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The American Media & The Second Assassination of John F. Kennedy London screening 

Guest Bart Kamp

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Dealey Plaza UK meeting at the Flying Horse pub on Saturday August 5th.
We have arranged for a showing of the John Barbour documentary: The American Media & The Second Assassination of John F. Kennedy 


Director John Barbour blends archival footage from his 3-hour interview with Jim Garrison as well as video of the Zapruder tape, interviews with witnesses, and clips which show concrete evidence of how the mainstream media mislead the public with false information. 

It will be followed by a Q and A with John Barbour via Skype. We intend to video record the Q&A.

New members welcome, if you wish to join us then email stuart.galloway@ntlworld.com

Meeting Starts at 12 noon. Film starts at 13:30 and ranting hour begins at about 4-ish :-)

Venue location
The Flying Horse Pub
52 Wilson St.
London EC2A 2ER 
Tel: 020 7247 5338

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7 hours ago, Michael Walton said:

I recently led the effort at the company I work for to live stream an event on Facebook.  It happened this past week after planning it for almost one year.  Have you ever thought about putting this event on Facebook Live for those who cannot attend?

You can watch the film through Amazon soon and the Q&A (thru Skype) will be filmed and put on to YouTube soon after.

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13 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

Yes it does Ron.

I thought the best part was when he placed the cost of MSM's coverage on the Simpson case, the Ramsey case, and the Clinton impeachment with what they spent covering the Warren Commission hearings.

Thank you Jim.  Not to detract from the focus of the topic of this thread but maybe supplement it, readers interested in "The American Media" might also find this film of interest.


I hope to watch both in the not too distant future.

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The Searchers is an excellent documentary focusing on the researchers of JFK's assassination. I am honoured to have played a very small part of this film (blink and you might miss it!) Randolph Benson, the Producer/Director, deserves our support. All JFK Researchers should see this film.

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