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Bob Jackson (rode in motorcade, took famous photo of Ruby shooting Oswald) comments on my video

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Bob Jackson, the photographer who took the Pulitzer Prize winning photo of Ruby shooting Oswald, comments on my video (see comment section for the actual video). He also rode in the motorcade.










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14 hours ago, Denny Zartman said:

Interesting! I didn't know Jackson was so devoted to the lone nut theory.

It certainly is, Denny. Of the seventeen eyewitnesses who are on record as having observed suspicious activity in the TSBD windows, Jackson was one of the few who never wavered in his assertion that the suspect/shooter was on the sixth floor. James Crawford, Johnny Powell and Arnold Rowland being the others. It's notable that Powell only gave one statement (that I could locate) and in it he also stated the window was empty at the time of the shots. 


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