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Where the heck are the #'d photos of the Tippit scene

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9 minutes ago, Greg Wagner said:

Sadly no, but thanks....  that is a #'d photo of the rifle...

I don't even know where the exhibit above, with all the photo #'s, is from... ??




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2 hours ago, David Josephs said:

Ok, my bad...

Seems they are just mixed into the normal exhibits, but not in any order




These Exhibits are in Vol XVII of the WC Hearings and Exhibits.

They run from Exhibit numbers 521 through 534. (pages 228-234)



My guess is that they were taken from the DPD's Case file.

These photos can be found in Boxes 12, Folder# 45 and 12A.



As an example, compare Exhibit# 527 (the front of Tippit's car)


with the photo in Box 12, Folder# 45, Item# 4


Unfortunately, the photos in Box 12A were not scanned by the City's Archivist.

Also, I can't help with the plat you showed in your opening post. I haven't run across that yet.


Steve Thomas

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I know he is not flavour of the month - possible even the year - but have you thought about Dale Myers second edition of "With Malice." Ignoring his views and conclusion he has has a lot of evidence there as well as clear 2D and 3D maps.

Just a thought


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5 minutes ago, David Andrews said:

Interesting that there's no blood on the pavement where Tippit supposedly fell.

You're probably only looking at the "simulated" photos, which were taken by the FBI in March of '64.

Here's Photo #14, which is a photo taken on 11/22/63, and this picture does seem to show some blood on the ground....



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Yes, I just saw that in the FBI report.  I was about to ask if I'm correct in remembering that Tippit was found on his back with the top of his head facing the front wheel and tire, and not in front of the chrome front bumper, where the blood smear is.

Photo 18 in the FBI report, showing two tire-width paving strips running past an outdoor stairs and out of the alley (a popular installment prior to the 1960s) makes that alley seem more tiny and weird as a place for the Westbrook car to pull up in without prior planning.  That Tippit's car and the Westbrook car T-bone the alley shut looks like a prearranged setup, not an accident of time and place.

I've asked before: did Tippit's killer exit the Westbrook car in the alley and walk to the street to meet Tippit?  Do we have reliable testimony that the killer was walking on the sidewalk when Tippit pulled over?  Do we believe Helen Markham on this?

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