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JFK--all the details

Jim Phelps

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The Summer of 63 plot about the Atmospheric Test Ban with JFK and Russia began the USAEC / Oak Ridge plan to replace JFK with LBJ, and JFK was called a Communist.

Except for the brain dead in society with severe Dunning-Kruger issues of not following the CIA's disasters, the JFK and LHO hits are easy to solve.

JFK inherited a project called Operation Mongoose to kill off Castro using the CIA cut out operations with the Giancana Mafia and its underworld alliances.

The CIA tried all kinds of deals, more than 30 and all crashed and burned. The most diabolical one was to use the Green Monkey SV-40 cancer virus that infected a lot of Polio Vaccines with this cancer virus and use that to make it appear Castro just had bad luck with health.

Due to Nixon, the SV-40 vaccine contamination set off a huge issue and down in New Orleans they were secretively working on a project to make a cancer Vaccine against the SV-40 deal that caused world embarrassments and harm to many.

The main player was Dr Alton Oschner and his big anti-Communist gang and the idea to use a mutated SV-40 to kill Castro. They had everything there in New Orleans with Mary Sherman and a special particle accelerator to mutate the SV-40 into something much more dangerous. All they needed was a out of the way place to work and a few mouse technicians to infect mice with SV-40 and pick out the mutated SV-40 that set off the biggest mouse tumors the fastest.

The New Orleans CIA bought into the Alton Oschner plan to kill Castro with Cancer as an extension of the Operation Mongoose plans from the 60s. Tied it into Nixon's cancer Vaccine Project in reverse and make a more virulent SV-40 mutated and selected for potency to off Castro.

So, the CIA funded the project with Oschner and Sherman as technical leaders and got little people without careers to become the technicians and this is how David Ferrie got in the mix with the building and the mouse population. Then they picked up Judy Baker and hired Ex-Russian False Defector Program's LHO. And all was being run off the books---cut out operation, and the plan to use enhanced SV-40 pushed with deuterium to make it take in Castro came into fruition. LHO was paid in Cash from the CIA office in the Masonic Office Building near Lafayette Square. He was a JFK and RFK agent looking into CIA and Mafia cooperation.

In late July 1963 LHO came to USAEC's Oak Ridge and found they already hated JFK enough to set up a plot to kill him in Dallas using CIA and Mafia connected Jack Ruby and his Zionist interests to promote LBJ into the White House top chair. It was this plan that became the one that killed JFK and they wanted LHO to become the patsy to hide the larger who done it in typical CIA fashion. LHO knew they are going to set him up and he tried to stop the JFK hit in Dallas by telling the FBI and even leaving a big hint at the USAEC's Atomic Museum in Oak Ridge. The hint got LHO killed as it tipped off the USAEC's security that LHO was the leak.

So, as the Castro Cancer hit died on the vine as LHO could not get the pay-load virus into Cuba, the plan to make it look like a Russian agent killed JFK as the patsy went full speed ahead. LHO was shipped to Dallas and Jack Ruby became the leader of the kill JFK project called The Big Event and Ruby plugged in LHO with the Giancana shooters to set up the JFK hit from Dal-Tex and GN, and then they would double-cross LHO in shoot him and toss down a Rife that he killed JFK. Well, that screwed up as LHO ate his lunch on the front steps of the TSBD and hundreds would notice he got gunning down there and could not have been a JFK shooter.

So, as they screwed up they had to get LHO as he knew everything and he could not get to court or talk too much as all the high level plans would wipe out CIA, Mafia, LBJ, USAEC and show up Ruby's Zionist games to promote Zionist LBJ in place of JFK. The JCS wanted an Operation Northwoods game using LHO as fake Russian to set off a nuke war with Russia at the very peak moment for the Missile Gap opportunity.

Since the Dallas Operation was set up by USAEC's hand picked Jack Ruby and everyone else's neck was on the gallows tooo, Jack Ruby was forced to kill LHO himself. Ruby had a ton of money to try and bribe a jail cop to kill LHO, but nobody took the offer. So, Jack Ruby tried to convince a cop to kill JFK was a service to the country, it became the major excuse that Ruby thought would get him pardoned for killing LHO by his buddy LBJ.

