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LEE HARVEY OSWALD: IN HIS OWN WORDS Oswald's denials, etc.

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Vince, I just watched this film of Oswald.  In fact, I watched it 3 times.  I have seen most of this many times over the years.  I had not seen the clip that shows the reporter reading about Oswald's reaction when the complaint was read, in court, that he had killed the president.  Oswald's response was "that's ridiculous"  Oswald was either an amazing actor or he didn't shoot anybody, as he said.

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13 hours ago, Vince Palamara said:

From the very first night I watched the live news broadcasts of Oswald being paraded around through that chaotic crush of pushing, shoving and shouting reporters with trip risking cables and blinding flash bulbs inside the DPD building the night of 11,22,1963 until today...

I still can't believe how "anyone", or any police agency could be so crazily incognizant of the completely illogical,unprofessional, Oswald security risking and even probably illegal Oswald's " respresentation rights" denying action of allowing their building to be over-run by that cattle stampede mob of press reporters like that.

Oswald was placed in an unbelievably vulnerable position physically several times and also ones of self-incrimination as he could easily have said something to the barrage of reporters questions without thinking that could have seriously jeopardized his defense. 

If Oswald ( the most important and "threatened" criminal suspect in American history ) had legal counsel present during his being thrust like a sheep into that worked up hungry wolf pack reporter scene he would have been ordered to not say a word to anyone for sure.

That old excuse stated so many times to vindicate the DPD for their allowing that Oswald security risking and rights violating crushing press circus right inside their building with, again, the most important and threatened criminal suspect in our history ( they wanted to give the press a fair coverage shake and the world to know they weren't mistreating Oswald? ) is as perversely nonsensical today as it was back then.

And if that Oswald risking and incriminating press mob scene wasn't crazily illogical and irresponsible enough...two days later it was "topped!" by the ultimate Oswald security breach...his murder in the DPD building basement garage while handcuffed to two police escorts and with 75 armed security all around the murder scene! 

I watched Oswald's murder live on TV. 

It was as surreal and disturbing as any "Twilight Zone/Outer Limits/One Step Beyond" episode.

And don't forget that infiltrated in that crush of press inside the DPD building the evening of 11,22,1963 was none other than Oswald's Sunday morning murderer himself...Jack Ruby.

Proving again how outrageously illogical, neglectful and dangerous letting in that unscreened press crowd was.

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