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I notice that there are comments about George de Mohrenschildt (GDM) hating Gen. Walker. After many years of researching this man's life, I do not believe this is an accurate assessment of his opinion. GDM modified his political stance over many years. His foremost political stance was always based on "what's in it for me." While expressing concern for low-income black people, he also believed in a strict separation between servants in his upper-class friends' homes and their employers. But if working with black bankers and businessmen in Haiti helped him secure a lucrative consulting contract, then they were more than welcome in his home. For the right wing - GDM didn't mind fraternizing with that element in the rich Dallas/Houston worlds of oil, but he did not like some of their political leanings. Hate is a strong word, and I don't see evidence that GDM expressed that about Walker in any meaningful way. He certainly did not like Walker, and this was easy for him to express to others because there was no personal/financial reason for GDM to like or support the man.  

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