The USAEC needed all the deuterium deals hidden, as those details were the prime movers for cancers and the SV-40 deal plus leaking the deuterium would ruin the USAEC, and the cancer racket that depended in the huge rise of deuterium in the food of the population. Millions have died over the deuterium cover up and the deal is so evil that it is a crime against humanity to have allowed that to happen for any reason.

The Major deals for why the WC, LBJ, JCS, and other covered up the JFK and LHO hit was the USAEC's involvement and the deuterium health issues connected to nuke weapons, and the main cause of all serious illnesses and diseases in the US population is too much deuterium.

That is the root cause for the cancer pandemics, the diabetes pandemic, heart disease pandemic, dementia pandemics and lots more.. The cover up of these factors for the JFK hit has cost Americans in the extreme.

Trump has promised to tell all on the JFK hit, and these are the major elements and motives for the JFK Dallas hit. Be sure Trump delivers in Full to Make American's Health Great Again.

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More Supplemental----all the motorcycle Cops are looking at JFK's reaction from the first hit in the back on JFK and then the Secret Service is looking behind them at Dal-Tex and not up at TSBD 6th floor window.   The SS agent for Jackie has seen what occurred in the back seat and is soon to run for the bumper and climb into the limo.


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5 hours ago, Cory Santos said:

Except, where is the evidence LHO was on the steps at the time of the shooting?  With multiple witnesses present, can you prove he was there?

Cory, Oswald claimed in his 11/22/63 interview that he was watching the “P. parade”.  He was accused of firing 3 6.5mm Full Metal Jacket rounds.  It can be proven that JFK had a shallow wound in the soft tissue between his Third Thoracic Vertebra and the upper margin of his right scapula.

6.5 mm FMJ don’t leave shallow wounds in soft tissue.  

Since Oswald was provably innocent of the charge against him — isn’t the burden of proof on those who insist he *wasn’t* outside watching the motorcade?

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6 hours ago, Jim Phelps said:

With a Picture

With what he told the Dallas PD.



Yes a blurry photo is not enough, though I applaud the effort.  Anything else?  Otherwise all witnesses watching the parade from the doorway lied or failed to disclose he was there.   

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2 hours ago, Cliff Varnell said:

Cory, Oswald claimed in his 11/22/63 interview that he was watching the “P. parade”.  He was accused of firing 3 6.5mm Full Metal Jacket rounds.  It can be proven that JFK had a shallow wound in the soft tissue between his Third Thoracic Vertebra and the upper margin of his right scapula.

6.5 mm FMJ don’t leave shallow wounds in soft tissue.  

Since Oswald was provably innocent of the charge against him — isn’t the burden of proof on those who insist he *wasn’t* outside watching the motorcade?

Cliff the burden is on the government, but, here in anything goes, the burden has shifted to researchers to prove that he was there so that the reporters and media will finally do their job and report what happened.  I understand LHO said he was there but that is not enough to prove to the DVP and WC supporters that they are wrong.  By pushing the issue the idea is to obtain better evidence which does this.

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The only reason that nobody tells LHO was standing on the steps is they would end up dead for screwing up the fake story of the WC and others.

The Lie must succeed, else lots of high level heads roll from LBJ, Hoovers, Warren's Masonic gang and the rest.

It is similar to why no Parkland Dr's reported the rt front temple head shot.    They were all told not to tell or they are dead men.

Yet, the 1st Kilduff Press conference at Parkland pointed directly at the Temple head shot zone.

JFK ASSASSINATION kennedy autopsy head wound  photo

Then, the others speak to same---Bill Newman---shot came from behind him:

jfk witnesses head shot wound assassination kennedy bill newman dallas

Then the JFK Rt  temple area is all cut up at autopsy to hide the Rt side on front shot.


