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Discussion topic: Oswald at Texas Theater

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My two cents….

1. Honk honk/tit tit - time to go, use plan b, go to theater.                                             
2. LHO goes to theatre - Don’t think anyone knows how?                  
3. LHO buys ticket from Julia Postal- re her unreliable, teary implication via Marrs & Harris.            
4. Warren Burroughs sells him popcorn 1pm-ish. 
5. Comedy hooded claw type lurker/LHO looky likey  spotted by Brewer 
6. Said lurker enters theater balcony and mistakenly apprehended re Lt. Revill report
7. …then ushered out back door re Bernard Haire!

Its a theory, don’t shoot me down in flames!

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