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Please visit my new website: www.AssassinationofJFK.net

I have posted numerous articles and items of interest. I will be adding a large number of never before heard audio interviews over the next weeks, months, and years (yes, I have that many!) with Colonel Fletcher Prouty, Gerry Patrick Hemming, and others.

You will note a large collection of Cuba documents in raw form, as well. This will also grow as time permits. Thanks to Stan Wilbourne for assisting me in the setup. His attention to detail is stellar.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Edited by Greg Burnham
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Many thanks, Ken.

I forgot to mention that a portion of my 1999 debate with Professor John McAdams on the Paul Garson Radio Show is available there as well. In order to remove confusion let me point out that at the beginning of the debate I referred to him as Paul Nolan because Professor McAdams had once attended a JFK Conference under that assumed name. Debate link: Greg Burnham vs John McAdams

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You're welcome David. The only portion that remains classified is Volume 5. The reason I uploaded Volume II first is that it addresses "Participation in the Conduct of Foreign Policy", which (in my view) is central to placing the

specifics of the events themselves into a proper historical context. That "what happened" (in terms of the failure) is a direct result of the political climate of the day is vital to understanding the "how and the why" of it. Similarly,

the assassination, when taken out of the proper historical context, can be viewed as a set of nearly "random events" that just happened to converge resulting in the tragic loss of a beloved leader. But, when placed in context,

we begin to see patterns emerge from the events that otherwise would not be clear. I will upload more very shortly. Volume One deals mainly with what is probably the most significant aspect of the failure: Air Operations. However,

Air Operations has been the specific aspect of the fiasco that has been grossly misrepresented for over 50 years. Before getting into that, I was hoping that researchers would spend some time with the possibly more mundane, yet

absolutely pivotal role that International as well as domestic "politics" played in the ultimate demise of the plan.

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