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I think it would be helpful for all of us if, for example, the MFF site had a page devoted to showing the following people worked with the FBI as an informant, or had  CIA clearance who were politicians ( elected or appointed officials ) or journalists.  We've learned a lot with the various document releases.


Hugh Chisholm McDonald - Top Secret clearance with the CIA.   Author of "LBJ and the JFK Conspiracy," and "Appointment in Dallas," among others. Former Chief, Detective Division, LA Sheriff's Office.  See - 104-10124-10145. ( Top Secret Clearance ) Also - 104-10124-10150 - ( Secret Clearance.) 

There are a lot of people we could put on this page.  And we don't need to speculate. We now have the proof.  


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Hugh McDonald invented the Identikit during WWII, and perfected it when he was with the LAPD in the 50s.

I imagine that brought him to the attention of the CIA.

It was an excellent invention but I always considered his JFK books to be ridiculous and bogus. FWIW.

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