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Who to Go After First

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In the thread on the Paines Pat Speer suggested Michael Paine should be subpoenaed. I agreed with him--if there is a new legal proceeding to permit that.

Query: re people still living with possible knowledge of the conspiracy, who would be your choice for the first three people to subpoena?

IMO Michael Paine would be one of the top three.

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My investigation would include:

Nicholas Katzenbach, on his discussions with LBJ leading up to the memo to Moyers. I would also demand a better excuse than the HSCA was given for his role in the memo.

Michael Paine, about the backyard photos.

Members of the Stovall family regarding the backyard photos.

Former journalist Gene Roberts, as to his source for his acquisition of a backyard photograph whose negative was stolen.

Dr. John Lattimer, on his relationship with J. Edgar Hoover, and on whether or not he was shown the autopsy photographs by Hoover.

Sen. Arlen Specter as to why after seeing the autopsy photograph of Kennedy's back, he allowed the Rydberg drawings into the final report.

Sen. Ted Kennedy, as to the whereabouts of his brother's brain, and any conversations on the assassination he had with Jackie or his brother Bobby.

Caroline Kennedy, as to anything her mother might have told her re the assassination.

(I would also subpoena all of William Manchester's notes and interviews.)

Former President Gerald Ford, on any and every conversation he had with members of the Commission regarding the autopsy photographs.

Former President George HW Bush, on the Hoover memo.

Joseph Trento, on the Angleton memo, and Angleton's role in the Mary Meyer incident.

Ladybird Johnson, as to her husband's concerns about the Bobby Baker scandal.

Nellie Connally, as to why she changed the description of Kennedy's wounds in her memoir, From Love Field.

McGeorge Bundy (alive?) as to the writing of NSA 273. He may have explained this already, I'm not sure.

Robert Maheu, on his mob ties. I would treat him as a hostile witness and demonstrate the many inconsistencies in his previous testimony.

Phyliis McGuire, on her pillow talk with Sam Giancana.

Dr. Carlos Bringuier, who was he working with, who orchestrated his disinfo? Did he ever suspect oswald was CIA?

Loran Hall, what was he really up to?

Gerry Hemming, I would re-read his every interview and find his inconsistencies and then call him on the carpet. Shake him up a little. See if anything real falls from the tree.

Sen. Christopher Dodd, on his father's attitudes towards Kennedy and Cuba and on his own role in the HSCA.

Thomas Canning, on his construction of trajectory myths for the HSCA.

Michael Baden, on the HSCA medical panel's outright distortions and their stubborn denial of the hole in the hairline..

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Is Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko still alive - interesting info from harrison-e-livingstone

"Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko made a discovery in the National Archives of an obscure FBI file label attached to some photographs of a bullet with a damaged nose. I sent photos of the bullet to Craig Roberts, and he identifies this as a 22 slug--a small bullet. He instantly felt that it came from the type of silenced 22 Winchester Model 74 he has said could have been used in the assassination.

The file label has this comment on it: "Photos of bullet claimed to have been removed from President Kennedy." The label also indicates that the memo was kept in the New Orleans FBI (although this is an assumption, since it doesn't say FBI on it) office. It is not clear yet what all this might mean, but on the face of it, it means that everyone has lied about what happened at the autopsy of President Kennedy and that they had in fact found a bullet in Kennedy's body. Remember, we have a receipt in the official record for a "missile" found at the autopsy.

Roberts wrote me that "This is the same nose shape of a .22 bullet! The base appears to be missing, and the large dent tends to make me think it is soft lead. It does not appear to have rifling marks for some reason, and it is not a metal jacketed bullet." In addition, Roberts writes that another possibility is that it is a bullet from a 1.77 caliber air rifle, which does not produce rifling grooves, and does not have a .22 bullet type base."

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