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The Secrets of Lyndon Johnson’s Archives

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Robert Morrow wrote yesterday about the New Yorker article:

"By 1940 Lyndon Johnson had become the Money Man in Congress thanks to funneling money from his Texas oil men to other Democratic congressmen. By November, 1963 these wealthy men were on the verge of having their decades' long investment in Lyndon Johnson, who protected and enriched them in so many ways, utterly destroyed by the Kennedys.
"Amazingly, Robert Caro with all his Pulitzers and book awards can't figure out who put a bullet into JFK's head and why in Dallas.
"However his articles on LBJ are useful. His latest is "The Secrets of Lyndon Johnson's Archives:"
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Doug, this article by Caro is fascinating.

As you may know I am extremely interested in LBJ's history of corruption ( as well as all our highest position leaders ) as I believe that when you learn who was corrupting "them" and for what reasons, you often find the real culprits behind major society effecting actions .....who's really running the show.

I have to run after reading the beginnings of this article but can' wait to finish it when I arrive back home.

I wanted to copy and paste this one paragraph however.

When Caro describes Timmy Corcoran as "totally amoral" this struck me as exactly what I see in Trump and his closest associates ( his fixers, funders, etc. ) for most of his adult life and into his presidency.

When one reads about "Brown and Root"and "Big Texas Oil" as the first financiers of LBJ...I think of  Sheldon Adelson ( 100 million dollar donor to the Republican party )  and many like him that obviously own many chits on Trump's account as current versions of Brown and Root.  

When you see Trump placing the "Medal Of Freedom" on Sheldon Adelson's wife "Miriam" you can't help but ponder the motivation behind such an honor.


 One member of this circle was Thomas G. Corcoran, a pixieish, ebullient, accordion-playing Irishman known as Tommy the Cork, who had been an aide to Franklin Roosevelt and had since become a legend in Washington as a political fixer and a fund-raiser nonpareil. I just loved interviewing Tommy the Cork. He was at that time in his late seventies, but if he came into the lobby of his K Street office building while I was waiting for the elevator, he would say, “See you upstairs, kid,” as he opened the door to the stairwell. And often, when I reached the eleventh floor, where his office was situated, he would be standing there grinning at me when the elevator door opened. He was, in the best sense of the word (truly the best to an interviewer anxious to learn the innermost secrets of political maneuverings), totally amoral. He cared for nothing. Once, on a morning that we had an interview scheduled, I picked up the Washington Post over breakfast in my hotel room to see his name in big headlines and read a huge story about his role in a truly sordid Washington scandal. I expected to find a broken, or at least a dejected, man when I was ushered into his office. Instead, he gave me a big grin—he had the most infectious grin—and, when I didn’t bring up the subject of the story but he could tell it was on my mind, he said, “It’s just free advertising, kid, free advertising. Just as long as they spell my name right.”

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Caro is such an MSM toady.

You mean to tell me that LBJ actually got money from Texas oil men?  And he then spread it around to increase their influence?

Sort of like Claude Rains in Casablanca  "You mean there is gambling at Rick's?  I am shocked! Shocked!"

His last book on LBJ was pretty much a dud and he fell for that whole set up of RFK suggesting Dulles to Johnson for the WC which Dan Hardway exposed.

Now this last installment is supposed to take us from 1965 to the end of Johnsons's life?  I hope so.  Then we can all bid adieu to this overrated darling of the MSM.

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These two links will show you how part of the Establishment Caro is:





I am not looking forward to Caro's next book on LBJ.  Especially after reading and reviewing the last one.

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