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"I only rent to light-colored people"

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We don need no stinkin Indians, but the Japs are okay.


" I don't know a Cuban from a Spanish or a Spanish from a Mexican." 

" I don't rent to dark Spanish people or Mexicans or Indians. I always rented to light-colored people my own race."

" It would be unusual for you to rent to someone who was Spanish or Latin American or of Cuban background? "

"No, it wouldn't be unusual, because I had rented to people from Mexico at the Beachcomber, very nice people. "... and I had rented to people from, not China, but the Japs.


Bertha Cheek

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From the title of the thread, I thought you were posting about Donald Trump.



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Americans of a certain generation, (the greatest generation?), for the most part all have this same problem with race. I encountered it with my own grandparents, who I considered to be the kindest, most caring people, otherwise. One great grandmother whom I greatly respected, frequently wore her Daughter of the Confederacy lapel pin and told me she was not happy that I had enlisted in the Army and "don't go marrying a black girl". I can remember arguing with my father over the necessity of bombing Nagasaki and whether or not we'd have done the same thing to our Caucasian cousins in Europe.

Just saying that I think they weren't educated in "Political Correctness".

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grammar nazis
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