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Only Lone Nuts Need Apply

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To get back to the initial thread. Russ Baker's story fits in with demonstrating a common illusion about the MSM being "threatened" by the JFKA Conspiracy community. Baker's harbors no such illusion. He's merely accounts the ostracism and general eye rolling he experienced when having dinner with a group of elite MSM  publishers. As wrong headed as that resistance is, that is the nature of the resistance to be overcome.

I like Russ Baker. I've talked with him online. But his appearances with Alex Jones is a black mark. Just as Oliver's Stones  son Sean continual appearances with Alex Jones destroys his credibility.

Thank God, Oliver Stone never felt the need to go on with Alex Jones. But as it is, isn't he enough discredited that he came out of a 8 hour interview series with Putin a complete Putin gaga and then spends probably a couple of million, maybe of his own money  to make a movie promoting  Putin's Ukraine nazzification claims and in essence, give him support and cover for his brutal invasion of Ukraine? A nazzification  charge that has turned out to be thoroughly debunked  as the populace later overwhelmingly elected a Jewish President with 80% of the vote and dramatically turned over 3/4 of their Parliament! I think a lot of us would welcome such a housecleaning in our Congress as well, and we've never elected a Jew as President either. But apparently Stone was not impressed.

And as if that isn't bad enough. Then he goes on to glorify the ex Ukraine President Yanukovych in exile in Russia in his Putin provided Dacha  in a long interview, after he pilfered his country for what? Some have alleged, billions of dollars and left behind an opulent estate, and still Stone seems to be doubling down. You don't even have to be a major supporter of the War in Ukraine to know how silly he looks.

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Speaking of Russ Baker, he published another article in his "Only Lone Nuts Need Apply" series this week.

I'm sure that this will ring quite true for people in the JFKA research community.

Notes From the Memory Hole: When the Establishment Buries You - WhoWhatWhy

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