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IT is in all 50 states in the US now.  100 deaths with significant increases predicted.  JFK never faced anything quite like this.  I like to think he would have done so more forcefully and head on earlier publicly than the current administration.  As he did with the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It's impossible to know for sure.

I'd venture a guess that a large percentage of those who post here on a semi regular basis are nearing or over that 60ish age where the death rate goes up steadily for those who get the virus.

Interesting that I believe 27 of those 100 deaths are at the nursing home where it first occurred. I think if I was in one and still able to walk I'd grab my med's and try to sneak out.


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Death rate is still in the low percentages even for 65 - 70. It jumps up when you get to the 80+ age bracket, and even then isn’t exceedingly high out of all the people that age who have caught the virus.. But I wouldn’t want to be in Italy right now, and social distancing will be wise for the near future.

Anyone who smokes should make a strong effort to give up right now, and keep yourself relatively fit, rested and well hydrated (with water) over the coming months. 

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