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I am happy to announce that Dealey Plaza U.K. has a new website at: http://dealeyplazauk.com

The site has been in the making for about a year and took quite a few days to get to where it is at now.

Besides reporting about our recent meetings, talks and seminars we also have some archival work of these events to share with you. The Canterbury seminar and talks have their own pages and the York seminar will have one later this year as well.

We are now sharing older issues of The Echo, our magazine, in PDF format which we have been publishing since 1996. There are 36 to grab now and roughly another 20 to be added in the next few months.

Barry Keane managed to receive various documents and photographs of Harold Rydberg and this was the kick off to share archival documentation through the website with those that are interested in them. It was not intended to do so, but we sort of rolled into that one. And collections was born.

Next comes the first phase of document, audio and video releases from researchers such as Ian Griggs, Harry Livingstone and Malcolm Blunt. There is already a substantial amount to go through, but over the course of the next twelve months several other batches and new work will be added for you to plough through.

Those that are looking to share their archives and are willing to consider us to do the sharing online should contact us.

We at D.P.U.K. hope that you enjoy interacting with this website as much as we had creating it all for you.


Bart Kamp – Web master http://dealeyplazauk.com



PS: If and when updates have been added I shall add them to this thread.

Edited by Bart Kamp
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There must be something important in this book to make it so valuable, or something that needs to be kept from the public.


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Thank you Steve, Josh and Denny. Hope you all enjoy it.

Lots more to come over the next year.


John I have not read this book so I cannot comment it as such.

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This is fabulous! CAPA will be having an archivist  panel at the November in Dallas conference to discuss digital collections. Too many people maintain silos of paper files that are unavailable to researchers. JFK-related documents should be part of a digital commons. The files of deceased writers are especially important. 

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Our up and coming events (our March date is missing and will be added in due course).

But we have our York seminar, Canterbury of course and our London meetings so for all relevant info go HERE

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