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A Contract Against Them: anger at the JFK Secret Service agents for THEIR anger at President Kennedy (George Lardner article AND video)

Vince Palamara

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EVEN IF (as author Jim DiEugenio believes) the agents are full of crap and these incidents never happened, the fact that four former JFK Secret Service agents spoke on national television for millions of people to see (this was also later a home VHS video for sale!) and in Seymour Hersh's book gives one great pause for alarm. One of the four agents was none other than Dallas follow-up car agent TIM MCINTIRE!

No photo description available.

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I would have asked McIntyre......

(1) why Bronson's footage shows the back of McIntyre's head when McIntyre was  looking across to Hickey holding his AR15 & then firing his AR15.

(2) And why Bronson's footage then shows the side of McIntyre's head & face when McIntyre suddenly turns & looks ahead to see what damage has been done by Hickey.

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they were clearly trying to deflect attention away from their own culpability, either deliberate or not, for the assassination (and I believe, Vince, from reading a lot of your work, that there was Secret Service collusion in the killing). Remember what Abe Bolden said about their carelessness and racism. They had plenty of reason to defame someone who could no longer respond.

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18 hours ago, Allen Lowe said:

they were clearly trying to deflect attention away from their own culpability, either deliberate or not, for the assassination (and I believe, Vince, from reading a lot of your work, that there was Secret Service collusion in the killing). Remember what Abe Bolden said about their carelessness and racism. They had plenty of reason to defame someone who could no longer respond.

Thanks! Agreed.

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On 9/17/2022 at 12:34 PM, Vince Palamara said:

May be an image of text that says 'Detroit Free Press DREW PEARSON Let's Probe Actions Of FBI, S. Service BY PEARSON the the WASHINGTON- agencies far Congressional been investigation concerned the Committee, rofessed emotionalism, new President, lawless intolerant undertaken regarding reatening SECRET SERVICE charged pect. protecting President morning communle Kennedy drinking. When departed, should Cellar." catalogue without trouble. been stated police, the check inconcelvab tknow along that which wopolice difficult could operator doing. DALLAS chiefly agents recently. Regardless whether Interviewed police. Congressional committee probe'

Drew Pearson was huge in those days. Read by tens of millions.

Just 8 days after JFK's murder and then Oswald's murder right inside the Dallas PD building basement, a very upset and suspicious national columnist Drew Pearson angrily asked the same exact main concern questions we are still asking today!

Agents in JFK's closest Dallas motorcade security going to bikini clad waitress clubs until 3: am  ( or even 1 or 2 ) in the morning...just hours before they were to assume their highest alert required duties in a JFK vulnerable open topped limo drive through perhaps the most extreme JFK hating city in the nation with many unchecked multi-story buildings along the way?

The missing of Lee Oswald as a potential security threat?

And in this article above we see Pearson make this shocking statement to his millions of American readers ... that Dallas was "one of the most lawless and intolerant cities in the United States!" Wow!  That powerful sweeping charge and condemnation of a major American city was something in those days! 

Americans today don't realize that Pearson's extremely negative view of Dallas was one that was widely and mutually felt all across most of the country in 1963. And include it's reputation as one of the most extreme level KKK type racist cities in America as well. 

Ruby attorney Melvin Belli once described Dallas in those days as a den of crazies. Home to the most extreme far right political factions ( hating JFK and RFK ) in America.

Pearson also just "rips" the Dallas PD for their negligence in not preventing this sleazy strip-tease night club operator ( Jack Ruby ) with an arrest record for assault from gaining access into their basement right when Oswald is led right to him enabling Ruby to blast away mere inches from Oswald's guts.

It was absolutely proven that much of the Secret Service under JFK were not strongly sympathetic to the black equal rights seeking movement cause.

Their treatment of the first SS black man assigned to JFK  ( Abraham Bolden ) was at times blatantly atrocious. Racial slurs to his face that were shockingly crude and insulting.

No mention, outrage or condemnation of their treatment of Bolden back in those days in that meeting of former SS members?

Wild Bill Harvey's widow was interviewed in her late years ( I have recently re-posted it here on the forum ) and she affirmed what the four former SS agents stated about JFK's wild sex life as president.

She stated that her husband Bill Harvey ( CIA station chief in Rome ) was tasked with JFK's security while he ( JFK ) was visiting there. She claimed her husband told her JFK would have 2 Italian beauties at a time brought to his Rome hotel room.

Ms. Harvey ( a former agent herself I think ) labelled JFK, Jackie and RFK ( "the whole bunch") as "SCUM!"

Didn't one of Hillary Clintons SS guards write a book trashing her personal behavior while she and her husband were in the White House?

Was this former agent condemned for doing what the four former agents did about JFK?

And this Hillary bashing agent got paid to do this in his own book...which is worse then the 4 agents who got no monies?

I think it's reasonable to believe the all white male SS in the days of Eisenhower and JFK were representative of most law enforcement agencies in America. Typically more racist than not.

And typically resentful of JFK's seemingly more empathetic tolerance and feeling towards black Americans.

I don't think this attitude regards race in the SS meant nothing at all in their personal feelings toward JFK. It's human nature that some hated JFK for this reason.

And I've always stated that Clint Hill was personally in love with Jackie Kennedy imo.

In an interview with the well known blogger Patrick Bet-David (regards Hill's book "Mrs. Kennedy And Me. An Intimate Memoir") Patrick Bet-David starts off the interview by stating bluntly to Hill right to his face ... From reading your book, it sounds as if you were personally "in love with Jackie Kennedy."

Hill nervously blinks, and weakly deflects Bet-David's shocking comment.

JFK's secretary Evelyn Lincoln was right. She had a bad feeling about JFK going to Texas and especially that scary city Dallas, Texas.

Talk about a "Devil's Den" of JFK hatred.

Not the blacks and many average other folks including whites.

But the super rich that owned Texas and Dallas at that time as well as those who hated JFK for his stand on race and the JBS and Minute Men General Walker types that felt JFK was selling us out to the commies!

Every three or higher floor building along the motorcade route, their open windows and roofs should have been checked and surveilled knowing what an extreme threat city JFK was driven through with an open top limo. He was a sitting duck in a pond of duck hunter predators.



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Vince's research has convinced me that some members of the Secret Service deliberately stripped JFK of protection in Dallas. I don't know if they were led to believe there would be a staged assassination attempt or if they knowingly aided the conspiracy to kill him, but it seems obvious  there was a deliberate stripping of security in Dallas.

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