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That is really something if its true.

Maybe Scott Walker at work?  If Jill Stein does nothing more than expose how untrustworthy the process is, and those machines are, it will be worth it.

But maybe, just maybe, she can change the outcome in one or two places.

And you have to wonder, why did Clinton not do this herself?  Just like why did Kerry not do it in 2004? You know, Edwards made him promise that if the same thing happened in 2004 that happened in 2000, he would go to the mat on it.  He did not.

So an outsider like Stein, the person I voted for, is going to have to be the trial horse.

This may also explain why Trump is screaming about it.

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I should add a tidbit about 2000.

When the 2004 primaries were heating up I went to a gathering at the wealthy former Ramparts backer Stanley Sheinbaum's  house in Beverly Hills.

There were some celebrities there like Warren Beatty and his wife Annette Benning.

Benning said that Gore was really torn during the whole crisis in Florida.  Finally after Scalia and the Supreme Court made that crazy ruling and some in his camp wanted him to keep on fighting, Gore replied rhetorically, "What do you want; blood pouring in the streets?"  Well after what W did in Iraq, I wonder if Gore realized that yes, there should have been blood in the streets.

BTW, when he was  congressman, Al used to visit the AARC every Friday before flying back home.  Bud Fensterwald would lay out several documents for him to read about the JFK case.  At the end of the year, Gore told him, "You're right, it was a conspiracy."  

And guess what Al?  So was Florida in 2000. 


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9 minutes ago, James DiEugenio said:

Doug's story looks like its true.


Go ahead and follow the links.  

Remember how Trumps said he would be reluctant to accept the election since it was rigged against him?  



Because JD didn't watch the Donald J Trump Show Starring Donald J Trump (Featuring the lovely Ivanka!) a/k/a CNN/MSNBC/Fox cable news he doesn't know that Trump flat out ruled out conceding any election that was any way close.


Not "reluctant".

Trump's genius move was to turn cable news into a Reality TV Show.

Those who pontificate upon the 2016 Rigged Election but didn't watch The Donald J. Trump Show etc are like journalists covering a foreign war from a cubicle in their basement.

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Back to the real world.



She is almost at 6 million already.  This just in a bit more than 72 hours.

It looks like she will be able to do the three states, and maybe more.

Nice going Jill.  And if this gives more attention to your Green party, all to the better.


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20 hours ago, Tom Neal said:


On 11/24/2016 at 9:14 AM, Ron Ecker said:

She calls the money she has raised "a miraculous feat." What's so miraculous about money from the Clinton Foundation? Ha ha ha ha.


Standard Ecker response. No evidence at all, so it must be true. Anything to hang a "bad" on a Clinton. Pathetic.

What's really sad, Tom, is that even folks on the left are buying into the lies against Clinton. Whatever it takes to support one's convictions or promote one's agenda, I guess.

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15 hours ago, Chris Newton said:


On 11/26/2016 at 6:08 AM, Sandy Larsen said:

...that drill hole that we see is pointed away from the river, not toward it.

So you're suggesting that "technically" they are not preparing to go under the Missouri but simply working on the pipeline portion that leads up to that point? Sorta like a "highway to nowhere"? Boy, that's reassuring...

No. I'm pointing out that the drone video does not show the workers drilling under the Missouri River. Which is what Obama put a hold on.

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10 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

And you have to wonder, why did Clinton not do this herself?

The margins are large enough that a call for multiple recounts would have made Hillary look desperate and out of touch with reality.

EDIT: It looks like Hillary *was* working on a recount behind the scenes, once irregularities were brought to her attention.

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Richard Charnin, vote counting expert, wrote on Facebook today:

Open Letter to Jill Stein


I believe that you are doing the recount because you believe your votes have been stolen and that this is a great opportunity to bring the election fraud bogeyman out in the open. I have been doing election fraud analysis since 2003.

View my blog: https://docs.google.com/…/1Ib27G_vDNtQDNLDR8rXiU2LJLCn…/edit#.

I believe you made a mistake in picking just the three states to recount. What about the states that Clinton barely won?

In addition, I would recommend a recount in CA, a state that Clinton stole from Bernie. Did Clinton pad her margin at your expense in CA and elsewhere to show that she won the popular vote? Do you really believe she did better than Obama in CA?

Check out the results in Humboldt County, CA,. It is the only county in the US which uses an Open Source system to count and audit the results. It is a foolproof system. You had 5.2% of the vote in Humboldt, but just 1.8% in CA.

Did you actually win 5% in CA? That would add 300,000 votes to your CA total. If you had 5% nationally, it would mean that you had 6.5 million votes, not the 1.2 million you are credited for.

In conclusion, recount everything. And make sure the recount is done fairly. They rig recounts too, you know.

Richard Charnin


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From Business Week magazine (Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 2016), article titled, "The Five Stages of Trump Grief: 1. Shock 2. Acceptance 3. Elation 4. Richer 5. More Richerer":

"Excitement for the treats the next president might bestow on Wall Street reminds [Bill Brandt jr. president of bankruptcy consulting firm Development Specialists and a friend of the Clintons] of what he felt when he left a meeting in Florida two decades ago with President Bill Clinton and Senator John Kerry. 'They turned and said, "We're going to repeal Glass-Steagall," Brandt recalls. "And I said, 'I'm all for it, because it'll make me rich.' and it did."

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