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Josiah Thompson's brand new book LAST SECOND IN DALLAS

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On 1/30/2021 at 9:20 AM, Cliff Varnell said:

JFK had a shallow wound in his back, the round didn’t exit, no round was recovered in autopsy.  He had a wound of entrance in his throat, no exit, no round found during autopsy.

6.5mm Full Metal Jacket rounds don’t leave shallow wounds in soft tissue.  CE399 is nothing but a distraction.

The central question which is routinely ignored by the JFKA Critical Master Class is  — what happened to the bullets that caused the back and throat wounds?


I agree. Cliff, this case has nothing but distractions, or what you refer to as "rabbit holes". CE 399 is a stage prop. This wasn't a perfect crime. They made mistakes covering it up. One was that receipt for a "missile" that went from the SS to the FBI. I think years ago David Lifton gave the world evidence that the body was flown out of Dallas while AF-1 was delayed on the ground and ended up at Walter Reed prior to the Bethesda autopsy. They must have done a hack job digging those bullets out of the body because when it got to Bethesda, they couldn't tell which were the entrance wounds and which were the exit wounds. Just my two cents FWIW.

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On 7/27/2021 at 7:50 PM, James DiEugenio said:

A bit late, but here is my Part 2 review of Thompson's book.

I mention Mark in it.


Thanks for the tip, I'm glad my motorcade analysis could help in some small way!  I should also express gratitude to the members of the forum who have helped me over the last two years to nail down the details and correct some of my mistakes along the way.

Although I disagree with Josiah Thompson on the dictabelt issue, I'm very grateful to him for the amazing investigative work he has done in the case, and also the very cooperative attitude he has had towards other researchers.  For example, he has taken time to share his knowledge on this very forum, which has been a great source of help for me for studying the witnesses and their statements.

As an example of his public speaking, here is a video from 1975 where Thompson lucidly explains the various problems with the single bullet theory (10:50 to 23:40 in the video):


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