Lots and lots of lies, give merit to the extreme need for deception.    And such deceptions exposed--supports LHO on TSBD steps.

Then add on the LHO was working for the Kennedys and he had to be eliminated.

All items taken on the whole shows some cannot process well.

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Then, the silence over deuterium is noticeable.

Obviously, just why is a Jewish person named Louis Bloomfield of Canada the head of "Defense Intelligence Security Command"   (DISC) and that with FBI DIv 5 should stand out as the insider Jewish guys on the Manhattan Project know about the Deuterium connections to the First Temple and the Manna From Heaven.   All that came out with the Manhattan Project's deuterium powered H-bombs and deuterium loaded reactors for Canada and Israel.

It also may have come out with Germany's interests in deuterium and the Norsk Hydro production, as they would be looking at the health issues.

The issues of Deuterium and health have been hidden for a long time, and deuterium is a Manhattan Project Secret in the Hanford plutonium production reactors releases to the River and air, nuke tests, as well as a big one in Jewish 1st temple worship per Manna and Grass fed meats and so on.

JFK turned on the Nuke Project's atmospheric testing and it was a matter of time until he went after deuterium's health secrets for the Manhattan Project as well as the Jewish nutritional advantages of the 1 st temple's worship process.

Deuterium levels today are so out of control they are just like the problems for Revelations and the End Times for health plagues..  Pandemic levels of Cancers, Diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and a lot more track right back to mitochondria energy losses caused by deuterium being too high in the body.

There were several reasons for why JFK had to be eliminated, and LHO at the same time.

For those that know about Deuterium, aka Manhattan Project Deuterium experts, it is obvious why Zionist Louis Bloomfield was the one keeping the lid on the deuterium secrets at many levels, but loyalty for the Jewish deuterium secrets being first and foremost is why Bloomfield was the top dog.

Really, a non US citizen over the USAEC top security---that stands out like a red flag.

 It would also be obvious that DISC was over USAEC security, and he could get Jack Ruby and LBJ's help to silence any deuterium information leaks.

USAEC money was going to LBJ via the fake Dal-Tex Uranium office and phone front and that via Morris Jaffee.    The USAEC owned LBJ.   And the USAEC held a huge secret from Americans.

The Whole Picture comes into view along with a lot of these JFK time frame Deep State types not protecting Americans as First.

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THE fake up on LHO shows up with holes all over the place,   and items in the UK news on the time that LHO hit the rooming house show he did not shoot Tippits.    Tippits was shot by Gary Marlow, one the Chicago gang sent down to Ruby.   Tippit saw Marlow parked behind the TSBD and saw his car and his face and ran him off, and then Marlow followed Tippits and killed him as he saw a Chicago connection for the JFK hit.

This UK piece screwed up as "Officer Tippit who was murder at about 1:06 to 1:08PM" ( R. Morrow) and that would make it impossible for LHO to have killed Tippit.   Just as is impossible for LHO to have killed JFK standing on the top front step of the TSBD.      The CIA and Media's faked up information to fake a Russia hit in Northwood's type UK style is failing.


On Friday, November 22, the day the President died, at about 1.15 p.m. the only person in the rooming house was Mrs. Earlene Roberts – a large, woman with many years’ experience of the strange ways of paying-guests. She was sitting in the living-room watching television, having just heard the announcement of President Kennedy’s assassination. Suddenly “Mr. Lee” burst in in his shirtsleeves, and rushed across the living-room into his bedroom to emerge seconds later with a fawn jacket.


All the housing that LHO stayed at were FBI Safe Houses, as he had access via Guy Bannister connections in New Orleans, and handing off LHO to Dallas was easy to control from the New Orleans and Dallas connections.   LHO was on the CIA Pay-roll in New Orleans and paid in cash from the CIA office in the Masonic Office building close to Lafayette Sq and Banister's office and Banister was 33rd Mason, as lots of intelligence related types are.   LHO was also on the FBI's payroll and all these things were hidden by the FBI and WC, and Hoover/LBJ plotting.   There are holes in their plot that show up easily these days.

