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A.I. for photography/video people: do your thing

Stu Wexler

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Have not experimented, but I believe these are free and can possibly help us with image analysis we have been dealing with:

Forensically, free online photo forensics tools - 29a.ch

AI Image Upscaler - Enlarge & Enhance Your Photos for Free - Upscale.media

And 10 additional listed on this site:

10 Free Online AI Image Upscalers in 2023 (media.io)

Let's get to work!




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Wow. That's amazing. Quite a lot of correspondence. Too bad you can't see an ear very well in the upscaled shot. Those are Ferengi-class ears on Robertson.


I have used Photoshop to upscale images. I used to think it was useless to try to upscale an image more than, say, thirty per cent, using Photoshop. I'm quite conflicted about artificial intelligence. But if it can be applied to an original frame of a Wiegman or Darnell film, we just might get somewhere.

This makes me wonder what the heck was Robertson doing at the corner of Main and Houston, when he had to have known the better viewing location was along Elm Street.

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22 hours ago, David Boylan said:

Rip Robertson? using AI Image Upscaler.


Its interesting that in the image on the left, which has been alleged to be Rip Robertson, it shows a horizontal line cutting through just above his chin. This is similar to the alleged cut line above Oswalds chin in the backyard photo. This makes me wonder if horizontal lines like this are simply an artifact from the photography itself rather than being "evidence" that the backyard photo has been altered in some way. 

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I can't think of any natural photographic process that leaves a spurious horizontal line in place. Here's another question, what is the provenance of the "Mr. X. at the corner of Houston and Main" photograph?

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