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Shelley and Lovelady? Are You Sure??

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Anyway, getting back to the theme of this thread -- it remains unclear whether we have Shelly and Lovelady on film, as many CTers have imagined over the years.

I don't doubt the substance of their WC testimony -- but that is aside from the question whether we have them on film.   It would be nice to have them on film, to help us time the events recounted by the several TSBD witnesses.  But it isn't mandatory.

--Paul Trejo

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On 3/2/2017 at 12:31 PM, Robert Prudhomme said:

Hello folks! I'm back, and I have a surprise for you. As you will recall, I was trying to find out how tall Bill Shelley was in 1963, as the "Shelley" in the Darnell film is clearly an inch or two taller than the 5'8" tall "Lovelady" he was supposedly walking hand in hand with on their way to the rail yard.

A while back, I sent out two letters; one to a William Boyd Shelley of Dallas, Texas who is reputedly the son of the late William Hoyt Shelley and one to a journalist from Austin, Texas who interviewed Shelley in the early 1970's. The journalist will remain anonymous for the moment although I'm sure it won't take some of you long to figure out who he is. 

I never received an answer from Shelley, Jr. but the journalist wrote back to me not that long ago. Here is the contents of his letter.

"Dear Mr. Prudhomme

Your question about Bill Shelley's height is difficult to answer. At the time I met Shelley in the early 1970's, he was perhaps 5-5 or 5-6. However, he told an employee (TSBD employee?) he was once two inches taller. According to the employee, Shelley claimed he broke his back in a car accident sometime after the assassination. Subsequent surgery supposedly left him two inches shorter. Shelley never mentioned the car accident in my presence, but the employee was a reliable source and Shelley's claim would have been plausible. Moreover, I recall Shelley was slightly misshaped as if he had indeed lost a couple of inches of height above the hips.

For the sake of clarity, I met Shelley while he was working at the Scott Foresman school book warehouse in Northwest Dallas. This was the new home of the old Texas School Book Depository. As for Shelley, after reading his Warren Commission testimony years later I realized I had learned little new information about him. Perhaps my biggest takeaway from the experience was a strong suspicion the Texas School Book Depository was a storefront for domestic intelligence. After the assassination, the storefront may have been moved to the new Scott Foresman warehouse in Northwest Dallas.

Hope this information sheds a little light for you. Very best of luck.


**** *****

Austin, Texas"

So was the journalist from Austin Glaze?

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