Even the deal with LHO not liking faked up religion issues in the US is affected by the cancer project's deuterium knowledge .   This same level of not liking religion exists for all that understand the hidden away issues on Deuterium in Religions, health effects, and Atomic bomb production and testing.   Thing much greater than nuke bombs effects were found about deuterium and these days we know this as the "ATP Synthase" related health problems due to deuterium overloading is the cause for pandemic levels of health problems in the US.    Deuterium potentiates cancers and was desired for the kill Castro with SV-40 project.    Now, SV-40 is propagating in the populations and deuterium in the food chain is a serious health problem.

LHO worked in and around this SV-40 project and well knew the People of the US were being kept in the dark on serious health issues from the Polio and Green Monkey virus problems.


“He saw people as pawns”

While Marina was at the house and Lee visiting her, Michael Paine would sometimes call, and the two men would talk together, “He never discussed anything but politics.” Mr. Paine said. “He would not argue logically. He thought the Church was an apparatus of the State. He had little respect for people and thought of them as pawns locked into a system. He thought that the elimination of capitalism would end the exploitation of man by man.


This UK piece tried hard to sell the world on the faked up claim that LHO shot JFK and Tippit, when the real deal with extremes of press control to sell an attempt at Operation Northwoods to make the JCS back that it was Russians that killed JFK and then try to sell the Missile Gap attack on Russia over LHO's fake set up.

Since lots of these fake news deals failed in Europe, it was Hoover and LBJ dealing to set up the fake Warren Commission to push that over on the public.   Just the cover up on deuterium has allowed it to rise into the danger zone and now the suppression of this JFK associated issue affects all the US and the world by hiding a dominate health effect for all.


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There are lots making fun of the Warren Commission's fabrications, as these things are fairly obvious standard CIA treachery and deceits.



LHO left the TSBD to do a meet up at the Texas Theater and not be noticed.    In the spy business there are dead drops and live drops and the Texas Theater was a meet up site for LHO to get information transferred fast and get some help, as he well knew they are going to set him up.

So, many things are obvious, like two shots to JFK's head.

One covered up shot into the forehead at hair line.    But lots of people pointing at the front hairline hole for JFK's head.

That he gets a handy job at the TSBD, and the parade route put in an slow down kink in the route to get smack into the Dal-Tex firing line and the GN fence for the cross fire.

Then a pristine bullet shows up with no blood on it at gurney at Parkland.

JFK's body taken with force from Dallas by SS.   Skipping the required Texas autopsy.   Faked up Bethesda autopsy that was blind to the forehead bullet hole.

All in All---highly staged and extremely obvious CIA games for a COUP.

Such has laid the same type deals going against Trump----as history nearly repeats itself in 2020 with Trump Demo Hate, just as LBJ's JFK hate took out JFK.

It is time to get down to what happened with JFK, else the US will be going down if Trump is taken down with the same deceit and treachery games again.

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There are other interesting aspects to Jack Ruby being the Big Event's CIA and Mafia leader for the JFK and LHO hit in Dallas.

Ruby had already bragged to some about the Big Event and his leaks were considered a serious threat to many.    Ruby's leaks to Dorothy KIlgallen got her murdered and her manuscripts and diary all disappeared.   All the crooks hated Jack Ruby and all knew they needed to silence him more than LHO.   Perhaps Ruby was only intending to prompt LBJ to pardon him and all would be good.    However, Ruby broke the Mafia code on don't tell.

Ruby had to kill LHO on live TV as he was the leader of the Big Event and his number was up to get it done or die.

So, Ruby starts out with Ace legendary Houston lawyer Percy Foreman (also of James Earl Ray Fame)  and then converts to silly Jewish Lawyer San Francisco attorney Melvin Belli, trying to get him off on bad defense games and Ruby gets the Death Penalty due to Drama.

With all the planning done for the 1960 election to place LBJ on the JFK ticket in case JFK would not work out, LBJ was more than willing to bet he would become president as Texas subterfuge had JFK killed.   Sure enough, JFK took on USAEC, deuterium, crooked LBJ, crooked CIA, Crooked Hoover, and crooked Mafia and they finished their 1960 planning to push in LBJ.

