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Barry Levinson Set To Direct Al Pacino Starring, David Mamet-Scripted JFK Thriller ‘Assassination’

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This is confusing.

Mamet did not write the original script. Celozzi did.  Mamet was supposed to have done a rewrite.

But then he and Celozzi had a falling out.

George Gallo then came in as director.

Now he is gone, and Levinson is coming in?  

Problems I think.  What happened to Travolta?

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Jim Di...did the subject of this Mafia centered JFKA film project ever come up during your sit-down lunch with David Mamet and Oliver Stone?

I think I recall you mentioning the JFKA film project "Black Bird" ( which never got green lighted back in 2013) did come up in conversation.

A project that was supposedly going to be scripted by Mamet and star Cate Blanchett? With a main plot line that seemed extremely interesting to me.

So now we have this less interesting, even weird JFKA film production apparently becoming reality?

I am curious how such a weakly proven "Mafia did it" plot line JFKA film project like this one ever got green lighted and huge funding financing (the most since Stone's 1994 JFK?) and with major star participation?

Who the heck are the real money power people funding this truth distracting project and are making it happen?

The last thing we need in the JFKA truth effort is a major A list star filled film with a plot line based on a long time disputed and fairly disproven guilty party premise.

Come on Pacino... wake up.


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No, Mamet never brought this up with me and Oliver.

He did bring his script for his own project about the Z film.

And he told us how surprised he was when the money was pulled even though he had Blanchett signed.

I think  Celozzi sent him his script after that meeting.

From my information, Mamet dropped out of that one.  George Gallo was then brought in and now he has been dropped and Barry Levinson has been brought in.

But in this new story, there is no mention of Travolta or VIggo M.

This instability indicates there might be problems with this project.

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Viggo M. is a favorite of mine.

I sure hope he doesn't decide to participate in this JFKA truth muddling and distracting project.

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From what I know about him, Viggo is a really cool guy.

I would really not like to see him in a pile like this.

Of course, I feel the same way about Mamet.

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On 10/18/2023 at 6:53 AM, Jonathan Cohen said:

Not sure why you created a new thread when I already updated the original discussion last night with the new information about Barry Levinson joining the film …


I think it goes without saying that Development Hell has created a Frankenstein monetser which bears no resemblance to it's original form.


I smell a hot mess incoming, just like Charlie Sheen's 9/11 movie.

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