into areas that the original claim did not mention eg Files dealing with the Mafia ..which is probable but then being linked to the CIA through Philips or JVB linking Oswald to the CIA through the 'cancer plot' to the JFK plot Wynne appears to do the same with the introduction of Vicki as having knowledge of the goings on of a CIA
  14. no links in this whole thread are available or lead to having to sign in to vimeo how is one to ascertain what these claims are? and the mention of JVB as supporting evidence surely raises questions it is commented that the gentleman does not appear to profit - but any claim surely raises a profile and can lead to interviews, media exposure. potential book and tv deals which can be lucrative could someone post links that actually work?
  15. John looking carefully at the footage '5' and in similar views to the left hand clip one can see what is presumably a large white production truck parked outside the Daltex building I think it may have been airbrushed out of this clip which would explain the missing signs and buildings next to the Daltex https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JFK_(film) 'Stone wanted to recreate the Kennedy assassination in Dealey Plaza. His producers had to pay the Dallas City Council a substantial amount of money to hire police to reroute traffic and close streets for three weeks.[30] He only had
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