No one should question if the same extensive plots for deceits and treachery in Texas were not out to help Ruby, but only to get all the crooks off the hook with an innocent plea gotten by killing Jack Ruby and elimination of the problems he leaked

Obviously, the Big Texas Break for all connected with Jack Ruby happens and he gets an appeal and put back into innocent zone.    Then he becomes worth more dead than alive to all involved and those were the CIA, Mafia, and LBJ ---plus lots of others including Dallas Hate and Zionist involved issues for JFK.    At least on paper.

Then, Ruby started telling he was injected with cancer to make it look like natural causes rapidly took him out.    And the very same methods that LHO had worked up to kill Castro could easily be applied to eliminate Jack Ruby.

The problem with the tell all on the Castro or the Ruby deal with killing people with cancers, is it explains the US intelligence and National Labs all know how to set off cancers and kill people quickly, and via that they know exactly why people die from cancer and that it is easily avoided with the correct knowledge.

So, the corruption behind not telling the whole JFK story involves the cover up of the exact causes for cancers and the easy ways to prevent and cure it,  as that information would shut down a trillion dollar Cancer Racket in the US and a explain a lot more issues connected with deuterium and health over the ages,


Days after winning his appeal, he was diagnosed with cancer and on Jan. 3, 1967, before his retrial in Wichita Falls could take place, Ruby took the presumption of innocence with him to his grave.


Fifty-two years ago this week, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the state’s last resort for all criminal cases, reversed Ruby’s murder conviction and death sentence and ordered a new trial because of the trial judge’s egregious legal errors. Because Ruby died before he could be retried, in the eyes of the law, he will always be an innocent man.


Days after winning his appeal, he was diagnosed with cancer and on Jan. 3, 1967, before his retrial in Wichita Falls could take place, Ruby took the presumption of innocence with him to his grave.



The cause for cancers were mostly all told in the early 30's by Otto Warburg and Harold Urey.    Warburg found the sugar and carb issues of lactic acid formation inside cells and this allows low pH needed for mitochondria and cells to be infected with cancer virus, fungus and bacteria pathogens that hate oxygen.   Cancer cells had a lot of insulin receptor sites to feed in the sugar and make a lot of lactic acid to feed the pathogens.    Urey found the other piece of the Sugar and Carb connection as these were loaded with deuterium and high deuterium sets off rapid cell divisions for rapid cancer tumor growths that kill within a month of infections with things like SV-40.

Urey worked on the USAEC's gas diffusion systems and the principle cancer vaccine builder in New Orleans,  Dr. Alton Oschner,  knew Urey well.   The USAEC was backing LBJ with the Morris Jaffee Uranium deal office in the Dal-Tex building, and JFK learned way too much about extreme levels of deceit and treachery in the USAEC, the LBJ/Pentagon/Hoover deals, and the Chicago Mafia allied with CIA.

Lots and lots of tricks were applied to make Dallas' hate for JFK almost disappear---but it remains forever via the real truths being exposed.

Image result for Harold Urey NYT Deuterium photo

From   HAROLD UREY Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Deuterium Isotopes 1934 Newspaper THE NEW YORK TIMES, November 16, 1934

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On 12/30/2019 at 11:58 PM, Jim Phelps said:


Trump has promised to tell all on the JFK hit

When did Trump promise this? i completely missed it.



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Trump initially indicated he was going to disclose all on the JFK hit.   But he has reneged on many issues.    I also said Trump needed help in telling the deuterium issues---aka the Full Story.


"Trump has promised to tell all on the JFK hit, and these are the major elements and motives for the JFK Dallas hit. Be sure Trump delivers in Full to Make American's Health Great Again."



"I have no choice today but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our Nation's security," Trump said in October.



