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M91 6.5 Carcano Semi-Auto Conversion

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Just about the time you think you've seen everything, along comes something altogether new. Here is a video Mark Knight just shared with me.


And to think they were working on this way back in 1908!

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40 minutes ago, David Andrews said:

I think that's how Oswald got a black eye.

That's almost happened to me before because I'm right handed and left eyed. The main problem with that being if I want to operate an M-16 using the stock sights I had to shoot lefty and the brass was always flying down my shirt.


Thanks for that video Bob.

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I believe this action would have been very similar to the Remington Model 8 semi-auto developed, of course, by John Browning.

Image result for remington model 8

It was a favourite with Southern police forces, and could be modified with larger magazines and other additions. I believe two of these weapons were used by Texas Rangers in the ambush of Bonnie and Clyde, though not the super modified "assault rifle" conversion seen below, although one did have a 15 round magazine.


As can be seen in the above photo, there is an inner and an outer barrel, and it is the inner barrel that moves rearward on this rifle when fired.

I have never fired the Remington Model 8 but I have fired a European version (FN Browning Model 1900 carabine automatique) manufactured, under licence to Remington, from 1910 to 1914 and from 1919 to 1929 by Fabrique Nationale of Liege, Belgium. It is a little disconcerting to shoot at first, as there is a great deal of metal in motion, but it does not take long to become comfortable with this rifle.

This rifle also has a connection to the JFK assassination, as DPD detective Elmer Boyd was photographed walking down the steps of the TSBD, just ahead of Fritz, toting a Remington Model 8.

Image result for elmer boyd jfk remington model 8

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So, was someone shooting at JFK with an M91 Carcano semi-auto from the Dal-Tex Building or some other vantage point behind the limo? A rifle made in 1908 seems ancient to us now but, in 1963, it would have been only 55 years old. I have fired many rifles this old, and they performed quite well.

A semi-auto would have explained how three shots were fired in six seconds, and any bullets recovered from the crime scene would have had rifling marks on them almost identical to those found on bullets fired from Oswald's alleged M91/38 Carcano short rifle.

This is how fast you can shoot a semi-auto rifle.



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