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Coming to a Library Near You...(or in this case, me)...JVB's latest tour....:-0

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Pam, is Judyth "the new Roscoe/ Ricky White"- some genuine connections, a kernel of truth(s), and the rest is b.s.? Geez...I hope she isn't a big hoax

Judyth claims she is smarter than all of us, and I do think she is smarter than Ricky White. But yes, I think that what she is doing is essentially the same thing, only with far more drama and finesse. If I had not known Judyth for seven years, and done my best to work with her, I doubt that I would have had this much insight, as her methods can be effective certainly at least to the level of generating confusion, if not outright 'belief'. I felt it my job to keep an open mind to what she had to say, and a part of me hoped that she was telling the truth and just getting a bad rap from many people. But her vicious behavior, underneath all the 'romance' and drama of her life and her book Me and Lee, which she was working on at the time, persuaded me that she has had a hidden agenda from the start, which was to discredit Marina Oswald and replace Marina in the eye of public perception. Nothing I have seen or heard since has caused me to modify that position...

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Pamela...oh to have started another Judyth thread...oh my...from memory, she Judyth at one time went on about posts being deleted , I have them the posts I do believe on cds.as at that time Dixie and I went through each and every of hers I know for sure at McAdams, and they were saved and downloaded.....which are put away, and I am not physically up to digging and going through all junk stuff to gather them up, at the present time..she may have mentioned usernet and or also, but I do recall from memory she being very upset at them being gone, sorry to have begun anther thread , as if there are not more than enough already...thanks for letting me know...b

I won't prolong another thread on Judyth and I appreciate your information. Let's just agree that Judyth was very upset about deleted posts and that that may have in fact occurred. Thanks...

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