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Jack White Heart Attack

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I found this post from Jack White on the "Assassination Research" forum. He had a massive heart attack recently. We wish him well.

Seven days ago I was planting several Persian Shield plants

in my shady hillside flower garden. (a persian shield

has bright purple leaves with green and silver veins.)

Though it was well after 7 pm, I suddenly started SWEATING,

profusely and feeling weak. I had NO pain of any sort.

I thought maybe the Luby's fried okra I had for lunch had

given me an upset stomach.

I went inside, bathed, and lay down...but in a few

minutes I was feeling very sick...NO PAIN, but VERY VERY

sick. I told Sue we needed to go to the emergency room

at once.

We arrived at Harris ER about 9:30 and I underwent

an exam by 9:45 and the cardiologist said "Sir, you

are having what we call THE BIG ONE! Your main coronary

artery is blocked, and we must install a stent immediately

to save your life!" Forty-five minutes later I was in ICU,

where I spent the next five days, plus two more days

in the main hospital.

Not a pleasant experience, but I am alive to tell about

it. I wish to thank all of you who have responded with

emails, calls and cards and kind thoughts, as well as to

explain why some of you have not heard from me lately. And some

of you may just be interested to know.

I am also here to tell you: not all heart attacks have

the "classic" symptoms of intense pain, pressure, etc.

My ONLY symptom was profuse SWEATING and a weak feeling.

So don't misdiagnose yourself. If you start sweating

heavily and feeling weak, head for an ER at once...better

a stent than having people say, "My, don't he look natcheral

in the casket!" A week out of your life is not bad for saving


My prognosis is good. In two weeks I should be "as good as

new" since the doctor said we caught the problem before

muscle damage occurred, and xrays showed only one artery


For the second time, my life has been spared by a miracle,

I hope to serve some great purpose.

Thanks for being my friend.


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Guest Eugene B. Connolly

Good man, Jack! Glad to hear you're doing well.

It all goes to show you can't keep a good man down!

Good health! Good luck! God bless!

Best regards,


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Guest Stephen Turner

Jack. All the best for a full recovery.Once your better, we can get on exposing the

truth behind 9-11...Steve Turner.

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Glad to hear that yet another soldier has survived in the battle for truth.

Hang in there, Jack...my wife has had stents installed, and they WILL make a difference in your life. I wish you a speedy recovery; we need all the troops at full strength.

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