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Rolando Cubela. New essay by Jeff Morley

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As of 1963 most of the infiltrations would be overseen by Dave Morales's deputy Bob Wall.

Brad Ayers, The Zenith Secret (Vox Pop, 2006), p. 17

Late 1963: "He introduced himself as Bob Wall, assistant chief of operations at the station...Bob told us not to use the term CIA. When we had to make reference to the agency, we would use the word 'company'. He went on to explain that the Miami headquarters (of the CIA) was covered under a civilian corporation known as Zenith Technical Enterprises. The station, or 'company', was located on the University of Miami's South Campus, adjacent to the abandoned Richmond Navai Air Station, which had been developed by the Navy during World War II as a dirigible base...Dave Morales, chief of operations, was the only branch chief who treated us less than respectfully. He ran all the station's activities with a heavy hand and was famous for his temper. We soon learned that no one, save (station chief) Ted Shackley himself, argued with Dave. To cross him in any way was to invite trouble...(Major Edward Roderick and I had cover) as Department of the Army civilians...I was given the fictitious identity of Daniel B. Williams...Rip (Robertson), in his mid-forties, was a contract employee of fairly long standing with the CIA...like Dave Morales, nicknamed 'The Big Indian' (aka El Indio), to whom he was directly responsible, Rip was said to be stubborn, independent, and jealously protective of his men."


Here is a good example of what Wall was doing in 1962. Smeryage would be Tom Clines.


Wall was the Case Officer for Alberto Fernandez. Fernandez owned the Tejana which was used for many infiltrations. Here are various PM guys that worked infiltrations with Fernandez:


Pantleone would be Rocky Farnsworth, Kiggins is Wall, Masengill was Cal Hicks, Gneiting was Tom Hewitt, Bertrand Jobes was Gordon Campbell and the former C/WH/4/PM was probably Bob Moore.

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Thanks for those documents. They are showing that Robert Walls (a training instructor and case officer) name was showing up as a key figure for paramilitary missions against Cuba, often alongside Rip Robertson.

Presumably the make-up of the JMWAVE team that would be overseeing an infiltration/exfiltration mission would change depending on what team of cuban exiles were to be used for that mission. If one of Robert Walls (he was a case officer) men was to be used in the mission, then Robert Wall would be a prominent figure in that mission. But if say one of Bob Moore men (assuming Bob Moore was a case officer) was to be used in the mission, then Robert Wall might not even feature in the hierarchy of that mission, and instead Bob Moore would play a prominent role.

It would seem there were several factors that could determine the make-up of an infiltration/exfiltration team:

  • The Head Cuban Exile For The Mission: The CIA case officer for the head cuban exile on a mission would naturally feature high in the hierarchy in that particular mission.
  • Who Trained That Cuban Exile Team: If Robert Wall (he was a trainer) trained that group of men or if it was Brad Ayers that trained them, or Carl Jenkins etc.  
  • Where The Mission Went Out From: Whether it was from Miami or Key West. Gordan Campbell ran Maritime out of Miami and Bob Moore out of Key West until Campbell passed (SOURCE: https://www.maryferrell.org/php/pseudodb.php?id=WALLY_CAPTAIN ). So we could tentatively infer that after 1962 Bob Moore ran operations that were leaving/entering both Miami and Key West. In other words he took over Gordan Campbells job and amalgamated it into his own.
  • Whether the mission was to the north or south Cuban coast: Rip Robertson for the north coast and Grayston Lynch for the south coast.
  • What boat was to be used: The Rex was commanded by Alejandro Brooks and the Leda by his brother Gaspar Brooks (SOURCE: https://www.maryferrell.org/php/pseudodb.php?id=WALLY_CAPTAIN )

Regardless of all these variables, there would have been a core circle at JMWAVE that would have had to have been involved in any infiltration/exfiltration mission for late 1963. I’m still not sure who the person would be for intelligence inside Cuba, which I assume would be the stay-behind networks. I guess the head of Foreign Intelligence at JMWAVE, Warren Frank, would obviously be in charge of all that. He would have had to have been in on any infiltration/exfiltration mission to Cuba. And i'm assuming that Tony Sforza would have been his right-hand-man given the close bonds he likely would have developed with him given they were exfiltrated together from Cuba by boat in June 1961. But Warren Frank could have other men to call on besides Tony Sforza. 

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