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Hat Badge Man

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Hat Badge Man -part 2


Many remember my foray into the Hat Badge Man and tracking down what agency used that badge in late 1963 Dallas Texas.

I listed many examples that showed the badge was a popular style then. Many versions.


The closet example of late is this:


Entire posting of an Example can be seen here:


Some close ups of the Example Hat Badge VINTAGE-DALLAS-TEXAS-POLICEMAN-PHOTO-BADGE-18:


Now I believe it significant a Badged man (and woman) are walking away while everyone else is running towards the action? I still think its an area of grey that needs more attention.


I mean is their any info on who these two were?

Whom he worked for and what they witnessed?

Can they be seen in any other photos or films? ? ?

Thanks, Ed

post-5641-012680200 1305622638_thumb.jpg

post-5641-003153400 1305622854_thumb.jpg

post-5641-010544600 1305622980_thumb.jpg

post-5641-044410700 1305623093_thumb.jpg

post-5641-080205500 1305623503_thumb.jpg

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Ed, great to see someone on this case. That's some interesting matches for sure.

He can be seen wearing a long dark coat, for a few frames earler, in bell. This dark coat and white cap is particularly an interesting mix.

To the extent I can, I've 'scoured' many films and photos that may id the route these two took. There may be reason to consider a police hat in nix or hughes?? in the cupola thing, inside it, during the shooting. A rapid traverse , kind of like a zig zag may explain why these two appear out of nowhere and appear to go toward the PO, : why is open to interpretation, from walklie talkies and other oddities.

Great finds, thank you.

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I have not confirmed this, but I was told by J Harrison (now deceased) formerly of the Dallas Police Department, that "white hats"

were TRAFFIC enforcement only. Now, I don't know exactly what their responsibilities would have entailed in 1963, as I'm sure

those have evolved over the past nearly 50 years.


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How come nobody else needs a rain slicker?

Any more views of the "pillbox" would be appreciated.

some police officers still had there's due to the rain early in the morning, but why he still has his on is anyones guess..i really do not know which photos in nix that he has referred to..b

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Thanks for correction re pillbox/pergola.

This was some time ago that I thought that possibly there was a white hat just behind zap (from nix pov inside shadows of box on the left of the opening.) I can't remember for sure which imagery showed something that could be a white hat. I spent quite some time looking at stills and films and came up only with suggestive stuff.

Sorry, can't be more helpful at the moment > but the matching of the cap badge seems a big step forward imo.

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Thanks all!

Some examples show hats in the plaza are not the same.

Dallas traffic had an metal band not gold piping above the visor.

And no badges stand proud above the hat like HBM's does.



This shows two traffic cops with the white hats. The far left one has a rain slicker on...but its the standard light colored not dark.


Bernice, That close-up of the pergola with what appears to be a woman holding a bag in the same manner.


Edit for clarity

post-5641-076293600 1305743017_thumb.jpg

post-5641-068868000 1305743037_thumb.jpg

post-5641-011772300 1305743179_thumb.jpg

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post-5641-077328300 1307431966_thumb.jpg

A very nice example, Eagle top with crossed batons Generic 50's badge.

The image:


from ebay is a Crossing Guard from the Dallas area. Was told they often hired ex-DPD.

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Thanks Ed for your badge research, it is very interesting, have you contacted Ian Griggs about them, he has done deep research studies and a book on the police agencies within Dallas, just a thought...b

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