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James Files to be Released

Josh Cron

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How come nobody has prosecuted Mr. Files for his lies? Maybe because his is a victim-less crime?

(6) Edward Jay Epstein, email to Barb Junkkarinen (24th April, 2001)

"In brief, NBC retained me as a consultant for their planned story on Files. I hired the detective firm of Jules Kroll. JK established from telephone records Files was in Chicago, not Dallas, on November 22,1963. We then placed a call to Files from Dick Clark's office (DC was producer), and I interviewed Files about Kroll findings. He said he had a twin brother, who no one knew about, and whom he met shortly before November 22, and who he murdered after November 22. He said it was his twin brother in hospital with his wife, not him. His wife, however, said there was no twin, and Kroll confirmed there was no twin. My view then and now is that Files invented the story for the money it would earn him."


Oh! It was his evil twin !!!

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Well, between Epstein and Files, who do you pick?

Its the difference between a flea and a louse.

But if you read the history of how this thing all started you will see that its that local Texas PI Joe West who started it.

Gary Aguilar did a very nice piece in Probe for this one.

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Sorry I have to go to Rahn for this, but its revealing I think.

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Anybody who has thoroughly studied the case should recognize Files as a sham within five minutes of hearing him speak.

I suspect, though, that he spent his time in the prison library studying up on the Kennedy case to concoct his story. In this regard, his story weaves in a lot of elements of popular conspiracy theories together in a way that does have some nuance and a novice may be fooled by him.

We should invite him to the forum when he gets out.

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