Obviously,  Trump left off all the deuterium details and that linked to USAEC cover ups on health and vast riches for the AMA/Big Pharma.    Hence, the part on Trump delivering in Full to make American's health Great Again is missing and Trump is playing games.   Games that he playing along with are Treason Against We The People.

Trump, like all the books on JFK leaves out that USAEC bought LBJ via the Dal-Tex Uranium office deals and black bag money for LBJ.    He left off the Oak Ridge National Lab contact with Jack Ruby was Masonic person named "Raymond W. Tucker, Sr,." who knew Jack Ruby and convinced him to take on the JFK hit with is CIA and Chicago Mafia pals and replace JFK with Zionist LBJ to help Ruby's Zionist goals on getting nukes for Dimona.

The Nuke Bomb plant in Oak Ridge is run by a lot of Masons and they all hated Catholic JFK over the deal with Russia to End Atmospheric Testing, and they also found out in the JFK next term the deal with Russia was to stop nuke weapons production and eliminate them.   That was a death blow for the USAEC and all their Catholic hating Masons in Oak Ridge knew it.   LHO had gotten the deuterium secrets for the cancer project in New Orleans and the inner secrets of the deuterium cover up on cancer and illnesses was more than enough to get USAEC/Oak Ridge for Crimes Against Humanity, as well as war crimes in trying to kill  Castro with Cancer's SV-40 pushed into rapid cell division tumor growth with deuterium.    JFK could literally have them all hung with that information.

JFK already did not like Harry Truman's games on Secret Societies in charge of high Govt positions and that was his Secret Society speech, and it aimed at Truman, Hoover, Dulles, LBJ, and lots more----Oak Ridge Nuke Bomb making was run by Masons.   So, at the Oak Ridge Bomb factor there was celebration when JFK was killed and ORNL's Raymond W. Tucker, Sr played a big role in getting that done by Jack Ruby.

One can see that deal play out as highly enriched uranium went missing at NUMEC in Apollo, Pa and everyone turned their eyes as it was given to Mossad Agents and ended up at Dimona.    The LBJ kept the deal with sending Edward Teller to Dimona multiple times to teach them how to make the smaller rocket nuke bombs that ended up installed on Jericho Missiles at the time of the Six Day War and they were going to show them off to Egyptians.    That then turned into the near sinking of the USS Liberty and the near US nuking Egypt over LBJ trying to hide his tracks on deals for the JFK hit and usher him into the Presidency.

So, either the system lied to Trump or he is part of the same cover up that all the JFK themed books also engage in doing by leaving out the deuterium and cancer deals in the kill Castro Project that LHO was working on, then all the USAEC health effects due to deuterium, and the Zionist issues between LBJ wanting to give away the Bomb and the Louis BloomField deals, and an extremely crooked LBJ, Hoover, and a lot of others on the Masonic driven Warren Commission and more.    This is the very core of the Deep State issues of today.

The cover ups on JFK then turned into the Chicago connected crooks telling LBJ not to run for next term as they were going to kill RFK, and all the world would wake up as Texas Mason LBJ wins by the death of another Catholic Kennedy..    The Key was Chicago's Henry Crown (Lithowain Jewish) owned the Hotel where RFK was shot.   The killer was from Iran and involved CIA / Mossad connected Hyman Larner of the Chicago Mob and his connections with the Iran CIA that was part of the kill RFK deal.

Resurgence of sealing leaks hits in 67-68

Ruby dies   1-3-67----end the leaker that spoke of LBJ involved in JFK death.    Cancer bioweapons designed with deuterium and SV-40--Oak Ridge technology
Six Day War 6-6-67---LBJ backed Israel getting the Bomb, along with Ruby, Bloomfied/DISC/Div5----faked up USS Liberty deal as excuse to nuke Egypt
RFK killed 6-6-68----swore to avenge his brother---Chicago's Mossad connections took him out.   LHO was an RFK/JFK agent spy on CIA/Mob and then USAEC/deuterium


Air samplers picked up US enriched uranium in the air near Dimona:



NUMEC and Jewish leaking to Israel



Bomb in Dimona's basement



Connect the Dots



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